Top 10 Action/Romance Anime

Top 10 Action/Romance Anime

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46 thoughts on “Top 10 Action/Romance Anime

DRAGON X says:

Song named please i want to know 3:50 please…

Danu Setyawan says:


papa smurf says:

Just finished Soredemo and i recommend it

Mr.chaos says:

Am I the only one who loves the intro

Kaisen sensei says:

I Suggest Twin Star Exorcist

Md Tanvir says:

This is my first video
If u have time..please check it

ZEUS} 507PTY says:

like Si hablas español

Karla Sofiacruz says:

cuales son las canciones de este video 😆

Milin Martinez says:

Some of these anime’s don’t even have romance wtf!

Whiplash xX says:

Name of the songs??

lowmiol says:

the list is perfect 🙂 ty for that !!

0P3N Flash says:

I love the intro 😍

Amanda Morgan says:

My daughter loves Anime

frankie lindsey says:

out of all the videos i see i found one that i haven't seen and that looks interestinggunslinger stratos

Alex Sayonh says:

I'm will be in my room every day just to watch anime also great vid

Mazuro Namikaze says:

6:03 Is a lit ass scene

ashly morgane says:

What the name of music

Fogolol !! says:

i wish you wouldn't include FUCKING HAREMS

Random Bubbles says:

Mahou Sensou's ending will leave you confused

Random Bubbles says:


Robin_The_Titan says:

mahou sensou looks quite bland and generic. if anyone here has watched and thinks its not and can recommend it to me in a not AIDs infested way, i'd be thankful.

Benjamin Daoust says:

This intro Omg

Sub Zero Nox Zama says:

Song names please

Alice _Jeffery_fan_of meg_donnelly says:

kaze no stigma the best

JQ 321 says:

I just love the intro

Skys says:

Glad to see Date A Live

Kurumi Eziozed says:

Kurumi ❤️

ifti islam says:

Where is SAO

Deniz Çabuk says:

Can you suggest me an anime like Mahou Sensou? The girl be like Kurumi Isoshima. All boys love she because of her beauty. A boy like Takeshi becomes her boyfriend because protecting her. But his best friend or brother loves the girl too. And her fake boyfriend meets another girl like Mui and starts to love this girl. (If it's possible) The fake boyfriend leave the other girl and starts to really love main girl. In the end the main girl choose a boy between the all boys (main boy, his brother, his best friend). Also the other boys still love main girl.
(Sorry for my Engkish its not very good :()
Is there an anime like this please help I can't find
Aslo is Isoshima Kurumi yandere or another dere I couldn't decide?

Versael says:

"Action/Romance Anime"
First Anime: Action, Fantasy Magic

Yon Bastic says:

Top 10 Action/Romance Anime List!

Chris Herr says:

Accel world vs sword art online

But i wished they included rosario vampire
I really miss that anime

Markell Thomas says:

I mean on 3:45

Markell Thomas says:

Or 5:23

Markell Thomas says:

Song plzz on 5:00

Marshall D. Teach says:

No matter how many times I see a small clip of Yona I always hate that anime

Chezz xcy says:

My all time fav. CHARLOTTE!!!

Yap Ming Kai says:

what is the song used (all of em they good)

Sekai says:

Is number 10 not Romance?

AamanMohapatra says:

his intro is so good

Master Fruit says:


LIFE BAM says:
LIFE BAM says:

Is there mahou sensou subbed

Pama Levi says:

music playlist please !!! XD all of your song !!! XD

AtRikka says:

This list is amazing, I watched a few already but now I've got more to add to my list. Thank youu!!

runner 2583 says:

Nice into. Sweet👌

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