Star Wars! Snoke Back To Life

Star Wars! Snoke Back To Life

Lets go over some star wars when it comes to star wars episode 9 by jj abrams. We won’t be going into many star wars episdoe 9 spoilers however a very …




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43 thoughts on “Star Wars! Snoke Back To Life



Jonathan Hayes says:

Plagueis had 3 hearts. When Plagueis dies Sideous felt a dark presence as if his master was taunting him. Sideous ultimately concluded that feeling he had was the death of Maul, but Maul survived. Why would the Plagueis novel come out just before Disney bought Lucasfilm, when they had been in talks for buying it already? Sounds like Disney is trying to pull what Plagueis/Snoke did.

Charlie Macfadgen says:

Tbh after watching the last Jedi I’ve lost interest in this franchise

Alex M says:

I think that Snoke will rather live in a form of a dark side spirit for a while to find his alternative body

Robert Allsbrook says:

A person can have their bowels eviscerated and still be alive. In fact, the intestines can be shoved back into the abdomen and then sown up and live to some degree of normalcy.

The bionics of Star Wars would make him mobile again if his lower spine was cut too.

Robert Allsbrook says:

+1 Mike. Always a good job dude.

Fred Pilch says:

If they bring him back and not Luke it will just add fuel to the fire for the haters.

Russell Smith says:

The Maul idea could work but if it’s been done before, it’s predictable. How about Snoke has the ability to spontaneously jump into another body, just so long as it’s a clone of his original body, which died long ago. He could have a whole warehouse of spare bodies waiting to be inhabited, (none of them showing the facial injuries we see on the body that was chopped in half). This would make him very hard to beat if this location was secret……

stephen says:

snoking weed, gets you high. haha

narghora says:

Damn what a fucking mess to clean up. They should've stuck with 1 director for the entire sequels.

Lenny Sparks says:

All this Hux and Snoke talk is disappointing

Thatgamer pro97 says:

I could just imagine Kylo Ren on the throne and the doors open and snoke comes throw with a pissed off angry face

Mark Kozik says:

His force essence was sucked into his black ring, where it can be released into another body.

Rich Mcc3 says:

I preferred the idea of snoke being plagueis tbh

ulys manseau says:

Snoke have a huge scar which indicate that his head has been cut in a half, he also had a severe dehydration makes him looking like he has been like a dead corpse for months.With these feature what reason make his organs matter for his own survival? An attempt to kill this guy in a conventional way simply look silly.Thumb up anyway 🙂

MultiTexaco says:

Lmao, yeah maybe he just was just chillin there on the ground with his eyes rolled back in his head and tongue hanging out to look like a badass. He's physically dead, let's don't get too crazy.

Sharrel Wright says:

Come on,his anatomy? That's convenient isn't it? I wish they didn't make the Last Jedi, it's messed up the franchise, I'm sure Andy's fans will be happy that he cancelled his appearance at the comic con,just to clear up the mess Johnson made.

Frank McVie says:

Andy Sirkis has six upcoming projects

Sharrel Wright says:

WTF? He's dead Mike just like Luke

Darth Locke says:

The comics/other canon have been playing with life extension (I will post examples below), so this is a no brainier possibility to me! It appeared as thought Kylo Ren didn't know what Snoke was doing, but if Snoke is at all philosophically like Sidious, and/or if he does truly wants Kylo Ren to still surpass Vader, then of course he would make him angry to get Ren to "strike him down" (using Obi-Wan/Luke logic in reverse) and make Ren believe his is more powerful than he is. The Last Jedi's primary theme was uncertainty and was showcased through a series of ruse. So it could very easily be "Snoke and mirrors" when it comes to Snoke, since I am doubtful he could be killed so easily and/or not have a back up plan, considering his mental 'force link' power suggest a strong force user. Plus Snoke is a teather to unknown regions of space, which I can also easily see episode IX opening up that door for future works.

Examples of life extension:

1. Darth Vader (2015) – Dr. Cylo keeps transferring his consciousness to new bodies. The results are that he is still "out there" (Note: Cylo and Kylo)
2. The Screaming Citadel – Force-Sucking Vampire Queen + Leader of anti-violent Jedi offshoot: Ordu Aspectu, Rur preserves himself inside a crystal that can be used to project himself with use of a computer. Ordu Aspectu believed in prolonging life for all.
3. Darth Vader (2017) Darth Momin's helmet may give instructions to Vader. (Implying there is a spirit in the helmet).
4. Star Wars Rebels (S4) – Ezra Bridger saves Ashoka's life by reaching through a portal into the past and brings her into the future (time travel).
5. TFA unused concept art – 'phantom menace' force ghost of Anakin/Vader.

Silver Legion says:

Young(er) Snoke clone? Ed Harris?

TRON1007R says:

More importantly… Luke Better be still alive and ready to Kick Ass.

allthestarsaredead says:

If Snoke survives it’s through dark side force powers.

Benjamin Moriniere says:

Snoke said he was the one that was connecting the Ren and and Rey's visions. And they clearly had another one as they where scaping the old rebel base and she was closing the Millennium Falcon door. That means snoke is still alive and manipulating them both towards each other

virtualee2000 says:

Snoke's death was obviously a force projection, from Rian Johnson's personal Star Wars mythology. He probably wasn't even on the ship at the time. Why he wanted out of the organisation is anyones guess

walop says:

So basically you select The Last Jedi a click Undo

William Brune says:

Hey Mike… love your commentary… what if real Snoke was watching from somewhere close… and the Snoke cut in half was a clone.

Radical Roo says:

Maybe snoke can only be killed in the spectral realm to be full killed, he is like sauron, you can never kill it fully by destroying the body.

Carlos De La Cadiz says:

Who would even care if Snoke is back? There was no character development. The new trilogy is just a disjointed mess!

jasonmg99 says:

this theory would be the only way it would work.

adam henschke says:


Louis Varre says:

Borrowing the Maul idea is a Terrible idea. They’re different species and thus, is an awful suggestion. Geez! The best idea is that 1) he’s dead or 2) he was a force projection, having already sensed Ren’s betrayal.

djdope kenny says:

Maul was sliced in half and fell down that riser but we never saw him die – we saw Snoke dead and he was dead for a considerable time. Then his ship was destroyed with all his guards wasted! I would say he's brown bread. Only way we may see him is in a JJ flashback special 😁

Russ Anthony says:

We see his lifeless face though. Damage is done. Bringing him back would be ridiculous

Jonon says:

I think him staying alive like maul is not a good idea. It's enough with maul doing that because it makes him special. For Snoke he needs to stay alive in another way. Like transferring his consciousness to another body or something like that. Maybe even a force projection that feels so real that you can interact with it. In that case Kylo would believe he has killed Snoke but in fact he hasn't

brian smook says:

I know its a far reach but if snoke being plagieus was true the art of force transference could come into play which could also allow luke to still be alive….just a random.thought

Jason Haire says:

Snoke should never been killed off so early ridicules maybe he was a clone or is it flash backs for the next film only or if he does come back then so can luke we haven't even seen snoke in a duel saber fight ffs even the emperor had been with mace and yoda

AjaredstoneA says:

Go get a real job

Ubermensch Hans66 says:

Snoopreme Weeder Smoke

Bigbad Crawford says:

I have always thought he was bridging the mind of rey and kylo ren. He is a master manipulator, he made them see that and we were seeing what they saw. Either that or he is like a dark side Rhas al ghul. Perhaps someone will collect him and put him into some darkside waters or ancient crypt. Perhaps a crypt constructed by Lord Momin. Darth Jawa lol

wdrewjr says:

Snoke actually IS Darth Plagueis. The scar running across his face and skull, as well as his overall appearance, were inflicted when he fought Darth Sideous. If he could survive that fight, he could survive being cut in half.

nativenchristian says:

If they bring Snoke back and he's revealed to really be Darth Plagues that would be epic. Have him and Luke have amazing lightsaber fight with Luke ending the cycle by actually killing Snoke permanently and I promise you Disney you will win back the fans you lost. I want this movie to succeed.

annalivia1308 says:

He could have the capacity to regrow limbs or parts of his body, like a lizard. He always looked like a lizard to me. It might take time for this to work. Maybe Hux sensed something was wrong with the story Kylo Ren told hm – where was Kylo Ren when Rey not just offed Snoke but also the complete Praetorian Guard? He might have done some forensics, figured out that Kylo Ren had a hand in this and secretly arranged for Snoke to be brought to his home planet which is essential for hm to recover and regrow. Something like what the combination of Genesis and Vulcan was for Spock – the physical and the spiritual/mental rebirth. This would also tie in with the rumor regarding Hux and the Resistance. Hux is trying to hinder Kylo Ren as much as possible until Snoke returns knowing the Resistance will be wax in Snoke's hands when he is back – stronger than ever. The Resistance would just be a useful tool to obstruct and maybe even off Kylo Ren to Hux. That's also why Hux patiently endures the things Kylo Ren does to him, or rather, Rian Johnson. The humor, you know. He is waiting his time. Revenge is best served cold. Yeah. Snoke the Lizard.

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