Star Wars! Kylo Rens New

Star Wars! Kylo Rens New

Lets go over some star wars news when it comes to star wars episode 9, adam driver and Kylo Ren! the character who destroyed snoke in star wars the last jedi …




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40 thoughts on “Star Wars! Kylo Rens New



Mitzii Moore says:

Sounds hot lol

Jonathan Hayes says:

Fingerless gloves could be so he could use force lighting.

Avi Fine says:

maybe he uses a 'respirator' machine, to not help him breathe, but it deliberately injures himself, in an attempt to feel the constant pain that vader felt, so he can ''be as strong as him''.

Destiny Jade says:

Redemption arc…..

Ballet Dancer NJ says:

I just want him to fight Rey and win. I want him to bring the mask back, too. 😏

William says:

First order symbol on cape? Lol… like people won't know who he is, or what faction he belongs too. The idea of that is silly… just like fingerless gloves.

snuff6sic6 says:

Fingerless gloves… He's baking cookies jk. Bring back his mask!!!

Gianluca Borg says:

Plot twist, the belt with LED's is actually a belt, with LED's…. you know for aesthetic reasons…… same with the gloves…… possibly even budget cuts……..

jennifer heater says:

No fingerless gloves!!! Don't screw up his look please JJ!!

Kylo glen says:

new look for him is a new look for me

Mike Edwards says:

This sounds horrible

Paul Thomas says:

Kylo looks less intimidating without his mask! I don't remember Dooku having any kind of Symbol on back of his cape.

terrywest111 says:

I like most everything except the idea of fingerless gloves…I don't know.

jlin 77 says:

Sounds strange. Fingerless gloves is just weird

Flipp Doubt says:

#LukeMustLive #Boycott9
He’s going to look like a back up dancer in a Michael Jackson video 🎤 🤣

Lord Plagueis says:

Fingerless gloves for Force Lightning use?

BAR MAG says:

Well, we know another character who LOVED to wear capes: Uncle Lando. It makes more sense for him to copy his uncle that he has known all his life, rather than an old Sith he has never met.

DarThanos says:

LOL! That sounds so fucking stupid.

Ed Flores says:

A cape?! His b#tch @ss should be wearing a skirt. A fvckin pink one.

Boujiee Corona says:

It sounds really interesting tbh and it sounds like his new apperencen sounds like he is in the first order but it’s still a little conflict that Ben Solo/ Kylo Ren is still in a conflict to the light side I just hope we can know more about Ben Solo cause we know the side of Kylo Ren but not to Ben Solo

Aelius Aristides1 says:

A sith look for Kylo Ren is always a good idea! Hopefully he will be more sinister.

Alex Eastwood says:

Fingerless gloves?? . Next thing you know he'll also have a chain, fedora, and neckbeard . And call Rey " ma lady"

Catgirl2021 says:

I wonder if the purpose of having Kylo wearing fingerless gloves is to touch Rey’s hand again lol 😂 (maybe not)
It could be a way of showing him shedding layers. He can be sinister but still be the protagonist/anti-villain.

I’m hearing a lot of concepts about his appearance/outfits but it would be cool to see him change a few times through the film. (Referring to different outfits representing Kylo evolving)
I’m rooting for a redeemed Kylo/Ben Solo so he can be free of pain and conflict.

The valleyard says:

Disney do not screw up kylo ren, hes one of my favorite characters. Do not make him useless

Alex M says:

red cape with a chain and huge first order logo look cool in my mind! 😀 I can imagine it already and that look with his new mask seems to look sinister and more dangerous than how he looked in the force awakens :O back then he had a black/dark side look, now he will have more colors but will look much cooler i guess 🙂

We all will get the first looks of each character from Entertaiment Weakly cause E.W always gives us the first look for each new SW movie and i'm waiting for those first looks :3


Apologize for the loss of audio around 1:30. Clip cut out for a couple seconds.

djfawks says:

Ok, ok, I get it. Either he'll be the new Edward from twilight or they will attempt to make him Vader. Neither will work…

stephen says:

i'm sure it'll look good on film. some fans are waaay too jaded..i don't think anyone's paying attention to the films at all. haha!!

josue Fuentes says:

These descriptions about kylo rens look are just concept art people take it as if it were his real suit.

Robert Morgan says:

Sounds like the mother fuckers outfit from Kick Ass 2

Barney Garwood says:

Dooku was the least "Sith" looking villain. If they want him to look more Sith-like, Ventriss, Sidious, Revan, Maul and Vader were far more looked the part. It sounds like they are trying to give him more Supreme Leader look to his clothing.

NF666 3STYLES says:


Darth Vader says:


Matias Klever Mjånes says:

I liked his appearance in TLJ, pls dont change it JJ!!

Kylo Ren says:

This sounds awful.

Amal Babu says:

JJ and RJ made the character more weak and whiny rather than more stronger or sinister. Kylo is nothing compared to lucas villains

White Phoenix says:

The fingerless gloves look can work for some characters, but Kylo is NOT one of them. It wouldn't make sense for him (as much as all the other stuff doesn't make sense in the whole "Sequel Trilogy") to even have that. Also, I doubt the whole Dooku look would fit him as well, considering that he doesn't have the experience despite the time skip to pull off that look.

Nancy Lee says:

Wow! It’s 1AM in my country now!

Mike , love your channel very much! Please keep up the good work!

By the way, I really want Kylo to be a successful leader in EP9☺️

Don’t like the idea of the fingerless gloves, but as long as JJ keeps Adam’s hair fluffy, I will be fine🤣

Chester Pesko says:

Somebody call the Vatican!

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