The HATE for Star Wars

The HATE for Star Wars



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46 thoughts on “The HATE for Star Wars

ethan van tilburg says:

Sadly this is all true😕

Dendrous says:

12k likes 134 dislikes currently, I mean why the hell are you doing this on POE and then making him look like a complete moron!!

Anders Gaming says:

“I’ve felt a disturbance in the force. As if, millions of people cried out in anger, and refused to be silenced. “

Sparkie Shock says:

Dude .. compress your fuckin' audio … can't hear a bloody word you're saying when you're talking quiet!

SaraKpn says:

I think SW diversity is not real world diversity and The Last Jedi was extremely human-centric. Most aliens were depicted as evil money leecher on casino planet. tsk tsk Disney. How racist! Seriously though, SW isn't about the real world, it's about a galaxy far far away. Tweet that to them.

TokuTickler says:

Star Wars Resistance has more in common with Storm Hawks than Star Wars…. Except even Storm Hawks looks better than this.

alan wilson says:

I hate the animation style, it's flat and bland…

Lawrence Lai says:

Wow this video has more likes than the Star wars resistance trailer

Maxajax says:

Even Joseph Goebbels, the head of propaganda of one of the world's most depraved regimes said to his directors and producers: "Do not come at me with politics. People want entertainment." How fucking dense can Kathleen Kennedy be if those people could figure it out?

Russell Hack says:

12,000 likes to 133,000 dislikes

Gergely Boros says:

Not only resistance but all the animated disney shits..

Rafiq Animated says:

This is what the resistance is? Guess I'm gonna be a storm trooper then.

Daniel Hissi says:

It is a basically Star Wars but hot wheels version…..

Garrett Holder says:


InventorZahran 327 says:

Personally, I consider Star Wars: Resistance and Forces of Destiny to be good entertainment, yet their stories are non-canonical in my opinion…

InventorZahran 327 says:

A children's TV show at 10 PM on Sunday night? That's the most illogical broadcast scheduling decision I've ever seen…

dez7726 says:

If you've seen The Dragon Prince on Netflix you can see similar animation. If the story is good you can bare through it. It looks ok straight on but when the turn you lose dimension. Also the action get a it choppy . I guess this is the way of things? I do agree the fan made stuff is on another level. Was homing for an anime style or even Rebels equal quality. but I guess being a manbabie I'll just watch something else.

Xan dan says:

Its a kids show? Thats what they said about friendship is magic.
Anybody think disney said kids show to try and get their own version of an mlp fan base?

rene ziesig says:

man its a shame that timetravel isnt a thing…….travel back and never EVER sell SW to fookin disney

Neko Medic says:

for children is not a excuse for neither poor quality nor dumb story.
kamen rider is for children and it's awesome.
clone wars was for children and it was awesome.

Akseli Ruokonen says:

Really had to go and check if i remembered to dislike it for sure

Jon Umine says:

am I wrong or is that blue chick an asary from mass effect??

Brandon Martinez says:

Lol it’s even worse now 12k likes to 132k dislikes

Carter Upton says:
Join Swim Team says:

Imagine hating a literal children’s show this much. It’s not even a toxic minority anymore, you all suck

onur97able says:

Noone else can hate star wars but star wars fans


Sunday 10pm? What the fuck?

Master SBGames says:

See, I enjoy all things Star Wars… oh, let me restart. I enjoy most things star wars

Centuros Productions says:

Sounds like there's some… Resistance to the concept.

Darth Revan says:

I think the worst problem with the "it's for kids" excuse isn't the air time (PVR exists after all) but a quote from Walt Disney himself.
"Your dead if you aim only for kids.
Adults are only kids grown up any way"
No wiser words were ever said

STRAF says:

They play it at 10pm so kids won't suffer from the latest form of cancer

Woundidzilla 15 1 says:

Star Wars fan base is deader then the bionicle fan base

Biscottone 33 says:


like 12.714 dislike 132.382

Isaac Wall says:

Well the show has my support.

maxgamingyt3 says:

tbh since it's a kids show nothing bad will ever happen like in the clone wars,deaths on the jedi side,or clones being blown up,no it will be one of those series where 1 dude in an xwing will take down the entire empire and leave unscaved…..

Twister980 says:

It's on at 10PM so any of the kids who think they wanna watch it can get mom or dad to DVR it for them.
And because it's DVR, Disney gets the views; so it "justifies" the 10PM ten slot.
Now, whether the kids will continue to watch or not is a different matter. If they don't, mom and dad forget to take it off the DVR and Disney still gets the "views".

Kaaz says:

It looks like a really shit version of galactik football

Twodollar King says:

Meh, it looks decent. I'm pretty sure it was made for kids. I know a lot that stay up till 11pm from ages 9-17. It looks pretty. Definately looks better than Revels.

da dude is rude says:

Biss on Mickey

Hemuset says:

My mom, who grew up with Star Wars, tried to watch the new movies with me. At the end of it all, she simply said "This was shit! Star Wars is dead!" and she's lost all motivation of continuing to watch anything from it. I too was raised a Star Wars fan, and I was one of those excited (alongside my mom) to see a possible return, we regret getting excited at all. We aren't now, and the new fanbase seems to be full of very extremely violent fans.

My mom and I managed to get my husband into Star Wars recently, and he loved the original movies, he was okay-ish with the prequel trilogy, and at first we both actually enjoyed the first movie from the "anti old-school fans" saga , and we enjoyed Rogue One together (mom said it was ok). But now he won't watch The Last Jedi after we warned him what a disgrace it was to the old-school fans. We haven't watched Solo after mom tried to give it a chance, she told us "It's not a bad movie, but it's boring. It's a horrible Star Wars movie, though. Don't bother."

If they wanted to push out the fans, they did a good job, two old-school fans, and a new fan. I hope this ends, hell, I won't continue since they pretty much ruined the classic trio. And I LIKED the new trio, until they added that new character in (what's her name? I forgot, miss "sacrifice everyone to prove sacrifice for love" bs) and ruined everything. I gave them a chance, they were doing pretty good, and now I regret ever liking them.

Charles Lescoe says:

Hahaha it looks like absolute shit but hey if you like it enjoy

MagicAggros says:

I think you really explained it when you pointed out that its like the people making these things know nothing about Star Wars. That was the same feeling I got with Force Awakens and The Last Jedi. Rey/Luke/Anakin's Lightsaber is a good example. Anyone that has seen Empire Strikes Back should know that that saber doesn't make sense to be in the sequels. I could be wrong… But it fell into a GAS GIANT! How did anyone manage to find that thing on a gas giant, which the pressure of the planet likely crushed it anyway. TO make it even worse, the films didn't even remotely try to explain it. Maybe it's just me, but that seems like such a massive detail that kinda HAS to be explained.

thederogativeworld says:

Guess you could say there's quite a bit of resistance to the show

Ey? Funny right?

No? Okay I'll see my way out

The Dashing Shooter says:

I think the whole thing was a marketing stunt for the upcoming Clone Wars season.

Don’t look at my channel description says:

The show reminds me of today’s generation,
It’s getting dumber and dumber

Anna Sárközi says:

It is the Holiday Special of Disney's Star Wars

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