Star Wars Resistance Trailer –

Star Wars Resistance Trailer –

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24 thoughts on “Star Wars Resistance Trailer –

Dani C says:

4:23 My comment is acknowledged by Jeremy. Truly a life achievement

Antonius says:

I don't think George is laughing. I think he is very sad and angry that everything he has built has been broken by Disney, by 'n company he trusted.

Treherne Industries says:

9/10 Fans hate StarWars

Rapey The Mouse says:

Dislike bar – "that's quite big, impressive"
Like bar – "ooh, that's kinda small, yikes"

Wesley Clack says:

As Bullet Tooth Tony once said: "Never underestimate the predictability of stupidity"… that's at you Disney!

Magiester says:

it got more dislike then your sub channel dude lol be happy

Kevin Kocher says:

you missed a comment that had me laughing it was a palpation quote scared and deformed

STRAF says:

It's safe to say this is the latest form of cancer

Gusdebo says:

You know, this show looks like it has potential. You all are being so harsh😡😡😡😡😡

Carum Sarene says:

Seeing that Disney is also reviving Clone Wars

"Chewy, I've got a bad feeling about this…"

MrKalashnik0va says:

When you fuck up the star wars franchise so bad that fans want George to come back…

Talk about an accomplishment, I swear Disney could make Hitler look like a lovable guy if they made enough sequels.

BigDaddyJinx says:

She picked the wrong hill to die on, and it will reflect in anything she touches from now on until she gets fired or "reorged". They won't accept another flop or break-even. Episode IX needs to kill it at the box office or she will be finding a new office to sit in.

And since we know that Episode IX can't possibly hope to undo all the dumpster fire that was Episode VIII…

Mark my words.

Mars Shadow says:

What a cancerous channel

NinjaJedi04 says:

See, this is why Disney can’t have nice things

Hexagon says:

Why does everyone call likes "upvotes"? This isn't Reddit.

Gundamguy 2112 says:

“It’s over Kathleen!!! I have the high ground”

SkunkApe95 says:

Haha! “This trailer has left me scarred and deformed” gold!

MuganRà says:

Disney is for children, what should we expect?

Moisesezequiel Gutierrez says:

"You are the president! You were said you would destroy the toxic fans, not join them! You were said you would bring balance to the franchise, not leave it for SJWs!"
"I HATE YOU ALL!" Got burned by Resistence dislikes and Solo's failure

Moisesezequiel Gutierrez says:


Rubbish Ambush says:

Rogue one was better than force awakens and the last Jedi.

Shlomo Ben Hungstein says:

Rogue 1 was an amazing flash in the pan but this franchise is other wise done from Lucas's pre-quels to all that kathleen kennedy crap.

BNuts says:

I'd like to take a moment to appreciate the fact that even with all the hate it generally gets, the prequel trilogy did not kill people's desire to see more Star Wars . But I had absolutely no desire to see TLJ in theatres, and only saw it because my father insisted we see the longer movie for my birthday (and it's become a tradition to see movies on my birthday since LOTR came out). Similarly I have no desire to go see Solo , and I will absolutely insist we not waste time going to see Episode 9.

So congratulations, LucasFilm, you have successfully killed my desire to see you Star Wars . You have done what even the prequels could not. You have done the impossible, and destroyed one of the world's most successful franchises.

Satoru I says:

I’ve never witnessed a mega corporation ruin a brand so fast and so permanent.

It truly is baffling.

But I’m enjoying watching Disney squirm

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