STAR WARS in Public

STAR WARS in Public

We decided to become real Jedi’s in the streets. May the force be with us. INSTAGRAM: @therackaracka VISUAL EFFECTS by TRASH PANDA Music from Star …




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38 thoughts on “STAR WARS in Public

RackaRacka says:

Who wants a new video tomorrow night?? PS: Follow dat insta 😉 @therackaracka

Bud Borne says:

Its boobafet

Juan Perez says:

Dam you are GOOD ?????

Faker Face says:

What kind of drugs do they consume? I need

Nate Thomas says:

Anyone wanna do this?

Rafael Juarez says:

Banda de vírgenes pendejos

super sayian vegeta says:

There goes Ronald

Isaiah Reyes says:

Why attack at night

Peter Parker says:

0:01, that is NOT a red lightsaber btw, it is Luke's I'm pretty sure, the green lightsaber one and not his fathers.

Bikendra Limbu says:


Francisca Cabrera says:

This was cool

Nick Buis says:

Nobody noticed the hot ass chick ? who is she!

xJahx says:

moreee pleaseee moreeee

wilmer karbing says:

Holy shit, this might be the most fun video i have ever watched

MsCameronMitchell says:


SideKicks says:

best vídeo

Don omar says:

May the force be with you…

Dallenndra Seelan says:

This is why aliens wouldn’t want to make eye contact with us

Skio killzzz says:

This was fukin hilarious

Daniel says:

Oh sure when some 6 year old bastard clips me in the hamstring in aisle 5 with a toy his parents aren't going to actually buy, he's just being a kid and I should get over it. Couple a 20 year olds having a go in the parking lot? CALL 911 NOW

Bobby Flynn says:

"mucking around"??? Who talks like that???

dacutester2 says:

These people are annoying

The Turtle says:

Remember guys don’t have fun because it’s illegal

super mario bros films says:


Neón says:

Palpatine after seeing this
Execute Order 66

K-pra ACVDO says:

Better than the last jedi.

Mundhava Parth says:


Joel Herrera says:

Esto es mas interesante que starwars VIII

victor hugo nunes ferreira pinto says:

Oh my god, im brazillian, but i never see something so Crazy, i dont know the americans are so funny, kkkkkkk, i need more

렘클 says:


Ariel Volin says:


Galovent Mech says:

This is pure gold

Alexa Lafourcade says:

What the fuck I just watch??

マジカル薬指 says:

don't worry…vtuber?

Prince El Chapo La Flare says:

Must be hard to be this openly gay??

Luis The Turquoise Cat says:

You should do it again sometime

Micah Clark says:

Avengers 4 looks great

datp japan says:

kill chinese and korean

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