Summer Anime 2018 in a

Summer Anime 2018 in a

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28 thoughts on “Summer Anime 2018 in a

henrique sena says:

Touka 2.0

Zen Hakuden says:

TF is Overlord on any of your lists?????

Man Human says:

Why no Overlord S3…

A - Zun says:

Explosion !!! Only Megumin can say that !!!

omar samir says:

2:23 soundtrack?

PatriotGamer says:


Rohan Powell says:

Happy sugar life….hmmmm🤔

nctrn07 says:

Disgusted faces, hmmmmm

Mr. RandomGUYS says:

Song at begging?

SolarBlader says:

That ProZD reference tho

Negar Naeimi says:

Angels of death is the best

mclovin says:
Drewsta328 says:

Some say that she’s still falling to this day…

Fried Noodles says:

To conquer edge, you must first become edge.

Clayton Love says:

6:47 Is that wadded up news paper crammed into the drain?

dämonenfürst666 says:

Planet With doesn't get enough love 🙁

Avoidant says:

Some say she's still falling to this day.

Ethan Matthews says:

8:12 holy shit I laughed way too hard at this joke.

Licha700 says:

Si alguien lo pudiera subtitular al Español…estaría agradecido

Bryan Ha says:

Isekai smartphone…

MyDekunuts Fortnite says:

Summer anime 2018 in a nutshell 1:fortnite….wait

Just Flavio says:

This time…the main character…has…

A Smartphone!!!

hungry leolord says:

i like how she was still falling in the background of hanebado and aot

Zerobasssoul says:

Still can't fucking believe ppl just swept a fetish anime thats women expressing disgust at u as a sorry excuse for a human while showing u their pantsu under the rug (and I can't fucking believe I watched the episodes)

Anime Person says:

Cells at work it’s actually cancer~kun

『 』 says:

fortnite got me

Merlogamer2003 says:

Bakugo’s mom

H3ALIX l says:

There's three animes that there over powered because of a phone???

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