It’s finally here! This is Greg, John, and Andrew’s REACTION & REVIEW for STAR WARS: THE LAST JEDI Official TRAILER!!! Download #StardustApp and be …



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37 thoughts on “STAR WARS: THE LAST JEDI

noam almog says:

and then the movie came out…

Devan Hale says:


Supreme Leader Nugget says:

So much promise… Yet… Such a disappointment
Oh well
I have confidence in Episode IX

Twilight Cowboy says:

It’s the nerd crew!

Andrew Gasser says:

Screw this trailer – it hyped the hell out of The Last Jedi and it was hot garbage. God this was such a great trailer… Johnson had one job. Luke Frigging Skywalker. And he jacked it up.

Ryan Je says:

The guy in the middle is either very sleepy or high.

Eduardo Cazares says:

The intro was probably the only real thing here

Anonymous says:

The left guy looks stones

Jp Fer says:

Awesome movie awesome trailer

Daniel says:

La carita de aweonados. De estos xD

Berkay Dybala says:

Wala salak

Jose Martinez says:

I could see this trio being a thing

Brahm's El maghrani says:

liars, not the first time you saw it on the video. a true Fan doesn't talk during a teaser…

Brandon ocampo bear says:

I am your mama!!! XD just kidding I am your brother lol! XD

4Nick3 says:

The last Jedi was pretty bad.

bryanxwolf 255 says:

I swear Anakin's light saber was more bluer in e3

Why u gotta 12 car garage?? says:

After watching the movie and watching the trailer… might as well watch the trailer it’s basically the entire movie

cory powell says:

to bad the movie sucks

Jd 12 says:

The strangers 2 reaction!!!!!!!!!! Pleaseeeeeeeeee

Jd 12 says:

The strangers 2 reaction!!!!!! It’s so good

Jd 12 says:

The STRANGERS 2 reaction!!!!!!!!!!!!

Bats Records says:

great !

Griswold 47 says:

the whole movie complete shit now.

iFeelNoPain23 says:

Hey guys just wanna say I think you guys are awesome at what u do!! Keep up the good work, and where’s the Star Wars Review?!! Lol we await your arrival young padawans….

edd3055 says:

The movie sucked

LULHeHexD says:

killed it

What's Up With Youtube says:


Aloha, Reject Nation!
So incase you haven't been following us on Twitter or Instagram, you might not be aware of why we haven't been uploading over the past few days. This wasn't a situation we wanted to go full-on public with, but since we're known for uploading daily – I feel we ought to give you guys a bit of an explanation of what's occurred with The Reel Rejects.

So, Tuesday night to Wednesday morning was a fantastic experience! We pulled an all-nighter, shot a sketch, edited it, slapped it on before the Infinity War Reaction, and successfully landed (for the first time ever!!!) on YouTube's Trending Page! Once the video had been uploaded and tagged, I took a nap… woke up… and then it all began lol.

We were hit by a false claimant (who, to our knowledge, many other YouTubers eventually were also), not allowing our video to be monetized. So we spent the entire day trying to figure out how to reverse this false claim – because it wasn't by Marvel or Disney – and when a manual claim is filed, our earnings go to that person, NOT US, and I've never heard of a situation in which a claim was released and YouTube paid the lost earnings back to the YouTuber in question… So this was Wednesday lol.

Thursday is when shit really hit the fan. Generally how YouTube works in terms of payments is we get paid once at the end of the month, and payments are typically offset by a month. To give you an example, we would generally receive the earnings from monetized views gathered from July 1st – July 31st around August 30th. So for October's earnings we received our check on November 30th. Now, our channel received nearly 4million views in October and our check was only about 10 percent what we actually earned according to YouTube's analytics.

In an attempt to solve this with our MCN so we can at least make our Rent bill, a new error occurred a couple hours later in which we suddenly lost all access to our channel. The channel was NOT terminated, so it's still on YouTube, still growing in subscribers, and videos are still gathering views, but we don't appear to have a single option for being able to log into the channel. It's as if our YouTube channel, itself, has somehow come disconnected from our Gmail account – which is the main Gmail we used to create the channel & the one we've conducted all RR-related business through since the beginning. We can't even figure out how to get the rest of our earnings from October (along with a read on whatever we've earned for November) until we can regain access to the channel.

All day on Thursday & Friday was dedicated to sending emails, making phone calls, essentially trying to talk to ANYONE who can sort this out & grant us access back into our channel… And as any YouTuber will tell you, it's not like there's a customer service line we can just call – and everyone who finally reads your email takes a long time to get back to you and tends to simply direct you to one of Google's looping FAQ pages. We were recently assigned a new contact at YouTube, but as of this writing we have not been able to reach them.
YouTube is great for a lot of things, but sorting out specific problems is not one of them.

We do our best to remain optimistic, but after a while it really does start to feel like you're just talking to an automated system as it's proven incredibly difficult to get our point across in a way it seems like everyone understands. We can't seem to be able to communicate that the channel was NOT handed over to a new admin, owner, or manager (so we can't contact them, because they don't exist) or that we're the only people over the course of 4 1/2+ years this channel has been running who have ever owned and operated it. We've offered plenty of proof (because really, it wouldn't be hard), but as of yet this has yet to be resolved.

Our MCN is also working on this, so here's hoping they can get further with Google/YouTube than we can.

Because the offices are closed on weekends, we won't know of any updates 'til Monday, at the soonest. Hopefully by then we will be able to get back to business as usual, uploading daily, but until then we are sorry for not being present online and are doing our best to resolve this ASAP!

If you guys see any comments on our videos asking where we are, it'd be great if you could share this link!

Love you guys, hope to see you on the YouTubes again soon! 🙂

Kevin Garnica says:

That intro tho…"real" time vs. "movie" time, LOLOL

Dakota Hall says:

You can tell that kylo ren wasn’t want to kill his mother


When Greg takes off his hood in the intro

Buddha k says:

You twats disabled comments for Call Me By Your Name. Sorry the movie does not have fireworks and a superhero that farts fire, yet it’s an earthy, one of a kind love story with rather strange twists. You were obviously uncomfortable while watching the trailer, you didn’t like it, that’s fine. But don’t shut people up.

Richard Gomez says:

The intro was weird😂😂

Lego Master says:


Thomas Watkins says:

force awakens = a new hope. the last jedi = empire strikes back. And do you know the worst part???????? THEY ARE DOING IT ON PURPOSE AND are WE IGNORE IT CCUUUZZZZZ STAR WARS SON.

Bryon Letterman says:

I can't wait to see Finn and Phasma finally face off

Bones And Gary says:

React to our video Three Gangster Goats? We'd love to see your reactions to it.

Sanskar Mishra says:

Moms are the best

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