Star Wars Rebels Kanan Lets

Star Wars Rebels Kanan Lets

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21 thoughts on “Star Wars Rebels Kanan Lets

StarTrekk says:

I will admit sometimes the show was shitty but this the theme kicking in as he clicks his saber together and the shock of everyones face
Rip Caleb Dune The Cowboy Jedi

Hello says:

i had chills when ignited the lightsaber

will hall says:

Whys he wearing a colander on his head lmao

herpson derps says:

Sw rebels is a joke

Total War HQ says:

Some of those stormtroopers may have been clones… Imagine seeing another Jedi after all this time.

Ameer Ramchand says:

Imagine if storm troopers executed order 66 .

BEAR game 123456 says:


James Gutierrez says:

Anakin is still better.

Empire says:

What are you fools standing around for? HE A JEDI KILL HIM!

SheldonAdama17 says:

0:40 Bring it on!

TraceguyRune says:

Why is it in 2 pieces

Somebody The Stranger says:

Requiesca de Pace Kaleb Dume


Sooo EPIC 😎😎👊

Darth Depressed says:

Best jedi.

Ava’s World says:

I love the title, its just like "Kanan lets EVERY SINGLE PERSON know he's a jedi"

captainhalo568 says:

return of the Jedi

Solid G3 Legend says:

Wow the animations, dialogue, and even the story sucked in this show.

T- 883 says:

Miss you Kanan.

Richard Knox says:

Best part? 0:47

Stormtroopers: holy fuck. oi Chad, I'm not hallucinating right?

Admiral Ackbar says:

Kanan got that Steven Segal haircut

KittenGaming_ yt says:

Idk why, but I laughed XD

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