Tifa Lockhart Cosplay (FF7)

Tifa Lockhart Cosplay (FF7)

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24 thoughts on “Tifa Lockhart Cosplay (FF7)

Nikki Brady says:

Love Tifa. You suit this.

funny videos says:

Your cute and that latex I love latex

martok2112 says:

Gorgeous Tifa cosplay! And the Tifa I love….not that Advent Children crap! Well done! 🙂


You look amazing as Tifa

Mic says:


CoZy Craz3y says:

you can be little red riding hood and ill be the big bad wolf wink wink guess where i got that from

Alecxis Thunnery says:

i really like tifa same as you.. I REALLY LOVE FINAL FANTASY SERIES..😍😍😍

ItzSisi :3 says:

Any one 2018

Mikey Mercado says:

she's so beautiful, & sexy woman, wow!;-)

Ninja Elley says:

I love tifa

Last-Prince says:

So beautiful

Kevin DeLuna says:

One of many beautiful women out there…

Adi lol hi says:

The intro with The Doggo was so cute

Alex Montgomery says:

So I’m just here to scroll though the comments section don’t mind me

kate spare says:

thanks for ur vids

GeneticPuddle504 says:

Damn she used to be so skinny!

sierra rose says:

Do a Lightning Farron (FF13) cosplay next pls!

athlosx says:

Ill agree with Lia Tifa is awesome. And yeah FF7 is my favorite final fantasy

The pro Gamer says:

She don't even really need to do other type of videos, with her body, videos like this can already bring like hundreds of hundreds of people will watch

The pro Gamer says:


BAD B.O. says:

ahhhh, Tifa Lockhart, the product of Tetsuya Nomura's artwork…. dose anyone else think Tetsuya Nomura is a closet perv who sketches his own hentai?…. I mean the dude has been known to dodge E3's and interviews…

not to mention the fact that Nomura gave Kairi a super short skirt, and a pair of panties in KH2….. alittle TOO much attention to detail….. 

ohhhhhhh Japan….

Jeremy Watson says:

She is so sexy 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍

chrisj112 says:


Red Pikmin 01 says:

Oh my gosh yaaasss you look so kawaii

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