Star Wars Resistance: Meet

Star Wars Resistance: Meet

The actors and creative forces behind the galaxy’s newest adventure introduce you to the heroes of Star Wars Resistance. Premiering Sunday, October 7 at …


Star Wars


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22 thoughts on “Star Wars Resistance: Meet

Марк Парале says:

I have a very bad feeling about this

The_Jackal says:

That animation style doesn't help show defining facial features

Kristopher Parnell says:

Meet team DED

Joes Pal says:

No mames wey, que asco.

STRAF says:


William Vanderboom says:

Oh my god Disney on hat did you do to Star Wars!?!?

jayant sharma says:

Dave: "Let's make this show just like every Star Wars with deep values at the core and epic story wichh contributes to the main storyline –"

Looks at Disney logo hanging in his office

Dave: "– Let's just make it for the younger audiences"

Avoidingwaffle214 says:

I actually prefer Star Wars rebels

Avoidingwaffle214 says:


Avoidingwaffle214 says:


Avoidingwaffle214 says:


Avoidingwaffle214 says:


SomeSomething :Daniel Puppet28 2nd Channel says:

this is going to be bad

Leodhass says:

Looks good!

Mizhidor says:

10:00 PM kids, good luck

Catherine Saahene says:

We know why clone wars is back on streaming services

Sf F says:

Oh it’s fireball oh right, a huge pile of rubbish wrapped into ball size and set on fire. It will burn, and by god it will be glorious.

Reneevee133 says:

he's not wearing his hat!

Korbin Kidwell says:

Let's not

Abdizur87 says:

Ugh, this is just depressing… 😦

indianajones 1017 says:

this shouldn't even be a SHOW, it should be a spin off video game

Anna Sárközi says:

Disney just forgot the children have parents who know what is Star Wars.

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