//The Making Of Rocket Raccoon #3// Head Furring – Guardians Of The Galaxy Cosplay

//The Making Of Rocket Raccoon #3// Head Furring – Guardians Of The Galaxy Cosplay

How I put fur on the Rocket head base. One of about 7 videos of how I make the cosplay.
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– Glue gun sticks (
– Fake fur (
– Head base
– Airbrush paint
– Duct tape (
– Plastic wrap (
– Thread (


– Glue gun (
– Scissor
– Pen
– Airbrush (
– Sewing needle (
– Pin needles
– Oster pet hair clipper:
– Clipper blade (


Q and A:

Q: Where do you get your fur, vinyl and minky?
A: and www.mendels.com

Q: Where do you get your fleece?
A: At local fabric stores.

Q: Do you do fursuit commissions?
A: Yes. My website:

Music by

Track: Jim Yosef & Alex Skrindo – Ruby [NCS Release]
Music provided by NoCopyrightSounds.
Free Download / Stream:

Artist: Jim Yosef




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31 thoughts on “//The Making Of Rocket Raccoon #3// Head Furring – Guardians Of The Galaxy Cosplay

Alex Fury says:


Violet Fern says:

0:03 storm flyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy. I love how to train your dragon as you can tell =^ ^=

LuciPatch says:

I was wondering if you could do a tutorial on bat head bases. I want to make a bat fursuit and I haven't seen any tutorials for it. Here's a link for what I had in mind: https://www.deviantart.com/lucipatch/art/Chester-ref-797205704

Wispymist _ says:

3:26 that’s one furry boi

Derpy Cat says:

That looks like an AWESOME shaver. Dang I need to start saving up for that bad boy!

Syphermation Productions says:

Teach me your ways

Leenaurd 7 says:

Odin has entered the chat

Furry Trash says:

I legit didn’t know that ducttaping the head was SO important until now XD


Ur work is so amazing.. 😉

Rcbif says:

Oh yaa….

Tiloloran - says:

You diserve more than this

Lupon Scarlet Eye says:

Can't wait to see more of this cosplay!

Alexander Hart says:

Hi. I'm new to your channel

Luna The laxiakoly says:

Woah it almost looks real😻

Cally Fox says:

Your videos are so helpful when I make my fursuits! Kepp up the good work!

No name :/ you ain't abouta know says:

i am SO glad that this only had 1 dislike. I'm so sue to seeing 19k dislikes or something but I'm just so glad that only one person out of 2,514 people dislike it. I'm just wondering why youtube even put a dislike button

Michael Silva says:

This is all amazing.

You're amazing. 😊

BloodCat Studios says:

3:31 it looks like a Yorkshire terrier

thanatos Tariq says:

How short do you normally shave face fur

Fionna Gaming says:

Oh wow! That looks amazing great job!! <33

Kīromu Soda says:


Hugo Solis 20 says:


☆Clifford☆ says:

YEEES!!! Omg why do I feel like I've been waiting for this or something?? He looks sooo cool!

LpsSunny_Unicorn 101 says:

This is the first video I saw of you…..already subscribed

ςɭ๏ςкฬ๏гк Studiøs says:

Absolutely amazing!!! I love your work and cant wait for the next one!❤

Brisse Gabriel says:

Very nice your cosplay! I like.

Lily Rowland says:

ur fursuits are so amazing that I'm GOING to buy one because they are SOOOOOO good!!!

Lytra says:

What kind of head/razor do you use the shave? (Like the number of blade width/depth)

Should you use one that’s more spaced out or one with narrow rows?

Kim Drawings says:

Wow! Is beautiful! 😍

oreokitty05 says:

Hello! I was wondering what type of stitch do you use for the head? As being a fursuit maker myself I was stitching together some parts and then I realized if I was even using a corrects stitching method? Sorry if you have already answered this question.

safety doggo23 says:


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