Star Wars: The Last Jedi – The

Star Wars: The Last Jedi – The

Star Wars: The Last Jedi – The Battle In Snokes Throne Room (Copyright: Disney & Lucasfilm) GEEKZTOR




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29 thoughts on “Star Wars: The Last Jedi – The

Paul Lucchese says:

Byfar the coolest Sith we have seen on screen completely wasted

Zee S says:

God i hated this movie

Xlegacy Zero says:

Man… Rey's new lightsaber in the next movie better not be some mary sue BS color… which is saying alot seeing as there are already so many colors to choice from.

Ironcaster says:

She trained with a lightsaber for a week tops, but she can beat elite guards

The Gamer says:

2:55 Noob Jedi

Harry L 88 is a Cowardly Cyber Rat says:

That talking ballsack is the worst "villain" I've ever seen, everything just utterly pointless in every way. But there was Darth Maul, Jango Fett and Grievous in the Ewan McGregor films. It's good more and more people are waking up to just how poor the world is becoming. The lead stormtroopers are women! Why? Agenda!

Hamdi Ali hassan says:

This scene was amazing but also contains when of the weaker things about this movie.
They were marketing so hard that we're finally gonna learn about Rey's parents and they legit "explained" it with half a sentence that just bring up a whole new set of questions.

DaroriDerEinzige says:

Lamest Lightsaber fight ever.

tattoodtanker says:

The only half good scene in an otherwise terrible movie.

Jeffrey Meeks says:

I love this scene but it sucks in a way because Ben still chooses to go after Rey after just having fought alongside her.

Sam Onizuka says:

that slow that fight omg and why they dont use Force for kill them Obiwan or Anakin fuck them with just 30 sec

Manas Dhawan says:

why doesn't one of them just take one step and grab the lightsaber

Christian Langford says:

There is no way Rey can fight those guards and win……. this more is a disappointment to Star Wars

CanDonaldTrumpget10,000,000subscribers says:

Just came here cause I want to speak with people about the flaws of this choreography

motor4X4kombat says:

the scene was epic as it was written… with them no expecting to fight agaist the spanish inquisition.

nuclearthreat545 says:

I bet snoke is alive nigga

David Alvarado says:

Bad choreography, 1:48 the Pretorian has to change the angle of his slash because ridley missed her move, watch it in slow-mo and you'll see what I'm talking about

Lonewolf McQuade says:

Give me Revenge of the Sith ANYDAY to me that was the last GREAT STAR WARS FILM END OF STORY.

BAT-TALK! says:

3 big things happened at once .. coincidence hmm 🤔

BAT-TALK! says:

How did the lightsaber not burn the floor?

Anarchists Gaming says:

Me looking at blu ray of last Jedi "you come from nothing,you're nothing"

Anarchists Gaming says:

The only good part of this movie,it has the best choreography of the prequels but yet feels like something from the originals

Sean Last says:

this sadly is the only thing people will ever love about this episode because it's reminiscent of the prequels that trilogy has corrupted the fandom they only expect that in star wars now they have forgot the roots of this saga the original trilogy now they only want fast paced action I weep for you all if that is all you see Star Wars as.

ActsisMMLJ CorrectlyObeyed says:

The Darkside False Doctrine- The only person you can only know and trust is yourself.

zingtea says:

Rey in Episode IX: You said my parents were nobodies
Kylo: From a certain point of view… my point of view mostly… maybe Unkar Plutt's..?

WafflezDay says:

The only good scene.

starwarsfan1919 says:

compare this crap to darth maul vs obi wan and qui gon. it’s pathetic 🤦🏼‍♂️

Zain Ahmed - Port Credit SS (2272) says:

That moment when you realise Snoke's face when he gets stabbed is the exact same reaction the audience had.

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