Star Wars: The Last Jedi –

Star Wars: The Last Jedi –

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35 thoughts on “Star Wars: The Last Jedi –

Dick Strong says:


Main Man says:

The film is a total disaster from start to finish

It's unbelievable that this was allowed to happen

el flesh says:


meshari alghanem says:

Generally disney through (the last jedi) has destroyed not only star wars new trilogy but the entire saga and honesty i dont think J.J Abrams can fix what rian johnson and kathleen kennedy horribly did to the FANS !

Jason Clark says:

The Jedi kept peace in the Old Republic for a thousand generations. The Empire lasted for about twenty years.

Yeah, Luke, remind me again who the failures were.

varelaable photography says:

ok this was deep and yes it make me like what Ryan wanted the last Jedi to be about, great! but he did miss the mark it was close but people go to star wars films for good vs evil and for lightsabers so when luke appeared in the end I was like "ok now after looking and wasting time for the master code braker with the stupid red plum, now we gonna have the baddest lightsaber battle yay! after 5 min I was like wtf, nooo, nooo, come on! nooooooooooooooo!!!!!! fuuuuuuuuuuck!!!! if only Luke had just fought instead of dodging the lightsaber ugh!!! for me that would have made this movie more enjoyable and would have made up for wasting time in looking for the master code braker. but after this now I see what it was suppose to be about, good luck in episode 9 lol!!!

Scupacium says:

just seen the movie what a waste

Ravi Singh says:

Can’t you see that Johnson was critical of “killing the past”. The villain of the film says the damn line for God’s sake! He raises questions and keeps the audience on edge only to confirm why exactly the past Star Wars films are awesome. Rather than a counter to the last films Rian has crafted a love letter to the series. I feel you should read further into the film, but if that’s what you think cool.

Zurn says:

WOW…you need to get out more. Next we should have a Jungian dissertation on the good and evil of asexual reproduction in nematodes. Which is the light side? Which is the dark side? Do nematodes even have midichlorians? What would Jung say about that?

Cyril says:

A solid assessment, but you neglected to mention the gender politics. There's no denying that Kennedy and Co. have an agenda and they want to shove it down our throats and however you side with the issues, the simple fact is Star Wars is not the place for this shit! Star Wars is fantasy, first and foremost. It is a distraction from the quotidian existence that is human life. If they really need to address sexism and "toxic masculinity", why not go after The Fast and the Furious or James Bond films (I'm sure they'll get to them, don't worry), but even if you follow the argument that Star Wars is for children, then children don't care about who Lando fucks or what the misinformed masses believe about wage gaps.

olstar18 says:

Sorry but bringing up the monomyth doesn't make a bad movie good.

DTinaglia Studios says:

It seems like they made this video assuming that everyone thinks this movie was a disappointment. What’s up with that? I loved it.

greentiger332 says:

In the old cannon, there was also other orders which acknowledged and used both the light and dark side. The Je'daii were precursors to the Jedi, who used both the light and dark side and found balance between the two. The Order of Revan also did the same.

Rebel Scum says:

If the plot weren’t so contradictory to itself it’d would’ve been excellent.

Sloth Man says:

Stars Wars should be a fantasy about a galaxy far far away, not a social commentary of our restricted, messed up world.

CrypticSilver says:

Is it bad I side with Ben Solo more than Rey at this point? Rey should have joined him in making a new start.

Soldier Studio says:

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Willy's Reviews and More says:

I don't think the problem is the movie itself, the problem is the "fans" who are so vile, so rude, hypocritical, and so desperate for attention. They have ruined the Star Wars fanfom by infecting it with negativity since Phantom Menace, almost twenty fucking years ago! Now granted, you're allowed to not like a movie, but when you insult other fans claiming you know Star Wars better than them, when you complain and boycott a movie because it didn't do what you wanted, when you harrass the actors off social media with sexist and racist comments, and when you send death threats to the filmmakers, you simply aren't Star Wars fans. You're just spoiled, whinny, attention seeking whores! Period.

Heinzkitz Velvet says:

The best thing about this shit show of a film was that ol'girl put on about 10 pounds and looks sexy AF as the result.

She was too skinny in the first one.

Edwin Guerrero says:

Sorry man but acknowledging that Ryan Johnson had any sort of physiological underpinnings for his movie would require me to suspend all disbelief.

Thloen Bethancourt says:

This is all very interesting, and Im definitely going to look up those men you mentioned, Robert Johnson. But, I have to disagree with everything you pointed out and said. Although, I must say the only reason I disagree, aside from the fact that I do not think Rian and the writers of TLJ are intelligent enough to write something like that, is bcse of my own personal philosophies of life and the universe.

For me there are literally only two opposing options to choose from in what we perceive. And thats complete equality, light and dark, yin and yang, good and bad, negative and positive, and the fact that for a rich a deeper everything you must have the two. They might always being opposing each other, but they will always be there.
And the other is another type of equality, where its all gray, and meaningless, and quite frankly boring. But with that comes serenity, and peace, along with a complete lack of emotions and substance.

I think all types of philosophies should definitely be listened to and understood, for me though I dont accept the things you or as of right now what Robert J was saying. But I will look into it.
Point being, this was a flashy and expensive movie, that did nothing but try to feed into nostalgia and those "oh my god" moments.

Red lightning says:

Last Jedi is the best Star Wars movie.

Michael says:

Just another filthy shill.

Shy Robinson says:

Okay, I understand I am get a lot of hate for this, but coming from a fan of star wars here's my take on the last Jedi.

1) it's flaws of trying to kill the jedi-

If your gonna make a movie about throwing away the past and moving on. Here's what could've happened. Ignoring the stuff between everybody else and let's only focus on Rey and Ren. After Luke's training, and her own force experience. You could've had them join together, to create the first ever grey Jedi in the star wars universe. After Ren takes secretly Rey's lightsaber away from snoke instead of killing him, or or…here me out, try to do the same thing to try to kill snoke but snoke unleashes a force barrier that blocks Rens sneak attack and still gives Rey back her lightsaber besides the fact it failed.

Have them do a small battle between the red guards, than send snoke in at the last minute, but instead of him using a lightsaber, have him show off his powers by fighting them force to lightsaber. Something we've never seen before. Ren and Rey mange to escape, than from there we get the grey Jedi, and still keep an interesting villian.

2) the movie's worthless sence-

Just skip the fin and roses jaunery and add on just the parts where like trains Rey. Showing her different styles of fighting, and at the end of it before she goes to meet Ren, give us a powerful moment where she, like most padawns create her own lightsaber. I don't care for the Mary Sue since many main characters (sorry some) come off as such, but this could've been our favorite last Jedi moment. Taking us from the past truly to the present with a moment that says even if she came from nothing, she can be something. And let's face it, Mary sues can be good, if only the writer gives them a better story to go off of.

3) Finn and phasma

Okay, Phasma and Finn. Hmmm, have phasma beat Finn in the first movie, than here keep it where she gets beat to show how Finn has grown as a character but add a twist, you give him a moment where she insults him. Then, he gets so man he instinctly stares at her, and ends up blacking out. This black out becomes him using the force unknowingly to force choke phasma and breaking her neck, and the only person to see this would be rose. After he comes to, you can have them escape, but have fin not what what he did until he saves the resistance from the cave not Rey. Have Rey and Ren show up to stop help them escape yeah, but that's it.

3) the other flaws-

Tell Poe the plan in secret, send a drone ship to do the hyper drive thing, have Leia die of old age in Rens arms saying she forgives him, and my Gosh for the love of all that is holy have Rose kill herself instead of Finn, leaving his force powers a secret until the Rock scene, or on the ship where he reveals it to Rey and Ren in which they all escape, but Rey, Ren, and Finn leave to go train under Luke in order to fight snoke who's somehow tracks Rens ship and heads towards it's location. Leaving a good start for episode 9. I do like the movie, and it's twist, don't even mind her parents being nobodies, as you noticed everybody's parents were nobody special and they were still born with powers unless your Ren, and Luke to be honest, and lastly I didn't mind the whole movie. Just Lukes flaw and him dying could've been more expanded, like have snoke be so powerful to where he has Ren and some of Luke's students attack Luke in his sleep, or ect…, Making him human could've gone on in many ways, but even if we stick with this, at least give them a redeeming moment to where Ren grows even after starting a grey Jedi club with Rey.

I know it was flaws, but it was kind if enjoyable. I know people will point out holes in my thesis considering I was spoiled by many in their opinion videos and helped me make up a thought for my own, but ehhh. Weather is sucks or is great. I will always love star wars because it's what I enjoy, inspired, and moved me throughout my life more ways in one. May the force be with you all who read and destroy me first this or not..thank you for at least taking an interest in reading it.^_^

Zoneangel says:

Last Jedi makes the Phantom Menace a much much better movie. LOL

My Shield Is Disgust says:

Great analysis. Setting aside the dumb supporting characters like Rose and PurpleHair, the whole movie really did hinge on whether Rey chose to join Kylo. If she had gone through with it, the movie would have been redeemed. But she chickened out, just like the soyboy director.

Patrick S. says:

you can put it anyway you want, but the fact is rian johnson didn't know star wars, period. he had no idea what he was doing, and as a result destroyed one of the most historic franchises in cinema history. I've been a Star Wars fan for a long long time, but after the last jedi, I didn't see Solo, and I don't plan on seeing Episode 9. jj abrams can't fix this, the damage ruin johnson has done is too much to overcome.

TheFinalStanza94 says:

token black character AW MAN THEY HATE THAT SHIP!

that ruined it for me

David Tee says:

One little plot point I haven't seen mentioned yet is that if Rey kills Kylo Ren, she has to die to mantain balance in the Force. Based on Luke and Snoke's discriptions of how the Force is balanced, if Rey is the only living powerful Force user, the Force will create a new Force user to balance and/or challenge her. By Rian Johnson's own rules, Rey has to die at the end of episode 9, because we know Kylo Ren won't see the end credits.

Studio Republic says:

More Sith and Lightsaber battles!!!4 starwars movies without porpper Jedis Sith and lightsabers.

Don Juan says:

This flick is on par with Battlefield Earth

StudioUAC says:

the only way that i can see this new trilogy to ever be redeemed is if that in the 9th movie, the first order wins and the resistance is thwarted

Brian Fury says:

killed off Luke for no good reason, Leia, Luke, Solo and the rest of the crew neva got a reunion on the falcon. nah im out, thank you for 40 years of sci fi awesomeness.

Mider-Span Man says:

I love how Gustav Host's The Planets is playing in the background. That is what inspired almost all science fiction music, especially Star Wars!

Maxwell Schmidt says:

It's a shame Johnson couldn't pull off a good movie on this inversion. Uniting the light and dark should always have been a thematic element of star wars, if it had intellectual depth.

The problem is that thematic advancement should have been portrayed:

1. In a self consistent movie.
2. With a parallel structure to the original trilogy.
3. Taking itself more seriously, without some of the silly jokes.

Walking back from thematic changes itself could have been a good- if this trilogy was planned and executed in a better way, I think it would have been great to introduce the problematic nature of the force in 1, then in 2 there are attempts at unification which fail due to hubris driving the two sides apart, leading to a 3 in which the final show down pulls the sides together. Instead, Abrams opened with pure nostalgia (not bad- just didn't set a thematic stage well), and then 2 jammed arcs in ways that didn't feel properly meshed to the first.

Granted, while a new hope was designed to be part of a larger universe, as the first it is also the only truly self-contained movie of the franchise. To some extent the first of the latest trilogy could get away with self containment and allow the followers to develop from the Abrams changes. In fact, the second needed some open ended elements to lead to the following movie, like empire. This one just didn't hit quite right- hopefully the third creates a retroactive sense of goodness for the second.

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