Tokyo Ghoul – Crazy

Tokyo Ghoul – Crazy

Kaneki has gone… crazy! Ken Kaneki is an ordinary boy, until a dark and violent encounter turns him into the first ever half Ghoul-human in Tokyo Ghoul on …




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38 thoughts on “Tokyo Ghoul – Crazy

Jabari the savage 13 says:

Kaneki went Grudge the movie on this

The Observant says:

Honestly I prefer the manga’s second stage with the six rinkaku tentacles The centipedes AND the four rinkaku are just annoying

joker graham says:

So weird but cool

joker graham says:

I always wondered why shinohara looked like he has a bubble in his hair

TheWhiteMan says:
Gaming Jesty says:

Eto was first half human ghoul,kaneki is second

elnoob xD says:

Cap ???

Vegetaisbetter ThanGoku says:

Arima: Bring it!

(Kaneki dashes behind him)

Arima: well shit

Vegetaisbetter ThanGoku says:

1:43 Me when on the last day of summer

Anime Fr34kXD says:

0:12 dat roll tho

Gabrijela Cvitanović says:

They have two versions of tokyo ghoul but this is not better than other version of tokyo ghoul this is not hate comment

Himorf0rce says:


davil x says:

эхххх вот почему у нас так не озвучивают? еба как же везет тем кто понимает английский и может смотреть тг в это прекрасной озвучки я понял только про то что он обезумел про то что он думает что сколопендры у него в мозгу срут крч не о полезном

Khay Doria says:

he really is crazy

Khay Doria says:

how do you like this kaneki

Khay Doria says:

oh shit

Abdul Ajis J116 says:

Wins kaneki

Selavan Nagendran says:


Light says:

They should add this in tokyo ghoul dark war as a ssr

Мир Кино says:
ศราวุธ ภูมิชัย says:

Ken Bite Fore MÌng Þĸ ű

High Flakez says:


İnternet Bağımlısı , says:

Hello ?

KamodoDraws.030 says:

"bring it!"

-gets ass kicked two seconds later –

PencilPEN Bros says:

if you hear the backround music from the start u can actually hear the sweet sensation of of unravel but its actually crappy

Phat Lam says:

Roblox is mini game ro-ghou

Saif Nour says:

Poor he is still kid

강 강 says:

와 영어 더빙도 있구나..

_Lucas666 _ says:

1:43. !!!

Kira Lolite says:

اشتركوا بقناتي خليني نزلكن حلقات لطوكيو غول

Mistrz_Kacper says:

Kaneki is best


He’s to quick

Mah Boi Has Returned says:


Kaneki Ken says:

hi guys

Gamer Noob says:

KenK2 !!!

An Average Guys That Watches says:

And here we are waiting for Black Reaper…

Epic Comeback says:

1:44 That Crack

RUST 00000 says:

( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

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