Tokyo Ghoul:re – re Cafe

Tokyo Ghoul:re – re Cafe

The perfect blend… ☕ ❤ Watch Tokyo Ghoul:re now on AnimeLab! mad.mn/recoffee Subscribe to our channel for all the latest updates & videos! Website: …




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24 thoughts on “Tokyo Ghoul:re – re Cafe

AspectV says:

this whole video gices me goosebumps 🙂

Deeqa Nuur says:

Coffee has never had such a deep meaning before this show

ForeverAkatsuki says:

For anyone looking for the song it's Tokyo Ghoul:Re OST – Remembering

ULTIMATE gamer says:

In tears 😍😭😢

Misslady G says:

I remember watching s3's ep 1-2 first before s1(i'm just new at anime) and it confused the hell out of me.Good thing i know the sequence now

Anime Onii-chan says:

One of my favorite scenes

Sin yi Wu says:


Rayvern 1998 says:

Best Moment in season 3. But the season itself is very bad…

Ray Ham says:


Nikita Sichov says:

only good part in the whole anime tbh



Icey Diamond says:

I don't care, I ship them!

Smart Saiyan says:

It makes me cry

Kirarara Hey says:

The anime is still trash. One alright animated moment doesnt compensate for disgracing a whole entire franchise. Shame on you whoever made the anime for Tokyo Ghoul:re

pandih says:


Julio De Jesus says:

Episode 2 of Tokyo Ghoul:Re

Saud Algamdi says:

When she’s gonna kiss kaneki toka????????????

Shagal Tolud says:

When is the new season gonna start of the anime it self

Saud Algamdi says:

Damm iwant to see kaneki confess to toka oohhh my heart is broken💔

Benziz 200 says:

Show is whack af

kawala Dy says:

I cried

Galaxydragon450 says:

You guys notice that Haise's ghoul eye was the only one that teared up? It's kinda sad because it's like Kaneki is watching through haise seeing touka again and can't say anything because haise is restricting it.

Azka Fathit says:


Kortex The Weeb says:

this is so heart-warming. Touka looking at the love of her life while he, even without his memories, still finds a way to fall in love with her, even if it's on the first sight. god I love this couple so god damn much

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