Star Wars: The Last Jedi |

Star Wars: The Last Jedi |

Dreadnought explosion & bombing run in TRUE 4K. PROPERTY OF LUCASFILM & WALT DISNEY STUDIOS. Obviously, I did not monetize this video. ◢Check …




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49 thoughts on “Star Wars: The Last Jedi |

Panzerkeks 85 says:

god this is so shit… words cannot describe how bad this Scene actually is…

Crazy Buttboarding Guy says:

1 tie fighter just killed 3 Bombers……cause hey makes sense

Jyn Erso says:

I Love this battle

Ken Fresno says:

"Sir, they're getting away!"
"Silence, Lieutenant! Target the building with no people in it!"

matt2244 says:

40 seconds to charge.. and 1min 20seconds to drop the bombs. Also why did the last bomber take twice the damage the first one got knocked out by one tie fighter doing a fast pass.

John Peter Konopak says:

2:40 is that James Corden in that X-Wing??

Robert P says:

worst star wars movie EVER!

GameSoldier_ says:

Hmmm use Ywings poor the slowest pieces of crap in this space fight…….hMmmmMMmMM?

Jia L. says:

The Dreadnought's weakness is a tiny ship.


AugmentedGravity says:

The absolute worst ship designs in the entire star wars universe.

StaffordC88 says:

So wait a second….at 4:58 with the bay doors are already open, how could the gunner survive when she would have been exposed to space? No air is needed?

VenomKpp says:

Sooo this is the first time I'm seeing this battle but can someone explain something to me. That's a dreadnaught correct..i mean everyone keeps saying it. Soooo WHY isn't there a trillion TIE fighters attacking these Rebel ships almost immediately when they called for the TIE fighters to scramble? Every time I saw it looked like 10 fucking TIEs in a group.

The people who tried defending this horseshit movie are an embarrassment.

antitroller101 says:

1)So the rebe-I mean resistance traded out the Y – Wing and B – Wing for those "Bombers"?

What the hell were they smoking and where can I get some?

2) Kinda feel bad for Canady in this, a far more experienced and professional officer likely from when there was the Empire, forced to obey the orders of someone who is just so inept as well as command a crew of arrogant kids which played likely a dominating factor in his death.

Poor bastard

George B says:

(outh , cough ).. Tey could have sent in B-wings and Y-wngs to make quick work of this .

EagleEye cline says:

In the trailer for this movie the bombers looked like medical frigates…turns out they're just flammable pieces of shit.

Gasparagus Productions says:

Only entertaining scene in the film

Spasoje Kulasevic says:

First time I have seen Asians in star wars

Fire Heart Noble Warrior says:


Mueca Videos says:


Adam Soothill says:

4k imaging only available in 1080p

ww ss says:


ColoHD says:

This Fanbase is toxic. Disney isn't destroying the Franchise, but the "Fans".
I watched every Movie and read a lot of stuff but i'm not going to say that i'm part of the Fandom. Because i would be ashamed if i was.

two bob says:

Shame the rest of the film is so shit!

o. s. liunors says:

"the last jedi" proved that poe dameron is just another zap brannigan. he was willing to put wave after wave after wave of their own men to achieve victory….


Grave Grotesk says:

I never cringed so hard in my life… this is garbage of an unseen magnitude… Didney was like: "How can we shit on everything that made Star Wars great and on every old fan there is? Oh, we got an idea…

Medieval Games says:

I miss the battle over Coruscant….

Der Weltraumpräsident says:

terrible movie, ty disney for ruining the greatest fantasy series of all time

Miguel Sanchez says:

If that """dreadnought""" had done ANY DAMAGE other then an empty base… maybe taking him out had any impact? ………. also…….. ONE BOMBER … for a ship that scale? Kidding me!?
Why even bother if 1 tiny ass bomber ship can do that! You can send like 10 X wing with each 2 bombs and take such shit out in like 30seconds FLAT…. no risk involved!
God Disney… just…….. fucking stop. Fucking stop………. you even ruin the most basic ideas! HOW do you screw this up, honestly?

Miguel Sanchez says:

5:09 This ain't StarTrek Scotty wont beam you up!

Miguel Sanchez says:

The kitsch is strong with this one!
No Y-Wing Bombers seriously!?!?!?!

emond67 says:

how would the bombs drop in space when they are in zero gravity? besides just stealing beats from original series story line this movie is just a clusterfuck of mistakes, its like the people who wrote this new absolutely nothing about writing science fiction. thanks disney for killing the franchise

Epicrobl0xian1337 says:

I think I'm the only person who likes this whole movie .-.

69lol69 says:

Starwars the last battlefield V

general grievous says:

Terrible tactics

Joseph Mottram says:

I kinda like how the design of the bombers is reminiscent of actual bomber craft used in WW2.

Brent Cagen says:

Dumbest bombs/bombers I have ever seen in scifi.

Jonsin 1459 says:

Shitty movie.

M. P. says:

and here i am wondering.
WHY didnt they use Y-Wings?
They are great bombers fast, versitle and have firepower.
But no use that slow as sitting ducks..which nearly get taken out miles before their target..
But yeah the battle was pretty boring

PS: Where all the Y-Wings, B-Wings etc destroyed?

TastySanchez says:

This was a really dumb scene in a dissapointing movie. It doesn't feel like ww2 and it doesn't feel like star wars. A fail on both fronts

CarCrash says:

Never get tired to watch lovely Hermione!

David Díaz Rocha says:


아재옆집 says:

Star Wars ruined by Chinese.

Christopher Weber says:

The liberal 13 year old Rebel Pilot at 5:03 saying BOMBS AWAY is just one of many cringe worthy moments in the Ruin Johnsons Star Wars The Last Jedi fiasco.

James Yeow says:

Y-wings would have done the same and survived.

FelipeBRARSPF says:

The drama and fellings in this scene is a tribute to real human and (or) consciousness combat experience, because when shit happens and theres people envolving doenst matter if is in space or in the furute or whatever, theres no technology, theres no system, theres only drama and sacrifice. I believe is hard to the fanboys and mostly for the internet nerd generation to undestand that because "its makes no sense", but the star wars universe are an analogy to our own society since the beginning of the series. And if you miss that point im realy sorry about you.And may the force be with you.

Xantu00 says:

This scene has a lot of missed potential. Captain Canady actually has some personality in him, and I really, really like that the introduction of the bombers reminded me of a Second World War bombing group. Beyond that, I'm not really a fan.

Ryan Wesley says:

"The battle was more lopsided than Super Bowl XXIV." – CinemaSins

Angelo Maciel says:

Too "Disney" for my taste.

That Weird kid says:

Tallie got kind of cocky

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