The Aces | Star Wars

The Aces | Star Wars

The skies belong to the Aces. Get to know the platform’s most daring pilots when Star Wars Resistance premieres Sunday, October 7 at 10pm ET/PT on Disney …


Star Wars


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38 thoughts on “The Aces | Star Wars

yoshimnm says:

It looks like a fun Star Wars adventure. Not every show has to be Clone Wars. Heck, we're getting a whole new season of Clone Wars, which is a luxury that most cancelled shows never get. Anyways this show looks fun, and I doubt I'll like it as much as Clone Wars, but the animation is bright and colorful, and I think the animation of the ships flying around looks cool. I trust Dave Filoni and Co. to make a good Star Wars show.

unkowngastank 2401 says:

we live in a civilisation where star wars TFU3 and 1313 will never exist, but this does.

Luis XY says:

I like it
I think I could watch it with my nephews
People! dont be so negative

Dise Nore says:

Idiocracy ~

OBIWAN Kenobi says:

So uncivilized

Rough Collies Rock says:

Spies and espionage….where can i sign up?

Mazhura ST says:

The like to dislike ratio pleases me

PUBG Cooperation says:

I was here since clone wars came out I love it the decapitated heads by / body parts falling off and the clones being cool and brave and fighting to save the Galaxy

Cyber Venom says:

I gotta say, I am hyped for this series. Nice job Filoni

Ian Campbell says:

I also enjoy judging and making a final decision on a show before I actually watch it

Lord Vader says:

Sometimes I really wish I had died on Mustafar…

Patrick Valenti says:

I think the original trailer was just a bad trailer. This featurette looks pretty great.

Icybubba says:

I'll watch it. I think it might be nice to just have a fun story, and if it becomes more than that, well then that's even better

Amar Ramic says:

3:31 that's the moment my last hope of characters actually being at risk vanished. Looks like it won't matter if these "aces" actually get shot down.

Martian_Gaming says:

As bad as this is….

You can’t not like the modified tie fighter dude

frank jones says:

Jesus this looks like total garbage…

brick War says:

look the dislike side is overpowered when we speak about that serie

REISALMIM salmim says:


Peter says:

Ya'll are petty. This looks awesome and I can't wait. Both Clone Wars and Rebels were fantastic. No reason to think this'll be any different.

ruyman90 says:

Has anyone seen dragon booster? This feels like dragon booster rather than star wars.

ruyman90 says:

"everything you have ever wanted in a star wars television show"
From the top of my mind it comes to lightsabers, force powers, space battles, and alien worlds.
Something is telling me I will not see those anytime soon on this show. Thank god for the revival of the clone wars

Halopro895 says:

Animation still looks bad, but a bit better than the last trailer. , While not as irritating as the last trailer, this certainly does NOT give me hope. The idea of Star Fighter racing seems like a cheap way to avoid having action in every episode (not to mention, its boring). Most of these characters look annoying (Hype looks to be ESPECIALLY annoying) with the exception of Griff, the Ex-Imperial Pilot, who could have some interesting story to him. But other than that, still looks crappy. Would rather have more than 12 episodes of Clones Wars.
Also Dave, where the Hoth is your hat? Don't tell me KK took it from you!

The Road to Cosplay and Comic Con says:

I'm not gonna cosplay the show

Lie ! I am I just don't know who yet XD

Rigamonti says:

Stop! Star Wars! You're going down a path I can't Follow!

Honestly I just don't know how I feel about this.. it's 3 parts bad, 3 parts Power rangers, 3 parts "for kids" and 1 part decent cel shading work… but no one wants that! Cel shading is the worstest! It's only been successful in 1 or 2 animated series… Yes it's cheaper to make, but IT'S CHEAPER! Star Wars shouldn't look cheap…

Help me Obiwan Kenobi in the final season of Clone Wars… you're my only hope.

Marv Normandy says:

And people complained about Solo and how nobody wanted that movie…

dylan xd star wars says:

Dislike button forever

Jeremy Gentry says:

The amount of hate this show is getting BEFORE IT EVEN PREMIERES is absolutely ridiculous and comical. It looks amazing! You idiots hated The Clone Wars when it first came out, and now you love it. You hated Rebels when it first came out, and now you love it. If there's one thing I will say about Star Wars "fans" is that they're pathetically predictable.

Robert Sarorn says:

Palestine: I love Democracy

Der Kernspalter says:

lel, keep it.

Luisvelosa77 says:

I recognise the art style and the characters remind me of overwatch.
I dislike both.

airlockengage says:

I really don't like the color palette of this show. It's so all over the place. Hard to focus on anything, there are so many colors. And so saturated…

Ty Anderson says:

Dave Filoni you honestly are the only good thing Star Wars has left also I'm here to dislike the video.

Drecksack Blase says:

This is Canon and Revan not

Oofer says:

I just made an image of Anakin ( Lucasfilm ), turning to the dark side ( Disney ) and padme ( Fans ) trying to stop Anakin

Adam Jensen says:

Throw this Show in the Trash Compactor.

Petter Adrian says:

Yeah….. So Exciting……..

Lucas Cleary says:

Why dave why

Liberty Prime says:

Can't you just give us Clone Wars already?

Rebels was bad enough. We don't need this. And we don't want it. Won't spend a dime to purchase products for it either.

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