Too Powerful For Marvel Movies: Franklin Richard's Son

Too Powerful For Marvel Movies: Franklin Richard's Son


The X-Men are a team of fictional superheroes appearing in American comic books published by Marvel Comics. Created by writer Stan Lee and artist/co-writer Jack Kirby, the characters first appeared in The X-Men #1.

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28 thoughts on “Too Powerful For Marvel Movies: Franklin Richard's Son

The King says:

Dude I would actually love 💕 the genie in the mcu I love Alladin because I watched it recently and had all the nostalgia come back

JWoods256 says:

Dr Doom, in some plan to take over the world, kidnaps Charles with the help of shadow king or something. In order for people to find him or to get help Charles brings back the memory or the mutants or just calls out to whoever (F4?) in a desperate plea for help before he is somehow disabled. Now some people knows about mutants. F4 gets with Avengers and some X-Men to rescue and go up against Doom and his allies. Could be in a movie towards the end of a phase, after some of the X-Men are already established and the reason no one remembers them is established.

Avengers+F4+a few X-Men vs DOOM

Gregory Alford says:

The Geni part 😂😂👍

Parsa Rathernotsay says:

He has Franklin's powers, AND the Phoenix Force? BRRRRRRRRUH

razgriz821 says:

So franklin is nigh unbeatable.. but his son with the same powers + phoenix force can be beatable?.. if hes in the mcu without mutants, he still has his father’s powers wc u said before was too powerful.. im confused..

Frank christ says:

too powerful for mcu the flying burrito's

Saint Holy Man says:

Like father, like son.

Texas.Made. The.Realist. says:

To Powerful for MCU: Stryf

indigo la end DTRWHo says:

Franklin Richard's son? What??????

Anthony Manuel says:

The Exiles were my favorite comic series, I have every issue

Ezequiel Santiago says:

Rob how about Xavier uses ceribro to hide the mutants

wendigolycan says:

Aren't Scarlet Witch and Quicksilver already in the MCU?! The fuck do you mean there are no mutants?

Clamantstone says:

So he's basically super Saiyan Franklin

Alpha Jay 3.0 says:

Too Powerful for Marvel Movies: Genie 🧞‍♂️

Warpath says:

I don't know you're making it sound like galactus and franklin are equal in power or that galactus is more powerful. In the future Franklin made galactus HIS herald. That alone should tell you who is more powerful.

Jay Carolina says:

The part about how could the MCU introduce the Mutants or theory is actually the best one I've heard so far. I would mind them going either one of those routes I just want to see the Mutants in the MCU and that's it lol.

naytheg1 says:

Robert kelly??? I never knew r.kelly was in x men 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 loool

Rasvahn Gul says:

Franklin Richards + Rachel Summers = Jonathan Richards aka Hyperstorm

Mikko D'light says:

what if they did a reverse house of m to bring mutants into mcu? let scarlet witch make them all lol

Daniel Scheib says:

Question: if they had mutants, wouldn’t there be way too many heroes? Like how do you fit that many heroes in one area and have the story make sense.

Michelangelo Sanfilippo says:

They are stealing your style https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pvAwDL-pdAc

Rising Tenacity says:

if the infinity gems represent aspects of the universe and are suppose to be infinite in power:
1: how did scarlet witch destroy the soul gem using her finite power?
2: how did she and everything else in the universe not die from destroying the soul gem?

Dano says:

Hey Rob, you should look up the Phoenix force contained in the mind stone theory. It’s the best theory of how mutants can be introduced. They weren’t called mutants but Scarlett witch and quicksilver are the MCUs mutants and it was from experiments by hydra with the stone. But just another theory that might be fun.

Aaron Wilder says:

Too Powerful for Marvel Movies: Mister Immortal

Odd haven says:

With nick furry being "the man in the wall" and the first super soldier he could easily just say "the reason I wasn't here is because I had to activate "plan x". Poof in walks wolverine AND deadpool introdices in full to the avengers (fuck it domino and cables there too) in order to tap thanos down a peg nicks got a mutanty plan to overthrow god thanos

ErmetOw says:

So, whats the difference between a normal superhero and a mutant?

E For Everything says:

Can we get a too powerful for the MCU for jack jack from the incredibles

Chris Godfrey says:

Disney genie and mutants, huh? Super weird crossover, but I can dig it lol

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