Star Wars Rebels Ezra,Kanan

Star Wars Rebels Ezra,Kanan

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48 thoughts on “Star Wars Rebels Ezra,Kanan

Cyren 001 says:

What ahsoka say's at 1:04 are the words that the empire say's when he fights ahsoka and ezra in a later episode.

Draw with Shrexx says:

February 10th is my Birthday!!

Knuckles #2761 says:

Helicopter inqusitors are definitely more canon than many great books, games and comics.

TheTargetMaster says:

Ugh. Love it when the new shows ruin my expectations by taking things from legends and taking everything cool away.

santiago gonzales says:

Y eña ?

morgan megurine says:

Let me have some of those sabers

Noah Katrincsak says:

Why didn’t any of the lighsabers crackle the lightsaber Modle’s r unstable

HG Kaboom says:

Oh the sound of that lightsaber is incredible

Atownic Pepperoni says:

In the trailer : all was on this lightsaber but …nope that just one second lol

Emiliano Garcia says:

Kylo Ren

MOOFAMDEEZ The Holy Cow Moo says:

A Sith Acolyte got beat by an Astromech… I miss the Old canon…

HK-50 says:

Statement: Helicopter Lightsabers are absolutely ridiculous. And Malachor looks nothing like it's supposed to. Truly pathetic.

Elliot Wollheim says:

didnt malachor go boom in kotor 2

Jeanluk Volker says:

A familiar lightsaber
Hmmm. In between episode 6 and 7. Luke Skywalker came here to collect lightsabers as resources for his new Jedi order.

Jamin Sim says:

I always thought that Inquisitor helicopter thing was total BS

Chunky Willo says:

I thought something cool was gonna happen you know but theres with flying with lightsabers so I disliked the video 😀

Mrthe jayvion says:

The sad thing about the Sith is they probably killed more of themselves than the Jedi

Holden Bergeron says:

Oh so that’s where they got the idea for kylo rens lightsaber

jumpy213 says:

"If you ask me, this whole planet is a riddle."

"If it's a riddle, what's the answer?"

"Why is Kanan such a b- WOAH GET DOWN"

Graham says:

Should have nabbed ALL of the lightsabers!

Chris Hayes says:

4:33 chopper laughs.

ImperialGamer_ 5064 says:

Whoever knows Naruto can recongnize that the Jedi and Sith are like the Senju and Uchiha

Remuera Tiatoa says:

Doesn't this mean kotor is canon

GhostHawk38 says:

Screw a double lightsaber. I’d take a green crossaber over any lightsaber.

Darth Darth Binks says:

At 0:36 i thought chopper said"Lothal"

127 Studios says:

I’m getting some serious the arrival vibes

Alex Blackburn says:

Those lightsabers might not have function any longer but that was a lot of kyber crystals to turn your back on utterly stupid!

Carrie Woods says:

That saber in the thumbnail belongs to Kylo ren one of the knights of ren

KING33 _PIK says:

I hate rebels because their lightsabers are too thin…

Basic Player says:

3:04 it ran out of power…. wow

Purple Rose98 says:

4:08 I love this shot so much because Ahsoka doesn't care that Ezra just fell down a pit she only cares about catching the inquisitor and is looking so epic with her white light sabers behind her… god I love this character 😍

Honest M'aiq says:

I don't understand why they don't collect the kyber crystals from the lightsabers to build new ones to arm an entire army of rebels with lightsabers

Björn Roos says:


retard kidcatcher says:

When ezra said what is that Ahsoka was like SO PISSED SHE WAS LIKE A SITH TEMPAL!

barfbrany says:

Am I the only one who got chills

Lanwarder says:

Would have collected all the lightsabers…..kill that annoying droid of theirs 😀

Brandon O'tinger says:

Malachor = Star Wars hell.

賢有陸 says:

Wonder where are all the other clones there might still be a thousand or millions of them

Professor YouTube says:

The moment when the sith flew was impossible even for Star Wars, light sabers are made of energy full light how can light have weight and you would need that weight to create the momentum to fly

Dam I’m a nerd

Adrianne Pogi says:

Wow nice flying and shooting Droid

City Suede says:

I guess you could say that the temple has really gone under

Badum tiss

Daniel Babbs says:

Sorry that is a few sprains and spinal shock for Kanen and Ashoka. Ezra is straight up dead or paralysed from that fall. Future of chiropractic patients here.

bloodred255 says:

How can you manage to generate LIFT with a rotating blade of light?

Aurα вírdч says:

They fell 50 feet and all he said what was that Wtf?

Wolfie54545 says:

Turn on captions


Slamander Roar says:

They are walking in the Footsteps of Revan and Darth Malak in the days of the Mandalorian and Jedi Civil Wars.

TOP games says:


Ian Conness says:

3:05 is… is that a not-so-damn-skinny lightsaber?

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