Star Wars Rebels: Emperor’s

Star Wars Rebels: Emperor’s

Ezra’s team takes drastic action to free Lothal, entering Imperial HQ, and Thrawn returns to stop them; Ezra must surrender and confront a greater evil.


Star Wars rebels


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42 thoughts on “Star Wars Rebels: Emperor’s

Teemo4Life says:

Most cancerous portrayal of the royal guards

Squid-force says:

He had plot armour, in which deflects bullets sometimes, too.

Anbu_Prodigy says:

What season is this???????

Nightmare 6273 says:

I like how they’re kept the royal guards secret language

Mental Challenger says:

Darkness from konosuba learned from them how to Aim.

Cameron Bentley says:

I hate how rebels make stormtroopers look incompetent. But they are intact highly trained soldiers as obi wan said "only imperial stormtroopers are so precise. "

TheSimpleAussie says:

Stop making it look like Stormtroopers have bad aim

crocodile keys productions says:

I guess rebles took a leason from the death trooper scene that was terribly made and the special forces are actually a threat

Demogorgon 303 says:

i am shocked and speechless

Henry Hammond says:

I love their look. I love that the force pikes can basically artificially use the force. But the stormtroopers missing an unarmed prisoner helplessly suspended in the air five feet in front of them? That's a new low even for them…


That scene was so awesome! I think it was one of the best scenes in that episode!

adaho14 says:

wow troopers cant shot the shocked jedi

Andrew Montgomery says:

The Emperor's guards in this reminds me of Supereme Leader Snoke's elite guard as I call them in The Last Jedi.

Battle Droid 224 says:

Are you fucking kidding me?
I don't think we even see much of the Red Guards in animated action, and when they are animated their this weak? What the fuck Disney, go fuck yourself.

денис юричев says:

1:10 что за чушь, создатели сериала "Повстанцы" ебанульсь?!

Charles Larrivee says:

Trying a little hard to have your own Rey and Kylo vs. the Praetorian Guard I see. It didn't exactly work.

come to order! the cartoon judge! says:

Ok first they make Vader a genuine Badass and a force to be reckoned with and now this?! Hope future Star Wars is gonna be like this to! And elaborate on some old stuff and expanding on everything! If saw gorera wase in rouge one anything can happen!

Антон Чигринец says:

I only imagine if Ezra had a lightsaber in this scene. That would've been sooo epic.

209boxchev says:

An incoming message from Darth Vader :
"It seems that my Stormtroopers have failed to strike down the young Jedi, Ezra Bridger. As their punishment, I will deal with them MYSELF."
force chokes them from a far distance
troopers suffer then die

Raven Link says:

I expected the Royal Guards to fight like Snoke's Praetorian Guards, instead this is what we get?!

Venegal says:

This show ruined Death Troopers, portrays Empire soldiers to be more incompetent than they were, and now features Royal Guards…to be easily defeated in a stupid scene of having this fucking kid float from the ground. This show just hates animating fights but I guess that would require actual effort. Good riddance Rebels, you and Clone Wars were made to just sell toys but at least Clones is memorable.

Panic For The K says:

How hard is it to shoot a guy 7ft away from you with lazer guns/blasters

Justin Lozada says:


Indie Ink says:

Red guards have such a cool design

Raymond says:

It's official, Rebels can't even get the Royal guard right. Three guys pointing sticks and not one of them thought to just shoot Ezra themselves. Three guys to hold Ezra and the holding is worthless when he can still move.

Director krennic says:

We will crush this rebellion!!!!!

Joshua Grandison says:

Why hasn't Vader killed the guy training Stormtroopers yet?

Çomar Şempanze says:

Still, i want some Praetorian Guard.

ThatKidSavage_11 says:

That was a powerful force push Ezra has really grown in power beyond Kanan

Utopia Lord says:

Sidous was way stronger in the Clone Wars than this.

KalKenobi83 says:

This was a Nod to TLJ Loved it

Игорь Гнездилов says:

lm russian and l a big fanat palpatine

Zandris Hugal says:

Magnetized boots and energy pikes that restrain a subject and disintegrate then from a dozen meters away. You’ll never hear me call the Royal Guard useless again!

Joshua Cederstrand says:

Mushu: "You missed! How could you miss he was 3 feet in front of you!"1:09

TrueMarcoM Minas says:

the music playing as soon as the royal guards walk in is sick.

Антон Чигринец says:

Guys, I don't get what you're complaining on? Seriously, they lifted Ezra but he wasn't immobile! He dodged the bolts. So everything is allright. And, by the way, he had only few seconds to deal with all his targets, so basically nobody did anything wrong. Just watch carefully and stop blaming the whole series just because you want to.
Thanks for reading this.

SithEmperetor says:

Who learned them to shoot? Mayor from Hellsing Ultimate?

Satria Khadafy Setiyadi says:

As useless as the pretorean

Alonne says:

Yeah. Ezra can totally defeat 3 highly trained Royal Guards alongside 3 Stormtroopers with rocks…

Penthai Sindhusen says:

"Force" pike

Luis Balderrama says:

Oh yeah Ezra

Utopia Lord says:

Awesome more legend moving into Canon.

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