Star Wars: Rebels – Why it

Star Wars: Rebels – Why it

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34 thoughts on “Star Wars: Rebels – Why it

Juice says:

Excuse me Marcus, but I LIKE HOBGOBLIN

Chad Hutchings says:

No, Rebels is not made by the same people as Clone wars. Filoni is involved, and that's all. Filoni has gone on record that Lucas would crack the whip on him and the team. Lucas had issues as a writer, in execution of his ideas. But his ideas themselves were sound. Rebels is proof that Filoni has no game without some like Lucas working with him.

I'd love for you to cover Season 4. Man what a dumpster fire that turned into.

famousamos0 says:

I'm mad that there are more than one character in a show booooooo whooooo waaaaaaah waaaaah u sounds like a little spoiled brat with too much time on your hands smfh

famousamos0 says:

Hey dumb fuck how can you speak for everyone ! Quote everyone hates Esra……… Dude you even watch the show

Hawk Force says:

What ruined this show for me?


Ryan Elliott says:

Guess im a kid haha. I love this show

awsome person says:

then what is resistance?

Kitabu says:

Galen Marik aka Starkiller was actually supposed to be an inquisitor but they scrapped that idea. So yea starkiller was gonna be canon.

Kelir Steel says:

13:11 during this DnD example part I actually yawned four times in a row, point proven.

mAnIaCoOkIeS says:

I realised the other day that I love you, your voice and your mind. Have been binge watching your videos on your channel for three days and have spent I think hours now viewing them. I really like you. Thanks dude

Jeet Joshi says:

The Last season was amazing

Darth Momo says:
BigNate 245 says:

Do a video on upgrade

Robert Holmes says:

I really only liked the maul episodes and the end of the series. AND FINALLY. SOMEONE ELSE WHO LIKES THE SPEED RACER MOVIE

Michał Slomski says:


QwAzEr911 says:

Speed racer is such a strange film, but I fucking love it

Dillon Yousif says:

HEY, I love Hobgoblin how dare you

Joe Barrell says:

So glad I don’t watch this show simply watching this made me so triggered over ezra

callison caffrey says:

You really like that egoraptor guy, don't you?

Supercharge401YT says:

I love Ezra and Sabine

6sKi6z6 says:

Hobgoblin came before Green Goblin in the comic.

sylwester prus says:

If ezra was vader son he would let him be shocked to death and nobody would care

1298 Tomcat says:

I hate star wars rebels its just to cartoonish

AzureRoxe says:

During the Obi vs Maul fight, they also subtly show you how this defensive style Obi-Wan began to use actually counters THE VERY SAME MOVE THAT KILLED QUI-GONN.

That fight alone had so much in it and this show somehow never understood that for any other part of it.

StaticShock 117 says:

The part where you were talking about how much you hate Zebb and the Brutish character concept was like watching a fireworks show.

Peter tone says:

Just gone through clone wars believe it or not, and gone onto Rebels, lovin it so far. Way too much politics/filler/episodes of nothing in CWs overall.

Bryce Russ says:

Honestly how they write Ezra Ruins the show so much. He’s the main character for crying out loud. He doesn’t have to talk, he can few lines and needs a good character arc. I like this analyzation of the show.

Big Guy617 says:

I love Sabine. WTF! I like Zeb. He is great. I like Ezra. I like Chopper too. I like Kanen and Hera. The show is great.

The Canadian Patriot says:

You say names funny.

Big Guy617 says:

One of the new Inquistors is voiced by Buffy the Vampire Slayer. She is awesome in that season.

Allan Castellon says:

How dare you talk shit about a pair of good bois like Jorgun and Balinbow

A. J. Rey says:

3rd of your videos i hear Aesop Rock. Much blessed

Morshu McPherson says:

But i like Star Whores Rebels!

Temporary Tempest says:


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