Star Wars Resistance: Why Fans

Star Wars Resistance: Why Fans

John Campea


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42 thoughts on “Star Wars Resistance: Why Fans

Mr Jdog82 says:

Failure to give us a heads up was never the issue. The issue is that it looks like crap, not Star Wars. Simple as that. By the way, saying it is a kid show flies in the face of the fact that it airs at 10PM on Sunday (aka a school night).

Patrick Valenti says:

I think the trailer aims specifically at kids, but the show itself could have a very different tone from the trailers.

Tiger Love says:

John, you are wrong. It was pretty much clear from even the first banner they released that this would be a more lighthearted show. It was safe to assume they do that cause they done it twice before with TCW and Rebels. Those shows, as we all know, got darker as they progressed. Maybe that will happen with Star Wars Resistance too. I would assume that is likely because of the time in canon it takes place. Darker seems to equal better in the eyes of some. The trailer got many dislikes cause Youtube is a place were the idiotic so called "Fandom Menace" and the mindless sheep who believe anything their hategurus say gather. It is indeed quite dumb to judge a show by a one minute trailer and then make hate videos about it. It just goes to show that alternative media can be as shitty as mainstream media, especially when it comes to youtube channels that are just leaching of the work of others. The trailer had two goofy scenes, humor aimed at kids – so what? Isn't it childish to get mad about a show made for kids to make jokes for kids? As a contentcreator myself who has done tiny itzybitzy bits in animation himself I can gather from this one minute trailer that this show is extremely well done and looks great. It reminds me a lot of the old Captain Future anime where Lucas stole a lot from anyways, so it is indeed very starwarsy. And the second video which came out a few days ago makes it even clearer that this show is going to be fun. I am really annoyed of ignorant people who consider themselves to be Star Wars fans always shitting on everything new. Up until JJ Abrams Star Wars has never been only about rehashing what has been done before it has always been about discovering new ground too. Thankfully Rian Johnson understood that. 🙂

アブレイジJOE says:

Some people just care way too much honestly.

John Snow says:

"Should Disney pay attention to dislikes? No."

Yeah John, that is why you are part of a problem.

Standard meme channel anime fan machine says:

Looks like shit

SgtHydra says:

The real problem is everything they've told us about its plot. You can count the number of good racing cartoons on one fucking hand. It's always a bad sign, whether its 'for kids' or not.

KongWookiee Don says:

Oh god, your all crying over a CARTOON, A FKKN CARTOON.

French Fry says:

Not to mention the fact that it doesn't even look like Star Wars, it looks like some cheap knock off from that Iron man series that aired on nickolodian some years ago. If it had launched with any other name there would have been no outrage at all and simply viewed as another new addition to Disney's many kid shows, but they just had to make it Star Wars…

Minh Tri Nguyen Huu says:

but most of the fan are die hard adults

Reeb says:

One of the reasons why Im upset it that they told us that it was an anime inspired( of course some anime are bad, but most of the time it's it has great animation and good plot) but this is not even close to anime!

Brayden Aitkenhead says:

they lowered the bar severely with rebels you'd think they couldn't get worse but resistance exists.

Brayden Aitkenhead says:

aimed at kids doesn't excuse it being shit

Creative Art13 says:

I want Rebels back!!!!

kingbladerZed says:

they didn't even give out a little more concise plot summary premise.

isingsongsonvent says:

Why would you like the trailer? You are like 40 years old and its a cartoon.

Doug Stephens says:

I think you nailed it exactly, man. We didn't know this was going to be aimed specifically at young children. There's nothing wrong with that, but Disney and lucasfilm should have been upfront from the beginning. I think they estimated that the older fans, that is, older than eight or nine years old, are happy and satisfied with the films, and that's obviously not true. So they really screwed themselves over doubly here. And as many other people have asked, if that's the truth, this is for younglings, why is it on at 10 at night? Baffling.

bloodrunsclear says:

Ewoks had episodes written by Paul Dini. Now it makes Resistance look like The Teletubbies.

Peter Not Peter says:

I don't like the animation. It looks too mediocre.

KhepriX says:

Not sure why people just hate it by the trailer alone.

It doesn't look horrible like Thundercats Go, its fitting for the children it is aimed at.

Besides, the plot of the show could change through the series anyways.

Guess the worst enemas of Star Wars are its own fans.

P.D. no typo in enemas

KongWookiee Don says:

So, your all saying it's not a kids show coz it airs late night, well proofs in the pudding freinds, just look at the animation, listen to the dialogue, feel that vibe…10.00 pm on no, it's for kids…

Iron Davis says:

Star Wars Fans:Lets Boycott everything

BIGhappyG33 says:

Most media outlets will claim it’s just Star Wars fans feeling “threatened”. Like how the new movies are masterpieces with no flaws, and we just can’t handle strong women and “minorities” in prominent roles. It has nothing to do with the plot holes, bad writing, goofy direction, or desecration of a once great and extensive canon…

caveman Versace says:

The channel is 24/7 kids shows. However 10pm for a show to air its premier is just confusing. I think they made the show when they were thinking The Last Jedi was going to be a big success and made this show thinking it would be as successful. Only to have TLJ bomb and now they are just airing it and seeing what happens and if they could make some of the production costs back.

Tempest2103 says:

The Star Wars community in a nutshell over this:
"Every piece of Star Wars media must be adult friendly or people will die
…or we can throw a hissy fit in the form of 94k dislikes on a video. That works too"

Enough with the hate already. There are plenty of kids shows with great plot and character development (something im hesitant to say for the last few spin off movies) going on right now. Besides, the stupid show isnt even out yet. People thought Rebels was gonna be kids only. Look at how that show turned out.

jean-claude schwartz says:

Fans ruined it that's why. They're becoming internet Terrorists

Wizards - The Magical Concert says:

Have do disagree with you, respectfully ! They should finally pay attention to what the fans want, and not Soldier on feeding us garbage shows like this ! Can't understand how you can be happy with the shit they keep on dishing us out to eat ! Not much good coming from KennedyFilm these days ! Dave Filoni should run the creative side at least then we get good Star Wars stuff !

Shahir Hameed says:

Is expecting it would have made it better? Because that feels like the problem. We expect too much without consideing it what would it bring

Brenden Byrne says:

1:36 Screw them kids! They weren't around back when Star Wars was Star Wars! If you want kids to see Star Wars, then show them Star Wars! Not whatever the hell this shit is…

Kemalist Siken Ataturkcu says:

Maybe we write again Legends. Maybe Cannon absurt than many Legend tales.

hans reithofer says:

A kids show at 10pm on Sunday. yup that makes sense

RG2088 says:

Well one that was not really a trailer they showed it was more a teaser. Also it's always kiddy at first then gradually it gets darker.

Riot Breaker says:

I always wanted a Clone Wars but in the Galactic Civil War era, I mean, there are TONS of stories to tell that would perfectly fit into the philosophical tone, be careful what you wish for I guess.

Cody Cross says:

rebels is a kide show

Nick fortyniner says:

Looks garbage that's why

Orlando Outlaw says:

10pm on what? SUnday night? what kids gonna be up watching?

sherman lo says:

rebels aren’t adult friendly.

jmgmarcus says:

The new trilogy is a travesty. No one cares. The voice of the fans will be heard. Let them have fun making shit no one wants. I will resist the resistance.

William Parcell says:

Because TLJ was garbage and they're continuing the garbage with this cartoon.

Keeper of Eurobeat says:

What if the trailer is a red herring and Resistance is actually the darkest show Disney ever made?

Thicc ness says:

A series called Star WARS should not be aimed at kids to begin with

99legion says:

Because it's shit.

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