Top 10 Anime Girls You Wish

Top 10 Anime Girls You Wish

Top 10 Anime Girls You Wish Were Your Girlfriend (ft. Brianna Knickerbocker!) Subscribe: and also Ring the Bell to get notified // Have a …





27 thoughts on “Top 10 Anime Girls You Wish

SentinalSlice says:

What’s that opening sentence supposed to mean?

Killer Rage says:

Mai ftw😂

hima jin says:

ryougi shiki?

midnighteye says:

Chitoge? Unless you're a masochist why would you want a girlfriend who punches you at every turn?

Maliodas the sin of wrath says:

You forget to mention Lala from TO love ru
No one is better than her

hard rock says:

Yukinoshita is better than all those, only the ones who watched oregairu know that.


I always wish touka from tokyo ghoul

Leo Lim says:

For a minute I thought a certain pink hair Mary Sue would be in this list.

Death The Kid says:

1. Lucy (fairy tail)
2. Erza (fairy tail)
3. Juvia (fairy tail)
4. Ruby (rwby)
5. Yang (rwby)
6. Leone (akame ga kill)
7. Blair (soul eater)
8. Tsuyu (my hero academia)

AgentBurger 2.0 says:

Do people count RWBY as an anime because if they do….


Bamshak Fwangyil says:

Had to click because i saw my waifu rin, so which other waifus made it.
Yes! Rias
WOOOH to 1st part of season 1 asuna
Why is rem not 1
OK yeah to the mother of tsundere rin
Where is the perfect girlfriend mikasa

Besmir Daci says:

No Erza Scarlet?! No Mai senpai?! I call this bullshit.

mason man production coffey 2222 says:

i wish rem was me girlfriend 😓

Kyle Reece says:

No honorable mentions to Speed Wagon? What a shame.

livingdiary says:

Senjogaharw all the way.. ._.

N8R T8R says:

Ah Rias Gremory 😍

Rodqq B says:

Where is Erika from campione

Blaze fun says:

RIAS 1st

ninja p. says:

#highschooldxdisthebest tell everyone you know dxd rocks

Alvaro De Grandes says:

Minori from Toradora is also a good choice for girlfriend: she's cute, sweet, funny, very responsible, hyperactive and she also has nice legs. I'll take her over Taiga anyday.

Bharath Elangovel says:

Background soundtrack?

Astrophereon says:

my top 4 in looks is
1.Rias Gremory – Highschool DxD
2.Asuna Yuki – Sword Art Online
3.Erina Nakiri – Food Wars
4.Arturia Pendragon (Saber) – Fate/Zero And Fate/Stay Night
5.Rin Touska – Fate/Stay Night
in waifu style
1.Asuna Yuki
2.Rin Tousaka
3.Rias Gremory
4.Erina Nakiri
5.Arturia Pendragon

kiratua says:

I do NOT agree with this. Hinata Uzumaki isn't in this list or isn't even an honorable mention. I'm going to report this

Kidist Libse says:

Risa is mine I'll kill all who stand in my way.

Barney The Cow says:

Plz make a part 2 and add Rikka Takarada

Siyochii says:

my pp hard

Mildred Daep says:

i love rem

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