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40 thoughts on “STAR WARS MOVIE IN ROBLOX!

technical gamingx gaming says:

Did you know that they were calling each other you can hear it

Russell Backus says:

Du du Dudu du dudududu du du

Reisya and neyra Roblkx says:

What is the game called in roblox

JeannieS says:

You pals forgot landing

Christopher Perez says:

Sketch know I love you I really love you videos they look super cool.

spen9840 spen9840 says:

I have played that one before

Xavier Teppang says:

l am a big fan

JeannieS says:

Pals forgot landing gear

Ana Bermudez says:

Pals I have roblox

rainbow coolstarguy says:

Star wars battlefront for PS2

Jordan Nicholson says:

May the pals be with you! 🙂

Virginia Turner says:

iam a pals

Cole Randall says:


Tony H Gaming says:

I love this video

Olivia Setiadi says:

You cant retire u are basicly permanent soldiers to make it simple you are a clone

Rogelio Villarreal Llaneza says:


Toy Freddy Power says:

It’s clone wars is Star Wars

Caroline price says:

sk3ch die

Sharon Dougherty says:

Hi The Pals

ussr cccp says:

Star wars battle front

Mazhar Hussain says:

The last gest 3 trailer is out!!!!!!pinkyswear

Cake Cake says:

Your in a star cruiser but you have x wings instead of tye fiters it's inaccurate

Julio Bonet says:

Yeah that echo was weird

JAKE HD says:

play war robots I'm level 21 ed poop

Kaysan Priyatna says:

You Should Add a Name Of The Game Cuz i Never Played this

Francisco Perlaza says:

There's missles

Henry Freed says:

play Star Wars play Star Wars Battlefront

Kisairx Gaming says:

who's voice was that in the beginning

Valentino Cooper says:

I have a play station 4 .-. (bruh)

Stella Orque says:

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Caleb Gage says:

Why are they talking about the sequel when this game is clearly based in the clone wars/ prequel

Rafael Dela Paz says:


Archie Ferguson says:

Does this remind anyone of the old LEGO Clone wars games on wii

Maeen Syed says:


dash says:

its sad how much i know about star wars and how little they know

Shorrye Verma says:

Name of the game

it is someone says:

this is not alex

Toy gamer B says:

There not fake seats you can go inside of it

ken tibay says:


Ashton TheGamer says:

Storm troopers won’t even made yet but it’s OK

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