Star Wars: The Force Awakens –

Star Wars: The Force Awakens –

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40 thoughts on “Star Wars: The Force Awakens –

Robinhonk89 says:

Another foolish attempt to defend a terribly written fan-fiction film

Vernobulax says:

It's a crap film with crap characters doing crap and boring things. No class no soul. It's an imitation. Kids that were born in the 70s-80s understand but you younglings have no clue. It's not your fault and I'm happy for you if you like this movie but it's frustrating to see something so incredible be so massively diluted and misrepresented. Disney Star Wars is not cannon and never will be. It's inferior in every single way. Even John Williams isn't used well.

MattWagnerMovies says:

My 2nd favorite Star Wars movie. I ADORE this movie.

Julian Gutierrez says:

Thank you. There is no denying the impact of the Star Wars franchise. Love it.

SPQSpartacus says:

Watching this makes me even more betrayed by TLJ. I wanted to like it. But the characters so Well established in TFA are abandoned. TLJ is s bunch of scenes, some of them very good. It is not a good movie, even less a coherent part of the saga.

Lunar Martian says:

The plot is unoriginal, but what REALLY ruins it are the characters. They're terrible from a storytelling point of view. They don't add anything new that hasn't already been expressed better in one of the original movies. The main internal struggles are the same as for the original characters.
Learning that even though you're tough and smart you must accept the help of others to win – That's Leia's arc
Learning not to be selfish and to do the honourable thing, even though the other path is so much more tempting and easy to get away with – That's Han's arc

Poh is the epiphany of everything that went wrong. His a character that should have just died in the first 10 min. All he is is comic relief and one-liners. He never experiences internal conflict or growth, neither in this movie nor TLJ. His survival creates a plot hole and the role he serves (a good pilot, that's it) could have easily been given to another character (maybe to make Finn useful). He never should have been a main character and the fact that he does become one shows how bad the writing is.

The role division is bad. We have 3 characters that share the trait that they are master pilots (Poh, Han, Rey), making each one of those characters less essential to the story's progression. That also means that you can kill off characters without us feeling that disability. Instead, if they had killed the ONE master pilot, we would think "Oh no, how will they achieve their goal now?" and BOOM that's tension!
Almost every single skill that is introduced has more than 1 character capable of doing it. Swordfighting (Rey, Finn, Kylo, by implication Luke). Technical skill (Rey, BB8, Finn). People's personalities are inconsistent with their past experiences.
Why would Rey have such a strong sense of honour and duty if she grows up abandoned and without a role model? We aren't given a scene that shows her recognising that the worldview of the people around her on Jakku is bad and she needs to actively change her outlook.
It would have made more sense to give this trait to Finn, whose upbringing drilled those values into him, and have Rey be the selfish person that needs to be convinced.
I would have preferred to see Finn's morality gradually change and recognise that what he has been told is the right thing to do, and show him internally conflicted between duty and humanity, and when he finally chooses humanity that would be a great moment.
That or really explore the cowardness deeper.

Not all is bad, Kylo Ren has potential.

thomas jeppesen says:

My only gripe with this movie is the Starkiller Base. 'Oh no, it's another Death Star but bigger and this time it is a planet! How the stakes have been raised!' People already mocked episode VI for rehashing the Death Star so I think it was a bit foolish to make a third planet sized death beam weapon. From a narrative standpoint it was also a disjointed climax of the movie as the plot centers around finding for Luke Skywalker and therefore that should have been the climax of the movie instead, instead of an issue that is then just easily resolved in the epilogue.

Movie Think-pieces says:

Follow up video on TLJ?

Noahdaceo says:

And Episode 8 threw it all away. Characters flipped, and characters died before they could be fleshed out.

Chiko Chonny says:

The funny thing is fans crying over TFA being safe, and now crying over TLJ being very different.

Gaaraape says:

and then all that setup was thrown out the window

Wiclaf says:

hmnh, starwars sequal to pirates of caribean?

Elmer Son says:

Boy oh boy, I will be waiting for The Last Jedi one.

Jake V says:

Loved every New Character in The Force Awakens! Keep up the good videos

Peter Smith says:

You lost me on this one. I am not a J.J. Abrams fan at all and A New Hope was just a big rip-off. I got more out of the terrible prequels than this derivative piece of recycled crap. I think fans easily forgive the film because they wanted a new Star Wars film and they sure got one. Abrams can play it safe and just rehash the Empire Strike Back in the next flick and his fans will think it avant-garde. And to that, I am glad that fan-boys get pissed off when people like me see through the lazy writing of this film because if it wasn’t for easily pleased people like that Disney may have actually hired a screen writer who didn’t build a career off of remakes rather than coming up with something original on his own.

spearhead7777 says:

"…the upcoming movies all the more satisfying…" But that's not an excuse for this movie Jack.

Every Other Star Wars movie(yes even the prequels) has and can stand on its own. TFA hasn't and while I would love for the next two movies to blow me away I'm not excited to see the future of these characters.

CLV USMC says:

You should review Terminator 2

Androo Gnoix says:

It’s ironic how people like to take apart films they hate but love to kiss the ass of the flaws in the films they like. And love to shove their opinions into others’ too. I’m not pointing out Star Wars only becuase the film community is really dumb.

Doodledibob Mb says:

The point where the film fails for me is that it sacrifices the story for too boring and predictable character growth.

The sacrifices in terms of interesting story are not worthwhile considering the developed characters it delivers.

This is a problem I have with virtually everything J.J. Abrams has touched.

The casting is almost always on-point, and the characters act in a believable way – but it's always predictable and boring, to the point where it even strays into the shallow.

It doesn't matter if you are the most interesting person in the world if you inhibit a world where everyone does menial clerical work in an office building. And that's what a film by Abrams feels like.

S Js says:

The similarities are literally half the point and one of the themes of history repeating itself and "going back to go forward" that if you remove that it makes the film worse – it's an amazing movie

Ms. Devious Plan says:

Thank you for this review. I remember sitting in the theater watching this movie in awe. It brought back so many wonderful memories of the original movies. I walked away very happy and excited for the next adventure.
But then I started hearing all the negativity. So much hate! I started wondering if I was wrong for enjoying this movie. I started wondering if I had been sucked up into all the hype and I was just another sheep. But your video has given me hope. I am now going to watch it again and hopefully still feel the magic I felt the first time.

Sunset Rider says:

Do we “love” these characters yet? The only one we’ve really gotten to see was Rey.

Aj Pippin says:

Please keep making these videos. I love them and learn so much from them. Thank you so much!

T42B19 says:

If you want to use characters as an excuse for the lazy storyline, that's fine. This movie has a screenplay you could write in a week, what with all the idiotic dialogue and poor structure/pacing, as well as its lack of originality. But just realise this, the characters are incredibly 1 dimensional and none of them has anything to them. Certainly not the grey areas that you are hallucinating here. I don't like the prequels at all but to be honest they had far more character complexity, and light vs dark inner conflict than this thing does. There is no hatred in Rey in the fight against Kylo, for example, she acts exactly the same throughout the movie (poorly). And Kylo Ren should have been complex and conflicted, but he is ultimately not, and just comes across as sort of irrational and puerile. None of the characters even have an arc apart from Finn, and his arc is contrived and makes absolutely no sense.

Old Man Dan says:

I dismiss this movie because rey is terrible .

TheRealFlyingMonkey says:

The reason why people hate on TFA for being ANH is that we expected so much more. With a new director in the chair, there was supposed to be a difference in the final product, something that George Lucas could not make simply because of how he makes movies. JJ had been inspired so much with Star Wars as a kid that he should have brought something new to the franchise. Instead, he made an almost shot for shot recreation which in turn accomplished nothing in progressing Star Wars. To say that it is ok to not look at the flaws in this movie because they will be explained in the next one is cheap. The movie should stand on its own, not in the trilogy. The one thing that TFA didn't copy from ANH is the fact that at least the original Star Wars was a complete story. TFA ended right as it was about to get good! For a sequel?! On top of that, so many characters were made out to be a big deal that just fell flat like Poe, Phasma, Huxley, and Maz Kanata. All because, oh the next one will establish them more. Poe could have been any nameless pilot, Phasma could have been just another stormtrooper, Huxley could have been just another captain, and Maz could have been anybody. Giving these characters names is not giving them depth.

Steve of Unknown Kadath says:

The characters were one-dimensional, contradictory (Luke Skywalker's trainee can stop a laser blast but loses a lightsaber battle to a garbage man who can barely handle a weapon or stomach combat), and their back stories (especially Finn) incoherent. And the less said about a beautiful girl with perfect teeth, well-hydrated skin, fulsome hair, and received British pronunciation supposedly living as a scavenger since childhood is just laughable on its face.

Matt M. says:

Nice work, I really enjoy your insight.

alexfryerpro1993 says:

Great analysis. I really did enjoy TFA. While it is undeniable it is similar to ANH and it does have some plot convolutions, it's the new and compelling characters that make it fresh ultimately. I'm pretty sure that Abrams and Kasdan knew what they were going for as they were developing the story. In terms of "playing it safe", it was a necessary evil, and if you think about it, a risk. Going a different direction that's one risk, telling a familiar story in a certain way, that's another. To be frank TFA is hardly the first film to tell a similar story. Where you have Seven Samurai, you have The Magnificent Seven. Where you Superman 2, you have Spiderman 2: Two films with similar themes and story beats. Yes, your telling the same story. It's just a matter of how you execute that story. And for the most part, TFA does that really well. That doesn't mean every similar story beat worked. The Starkiller Base idea for instance was quite a lazy plot device and didn't really do much for the story. However the fun, the action, the humour, the returning magic of the previous films, the wonder of the SW universe and compelling arcs the characters go through far outweigh the flaws. While the The Last Jedi seems to be stepping into a new direction, this film does act, as Abrams pointed out, "as a bridge between what we know and what comes next". It's not the best SW film, and I'd put it on par with Return of the Jedi, but it is a damn good one.

CoinOpTV says:

Good stuff JJ

pupper says:

In conversation between Kathleen Kennedy and SW writers, they said they would reboot the original trilogy without telling anyone it was a reboot.

Gleidston Filipe says:

I don't think much of The Force Awakens, even though I like Star Wars quite a bit and was there on VII's opening week. However, I feel like The Last Jedi has the potential to perhaps retroactively improve The Force Awakens, depending on what happens there. Episode VIII will tell me how I ultimately feel about VII.

Gunnar Young says:

I thought I was the only one who felt the same way

Abara says:

Grey Jedis are the Middleground or not? I really liked this movie alot! Yes, Rey is totaly overpowered but aside from that im fine with the Chracters. One thing i really liked about the Scene where Kylo kills Han is the Visual when Han falls down. He, allthough dead now falls into a bright white light while Kyle stays behind surrounded by red lights. Also a Detail i think about often when it comes to this scene is in regards to the beginning of the Movie where Kylo allthough not even looking into the Directionw here it was fired he almost instantly stopped the laserbeam in mid air BUT he was not able to stop Chewie´s Blast and i dont think Abrahams just wanted to give chewie that one shot so people could feel good about the bad guy getting some kind of insant repercussion for what he´s done.

joe i'mjoe says:

4:27 "There is never any middle ground" Han shot first.

Yes the movie is setup, but you can't defend a two hour movie for being setup. New Hope works because it works as a stand alone movie, this movie doesn't. The characters are just rough outlines of where things are going to go, there's very little conflict and what is presented is just a bunch of "oh I could see this working way better" (looking at you Kylo). In New Hope Luke watches Vader slay Obi-Wan (in a very un-sportsman like manner) and we learn about Vader and Obi-Wan's character thru their actions and brace ourselves for Luke and Vader's fight ("Vader has mad skillz, how will Luke beat him?!?"). Here the Kylo v Rei conflict feels so flat, Kylo pokes her brain, they fight and Rei is somehow way better with zero light sword training than Kylo plus Kylo already seemed pretty weak, so not really feeling any tension, heck even master floating head guy wants to get rid of him (rule of two, if shadow head wants Rei, Kylo has to die). Finn is uninteresting and he jumped from the Empire so fast it didn't even feel like growth "Oh there's the black storm trooper guy from the trailer, oh he no likey the killey, oh he wants to leave, oh there he goes. Good maybe the movie will start" <- me.

David Cantor says:

a carbon-ITE copy? O your tooo clever, sir.

KutWrite says:

The link to Groundhog Day doesn't work.

I found it another way, though.

Lucas Bookfield says:

I guess different archetypes speak to different people. This was such an ill-conceived chore though.

Mike North says:

I appreciate your analysis however, while I found the film to be fun I found the characterization to be slightly off. I found the film had a series of unearned character beats and found it gimmicky. For example, after meeting Han Solo for about ten minutes, she now decides that he’s the father she never had. i found to be an unearned moment. There was a lack of character consistency. A character will say one thing and to do something the next scene that will completely contradict the other scene. While A New hope was the start to a trilogy, it wasn’t shrouded in a series of mystery boxes and told a complete story.

Edward Gil says:

This is exactly why I loved this movie. Yes, it was a rehash of the first movie, but I just loved the characters.

Though, a character I hope they develop just as much would be Finn.

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