Star Wars: The Last Jedi |

Star Wars: The Last Jedi |

Resistance forces, led by General Leia Organa, flee D’Qar when a First Order fleet arrives. Poe Dameron leads a costly counterattack that destroys a First Order …


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40 thoughts on “Star Wars: The Last Jedi |

Austin Mack says:

Is this movie just one big meme?

Adam Jensen says:

star wars 8 best movie since ESB

These star wars fans can only cry and are not ready for change that are right losers in real life

Billy Hill says:

Jesus, this is so cringeworthy. Nothing will destroy a characters arc more than a “yo momma” joke in an otherwise tense and dramatic scene? WTF were they thinking?

Lau Boon Bee says:

Why is everyone screaming where are the y wings?


Oxigeno en el espacio Alv

Massimo Crisologo says:

I’m here for general hugs lol

placid renegade says:

Just can't take it seriously with Vivian from the young ones on board haha

realmattcooke says:

Why the fuck is this cut to shit?

Oguz Schmenger says:

Very Cool Battle, like all the others ?

Ahsoka Tano says:

If only they had Y Wings

Игорь Михайлов says:


Shallibodhran says:

wwII fighting tactics. ughhhh

White Wolf says:

These shitty movies are not canon. This is high-budget fan fiction. Actually, it’s not even fan fiction because Rian Johnson isn’t a fan. It’s just some cheap shitty knockoff. Legends is the real canon, this isn’t canon.

iiFearlessPro says:

Poes x wing is too cool

The Ridiculous Otaku says:

2:24 Died because of the incompetence of his own men #RIPCanady

Milan Peter says:

Commander Poe Dameron of the Republic fleet?The opening crawl stated that the Republic is decimated.Aren't they supposed to be the Resistance?In episode 7 they were seperate now they are the same?I'm confused.

go gogogo says:

When feminism is so powerful it disrupts the laws of physics and space vacuum so that bombs can drop downwards. What the fuck is this shit???

logical fruit says:

This scene destroyed the first order and made them look stupid and not scary

Marcus Sanders says:

Okay I'll hold.

frankiessidewalkstar says:

I said it before and I'll say it again. I Love You Rose!!!!!?❤????????

nigelrequiem says:

As usual the Rebel filth get lucky!

Bohemian Dreams says:

Why didn't the Mandator IV use its siege cannon ON the Raddus. would one shot the fucker. Also if the Resistance jumped through Hyperspace for a second time then they would've escaped the First Order

Yasmine Ortiz says:

Deleted scenes are not provide

George Clooney says:

Should have been Rose to die with the ship and her sister be the one that survived. She's better looking, more appealing than Rose.

Saeid Radder says:

Does the mandator 4 even have sheilds?

Edit: does anything have sheilds?

A350Airways says:

The First Order is so incompetent, in fact, that they may as well end up fighting each other internally by Ep9… I mean, subfactions may as well arise because of the incompetence at the top.

Lau Boon Bee says:

Why didnt the resistence bombers just micro-jump to the first oder?

Zanar Naryon says:

I see the First Order continue the proud imperial tradition of building stupidly big ships (I like TLJ, it's more a problem with the Empire/Imperial Remnant/First Order in general). For the price of a single Mandator IV dreadnought, they could've gotten at least 5 interdictors to prevent escape and 7 Resurgent class. You could've pounded them to dust easily

Miggs_SK- Science lover says:

Why the fuck does Hux response to Poe's obvious distracting and does not send tie fighters to intercept him? When bombers atack, why he just sits there and does not set his star destroyers along with some tie fighters to atack Leia's ship? This would cause som ef rebelion fighters to stop protecting bombers and to go intercept them, therfore bombers are not protected and the would be easyli destroyed. Hands down Hux is the worst general i have ever seen…

海鮮丼 says:


kid pisot says:

Bombs actually require gravity to work, just in case you haven't noticed, they are in outer space!!
This is the most moronic scene in history, this only works because a vast majority of the audience is gullible.

Patrick Parks says:

Gotta love Poe Dameron he’s
the best pilot in the galaxy

Branone says:

IMO The opening was really good. The rest of the most had alot of flaws but this opening remains in my top 3 of all the films in the saga.

Benny Moonwalker says:

Even the most talented actors involved couldn't save this lackluster movie

SockLock says:

I love this opening along with the whole movie. The call between Poe and Hux is called a distraction.

Kalamar says:

la peor puta mierda de peliculas de star wars deberian llamarla star worst
the worst fucking shit of star wars movies should call it star worst

Supreme Leader of *「Z A W A R U D O」* says:

The moment I saw this I knew the movie would be bad.

Brade Bronson says:

Worst opening scene in a Star Wars film ever… possibly films of all kind.

Vidzaja Bartczak says:

blast that puny ship

Ghostly Gaming says:

OH MY GOSH!! Grenades falling in space… what is this!?

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