Star Wars Resistance Trailer

Star Wars Resistance Trailer



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29 thoughts on “Star Wars Resistance Trailer

KaletheQuick says:

Jesus Disney, I just want Band of Brothers in space.

STRAF says:

scientist's see this
Scientist 1: I have found a possible new form of cancer

Chaofun says:

I'm not expecting this to suck. I already lost hope for Disney like a while ago.

Charles Mitchell says:

BTW Forces of Destiny was also good in my opinion.

Charles Mitchell says:

I will watch this when it debuts. I hated the look of Clone Wars when it first came out but it grew on me. Rebels looked a little off to me when i started watching it but quickly grew to like it and LOVED it by the end.

I will watch this and if the actual show is terrible – then i will stop. But if i enjoy it – i will keep watching it. Simple.

chemicalsam says:

It’s a show for children. Chill

R.E Radio Equestria says:

burn it burn it with fire the abomination (Star Wars Resistance) BURN IT

Zeke Banks says:

When they say that it is anime inspired they are talking about RWBY but that's not even anime lol

Frank Bowman says:

Why do Millennials always begin their YouTube videos with the word "so"?

The GS Ball Is useless says:

Oh and yeah the show is bad.

The GS Ball Is useless says:

People honestly can watch Whatever they want at any age I don't think it really matters an adult is watching a kids so because in the long run it won't matter when your dead and gone just freaking enjoy life the best way you can.

FunnyMaleRainbow says:

I'm guessing under the age of 7 or 9, no 12 year old would be watching this

MrAaaaaaaaa9 says:

It’s for kids…….. it’s at 10:00 pm on a school night lmfao i don’t know a kid that watches this stuff on the entire planet that’s up watching cartoons at 10 maybe 9:30. Maybe you do, but I don’t! This is some weird wack scheme

NewWaveFreak 1988 says:

Damn you sound older than 19.

Andrew Grievous says:

Resistance isn't the worst thing since aids. Your channel is.

Eric Morang says:

Well, guess it's time to beam up to Star Trek. Live long and suck it Star Wars!

I love Eating ass says:

I’m 23 ion give a fuck I watch sponge bob

Nintendolympics says:

Why on earth does it show at 10:00 PM? KIDS ARE ASLEEP AT THAT TIME!!!!

Dave Filoni says:

I'm quitting my job now

Crylec says:

This show will fail in a season and Disney will write it off for taxes. All of us can just forget this unneeded attention. Clone wars is coming back.

zach duperron says:

this is the worst star wars show ever!

The memeking 949 says:

More like polio

Failingpepper 11 says:

Well I am a kid and I know no one who is gonna watch this I am not gonna watch this hope it gets canceled after the first season or ep

kidsound33 says:

How can it be geared towards kid if airs at 10pm on Sunday?

GohModley says:

Looks interesting. Does that mean I have AIDS?

Dr. Newton Geiszler says:

It makes me sad too think that this will be canon

JNetwork32 says:

Lol so y’all mad because it’s not adultish lmaooo

cometandcupids says:

The animation sucks.

Kylie Fan says:

I hate Disney Star Wars

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