Star Wars Rebels: Captain

Star Wars Rebels: Captain

Ezra’s team takes drastic action to free Lothal, entering Imperial HQ, and Thrawn returns to stop them; Ezra must surrender and confront a greater evil.


Star Wars rebels


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29 thoughts on “Star Wars Rebels: Captain

Gabe6976 459 says:

Nooo why this is why hevy hated Disney

ash18001 says:

Why did he have to die

Twist says:


Rootin for Lenin says:

Ya least those imperials hit their targets

mitrooper says:

Man the animation and editing is terrible, look at this crap…. 0:16

Elliot Torres says:

Some one tell me what happened to Wolfe please

The Arctic Gamer says:

"The mission, the nightmares, they're finally over."

Colonel Hakeev says:

Too bad non of them lived to meet kix again

BoomBler says:

1:00 that Deathtrooper was like WTF?!

W C says:


Isaac Anderson Animations says:

This is such a poor excuse of a death scene for a character that was already established to die in the last show. Especially how his character was compared to the other show.

It was sad to see Gregor die in TCW (or at least believed he did) Because of how he already decided to end himself when he just got back up from such a long time. For this show, he was just a comic relief all the way through, he had no purpose, setup, or character in this show. He was just another flat character for the Disney XD audience, And it decides to rely on writing from another show they didn't create as an attempt to expect me to feel sympathy for him.

dylan xd star wars says:


Pedro velez says:

he dies from a shot but survives a giant explosion

ImperialGamer_ 5064 says:

You have lived a good life Gregor, but you may now rest in the afterlife with Fives,Tup and Hardcase.

Luigi says:

What is Disney doing with Gregor >:(

Da Soviet Union says:

i legit cried when i first saw this…

DriftLovesMusic says:

"A good soldier follows orders"

Tello says:

woah holdo looks like a bitch

Pablosaurus Rex says:

First fives now Gregor poor Rex
He saw dying at his brothers in different moments

Yellow Alloy says:

The pig survived but Gregor died? Fuck Disney..

2°•8 says:

I’m crying

Vuph 2 says:

Why u no wear ur armor

WaxenTomCat 134 says:


jayden 808 says:

I know I’m late but god damn why did they have to kill Gregor he saved a bunch of astromechs making us think he died but why did he have to really die

cameron burke says:

What i wonder about his death is why he didn't talk about the "mission and the nightmares" like Tup and Fives, I'm guessing it has to do with the fact that Gregor didn't see half as much action as Fives and Tup.

JackThe Jedi says:


unkown says:

dont worry he will wake up with amnesia he aint dead

Dogs Are The Best says:

Gregor survives entire clone wars killed by someone who isn't even good enough to be a stormtrooper

Nick Playz says:

My question is how did the imperial gunner not die?

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