Star Wars! NEW Jedi Coming In

Star Wars! NEW Jedi Coming In

Lets go over some star wars news when it comes to star wars episode 9 by jj abrams, we will be going into some star wars episode 9 spoilers…potential spoilers …




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23 thoughts on “Star Wars! NEW Jedi Coming In



Søren Christensen says:

Christ, this new trilogy is a shitshow. There's no control over continuity or lore. The name of episode 8 is Even more stupid now, if there magically, are more jedis now.

Not getting my money.

Michal Aveniz Černý says:

Every day video with potential spoilers (99% videos are bait and no info) u need to pay rent from this or what? last 10 videos are practicly same. U are true fan of money no star wars

Raynor Wales says:

I'd be down asf with it

Anthony Brown says:

Lazy storytelling. Sounds awful.

Lance Dunnigan says:

Lmao what are they trying to make Rey like Rogue from X-Men 😂😂😂
… absorbing power lol!!! Pffft

catalin dale says:

He could be Luke son they said he looks like Luke but younger

Michael S says:

Why bother with this shit? All of the main characters are dead.

E Lam says:

looks like hes the one that got killed by Kylo Ren in Reys force dream in episode 7

All Nine Livez says:

I guess Rey wasn't The Last Jedi?

John Schoonmaker says:

I have a bad feeling about this

H Linville says:

Dominick is Luke's long lost son? Maybe….Rey is daughter to Kerri Russell character and Dominick. Kylo ditched his cousin Rey on Jahku and thought he killed Dominick. Just shooting from the hip with some guessing.

The Thought Criminal says:

I really don't care about the excuses they give for Rey's awesomeness, in her awesomenessness. Her character sucks…..she is poorly written to be controversial nothing more and I am sick and tired of it. And yes, I know, I'm sexist, I'm racists….blah…blah…blah…blah…I don't care, that isn't going to make her a better character or make her interesting….she's boring….get over it.

Lisa Taylor says:

Could they have Dominic Monaghan playing Ezra Bridger or Matt Smith doing this bringing Ezra to the live-action screen

Kevin W. Clark says:

so what not only was the title The Last Jedi meaningless for that movie but it was meaningless for the next one as well?? what the fuck are you people doing over at LucasFilm??

J J says:

And what about Finn? He clearly heard the dying screams of the other planets in Eps 7. seconds before the audience did. He is Force sensitive. If they don't have him training to be a Jedi then what a waste of his character.

matt kylie says:

The days of the Jedi are long gone!!! there are no more Jedi.

J J says:

Well, why didn't they just explain that to the audience, If she has a force power that lets her absorb force knowledge form others then that would have ended all the haters on her. If this is true then the Disney bunch are Idiots.

Cory Johnson says:

The movies are supposed to be about the Skywalker family and the only heir to this name is currently evil.  A great twist and this would ultimately save Rey's character,  would be for Rey to continue to lust for the power she's discovered twisted with the loss of the people in her life,  her light-sabre starts to turn a shade of pink (eventually Red!)  in this confusion somehow is responsible for killing leia, infuriating the already confused kylo, who finally avenges his name and becomes the hero we want. Just some thoughts…as for the addition of the Rebel characters i'm all for it at this point, can't get much worse.  Ashoka, is not a Jedi, so could be introduced similar to the Bandu (see Rebels) Ezra, thrawn, sabine these are well written characters with back stories. Again just some thoughts but I care so much for the sake of my kids having great movies like we did.

Cory Johnson says:

wouldn't that be the age of Jacen, Hera's and Kanan's son?

Barry Roberts says:

That's how Anakin learned how to become a Force Ghost. He tapped into the mind of Obi-Wan during the DS duel. I thought/assumed everyone realized this upon viewing RotJ.???…?

Eric Rawlings says:

He may be a Jedi Luke sends Rey to for training and help.

Ronbo Fett says:

So much seems to be going on, this is going to have to be a long movie or a 2 parter.
If they want to try and salvage something from TLJ then I hope they go with 2 movies for EP9 as TLJ was a car crash in to a brick wall & down a cliff plotwise.

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