Star Wars Rebels Ezra’s

Star Wars Rebels Ezra’s

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31 thoughts on “Star Wars Rebels Ezra’s

Alex Clare says:

I like how Ezra mirrors the stance Kanan had before he died very emotional

Hayden Fowle says:

Not gonna lie it would have been awesome to see the Mandalorians help Ezra free his home a squadron of Gauntlets coming out of hyperspace and attack the blockade and punch a hole through the surface led by Bo Katan and Fen Rau

Azka '02 says:

So what's the point of rebuilding Thrawn's legacy of his military brilliance by his 428 page novel if he's gonna be killed by fucking WHALES. Honestly a waste of a story

Eric Graham says:

Ezra outstretching his hands with the Force and lifting the glass almost like stopping time was just purely beautiful imagery. Also visually poetic given he is using the Force in a self-sacrificial way like Kanan did. Like Master, like apprentice…

Kir Kanos says:

The space whales look like Yuuzhan Vong stuff…

Jay Salvatore says:

There's always a bigger fish..

Optimus Prime says:

What if Ezera was in the new jedi order that was formed by Luke

DancingValkyrie says:

So Thrawn spends the entire show letting the heroes get away numerous times and just ends up getting defeated by fucking space whales. What a fucking shit show….

UnboxingMatthew says:

3:03 That was me when Ahsoka joined rebels. It was shit before

tubby turtle says:

And now Thrawn and Ezra are about to be on the big screen iw Ep 9 of the Skywalker Saga.

Emma Fulcrum says:

When I first saw this, I cried. I love Ezra so much. I wonder where he and Thrawn are.

Lion Da Cat says:
evilstricker 141 says:

Yayyyy Ezra is dead

Edit:Fuck he's alive…

Trunks Vegeta Briefs says:

Nice work Ezra Kannon would be proud

jd schiffbauer says:

This is why Thrawn has the Ysalamari

The adventures Of Spiderman says:


Sin Sung says:

Ezra is dead 100% dead also this was a shitty fucking ending. Already saw a sacrifice once and to do it again is boring. Fuck this fucking show and now fuck Star Wars because this is not the Star Wars I know and liked when I younger.

Cliente Promedio says:

I feel so great for not jumping into the hate train to rebels… I really enjoyed it.

GECKO Group play says:

Just shoot already

Mr. Snarky says:

There’s always a bigger fish.

Mat Mem says:

We're going to need a bigger boat

Cam Animations says:

im so happy ezra is dead

Jadon Hall says:

We alll thought the clone wars was over and yet here we are there could be another rebels just sayin

Dennis Mendez says:

Ezra wanted to join his mentor.

SwagMoneyCashMoney says:

The music and voice acting when Ezra got shot made still makes me shiver!

Mason Tanz says:

Wait now Ezra dies?

indianajones 1017 says:

the S.S ezrbine sank

Katabellion says:

The trio is back in Canon Thrawn Pellion and Rukh !!!!!

Tristan Pearson says:

Ezra's connection to nature is one of my favorite parts of his character. He's such a unique Jedi and I love that this ability is what wins the day. I'm very happy with Ezra's character arc, and the finale in general.

Darthpepo says:

This ending is a bit lame, I mean, giant space whales, that's it, really? I was really disappointed with this show, specially when it can deliver moments such as Vader vs ahsoka or maul vs Ben, so I know it had the potential to be good

Luke Moran says:

Imagine if Ezra showed up in episode 9

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