Sword Art Online -Alicization- [English Subs] Official Trailer

Sword Art Online -Alicization- [English Subs] Official Trailer

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35 thoughts on “Sword Art Online -Alicization- [English Subs] Official Trailer

EyeriZ Alucard says:

eir aoi and lisa nice!

Mehmet Şahin says:

İts sad for asuna xD

Waffler says:

Alice at age 18 is way hotter than Asuna.

Mysto says:

sadly all this is a dream of 1 hour (23 years) all dead by now and Alice is the boss in the future spoilers

MR FUNNY says:

Page 7+

buddy ishere says:

He has aids

BaikΦ says:

estupido y sensual kirito regresa XDD

sarIka devi says:

Wait is that his brother and sister or friends ??

The Lego Detective says:

"the greatest tale in the series"

well we KNOW it'll be better than SAO 2

Rymation says:

Now it's time to wait for the dub trailer…whenever that is

Kawaii_galaxy girl says:

Of another gun gale online and no Asuna wow just wow kirito

Haziq Syahir says:

Only the song that got me hype!!

Luigi Improta says:


Chloe Ze Potato says:

Better be on netflix

Philson says:

SICK OST! Eir Aoi is back??!!

Andrew Nguyen says:

Just hoping this would be a bit more serious than GGO Alternative… the bitting someone to death is a bit much for me…

Angelica says:

alguem sabe a musica

Son Goku says:

Sword sh*t online

ManzaZappers says:

I watched this 2 days ago.

ericbazinga says:


Otaku Garbage says:

hope this doesn’t suck

Miss Gaby says:

I like SAO but I'm not looking forward to all the ship wars/fan ships with these new girls.. Or the fact that the anime loves to exaggerate the interactions kirito has between different girls which gives people the wrong impression..😒

Gaming Rowlet says:

I'm too hyped

Errol Opiso says:

as a LN reader, its makes me cry seeing eugeo again! this precious best boy actually ****(😵) for madafaking kirito!

Oxygen Ated says:

Young kirito kun

Shido Itsuka says:

The emotion was bottled from the start

One more time, the Hero will take up the sword.

xIDeathAngelIx says:

LiSa is so extremly talented in making an Opening so beautiful.

x d o 2 3 says:

shit bout to go down !!!

Ebony Maw says:

I can destroy all of them in seconds

FitroX Gaming says:

Great i just love the anime

은교 says:


King GamerTH says:

SAO lll

Daniel Awusanya says:

I'm not a massive fan of SAO but this arc looks like a game changer, and I am in

Mack Millicco says:

Oh my god, they're bringing back LiSA for the OP. All of the puzzle pieces are falling into place. For those of you who have not read the novels… SHIT. GOES. DOWN. …and I loved every second of it.

Destroyer Slayer says:

Looks like this could be when sao can become great

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