Star Wars Rebels Kanan Gets a

Star Wars Rebels Kanan Gets a

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49 thoughts on “Star Wars Rebels Kanan Gets a

John Candycorn says:

Fade on point. My perfectly sighted barber should be taking notes

Vindictive Cataclysm says:

He looks like Ray Narveraz Jr.

Ava’s World says:

The music in this scene gets me. It’s sorta upbeat and this is one of the only happy parts about this episode.

Darth the noob says:

Nah chief that ain't it

jake pauler for life says:

Dume dead

johny coho says:

He looks better with long hair, even Hera says so.

imperfectly_pink 8 says:

Kanan did it for Hera lmao

T- 883 says:

Personnaly, i prefere this look.

Ryan Presgraves says:

I don't like his new look

Herbi 24 says:


Van Dragon Mahamed says:

Kanan jarrus master of jedi really to fight

Christian says:

The short hair doesn’t bother me. How it gets a little longer in the back and looks like a mullet does tho.

MrDefective says:

how did he give himself a fade with just a knife

Pointless Piece Of Hair says:

Some would now say that he's… Thicc

Richard Norman says:

Whare is Rey

Eric Young says:

Not gonna lie… Kanan started this show off HOT AS FUCK, then he got that dumb beard, then he got blinded, then he got a lesbian haircut, and then he died. My ship sank faster than the Titanic

Nola Isales says:

I love Ezra's face when Sabine says he is right. He just looks so cute and happy

Joseph Kim says:

Should have used his lightsaber

LightAmplifiedByStimulatedEmissionOfRadiation says:

He looked like he was gonna do sepuku

Guardian Morohtar says:

now that is something they can't get away with. they need SOME sort of reason for him doing that haircut

Chrominoid 04 says:

Better look good for Heras rescue! 🙂

Chrominoid 04 says:

It’s time for some change!

WolfGirlBeLike says:

Nice hair cut 🙂

Aaron_lycan says:

It’s a hairscut not a haircut

Eon Karitori-ki says:

Man with the haircut and shave, Kanan looks so young.

Gabriel Chacon says:

its so wierd ezra and sabine always smile at each other

dulu Moni says:

rip jedi

Wanderer Cayne says:

Aw man, shaving dry.. oooowwww. Kanan you're tough and all but how were you not yelling in pain? Could you imagine? Everybody working and you just hear Kanan going "AAAAAH" "GAAAAH" "OH GOD ITS NOT EVEN" Ezra: Should we help?
Zeb: Yeah, hammer louder
Sabine: how does that help?
Zeb: Helps me…

Swedish Food Fanatic says:

He looks like Kovu from Lion king 2

The Dark Knight says:

Caleb Dume Master Assassin. 😉

Alan Garcia says:

When a blind man shaves better than you

mikkelnpetersen says:

Going to tell him the same thing I said when Samurai Jack shaved his off; "DUMBASS, it made you look badass"

speedhog58 says:

A blind man cutting his hair with a knife.

What could go wrong?

Fulcrum says:

When Kanan cuts that hair, he cuts off any doubt about the mission and about who he truly is. Caleb Dume: Jedi Knight, Rebel, All around badass. RIP

Alex w says:

His new haircut looks weird

Brett Symons says:

So I used to play the D6 Star Wars RPG from the days when there were only 3 movies. We did that exact plan. Sort of. We were up against a stock standard hexagon shaped imperial HQ. They have an open central space. One of the equipment items in an add on book were powered gliders that were easy to use, hard to detect but went splat easy. Still we worked out that we could fly in and land quick, thus avoiding most of the anti air fire.

I really suspect lots of others did the same as it was so logical.

As we left my guy set a timer on a thermal detonator and left if in the bottom of their stockpile. It was a big boom that the DM worked out the exact dimensions of. I may have gotten a dark side point from it….

Darth Maul516 says:

Is there anywhere on YouTube to access the soundtrack played when Kanan is cutting his hair and beard?

pecahalloween says:

It's like leaving a little kid alone with a pair of scissors XD

Nelson Yeo says:

Some say Kanan saw his death coming…is this really how Kanan wanted to look like going out?

Hip Hop Gamer says:


What’s the point of getting a haircut if he’s just gonna die?

DiTriX Lenox says:

He looks so emo! 😂

O'Tristan Jr says:

Pause 2:20, kanan's last smile

Ricardo Gonzáles Castro says:

Does anyone know what the song is called?

Everett Junda says:

I kept thinking This whole episode that Kanan is well aware of what’s going to happen, which makes this scene to me so much more powerful than a simple shave.

Evil Otto says:

Dry shaving with a knife. Now that's manly.

Vexsly says:

Chopper was like "wait, what?"

Ghetto Squid says:

So…I think Kanan turned me gay

Rustymcnut says:

Is it weird that I ship Ezra and Sabine?
Despite the idea that the Ghost crew act like a family.

DMC HUNTER777 says:

Now I’m waiting for Ezra to get a real one too

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