Top 10 Anime Movies (Redux)

Top 10 Anime Movies (Redux)

Top 10 Anime Films (Redux) // Subscribe: // TIMESTAMPS BELOW Be sure to visit our Suggest Tool and Submit Ideas that you would like to …




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29 thoughts on “Top 10 Anime Movies (Redux)

whatsin- aname says:

This list is bullshit, in no dimension can Spirited Away be better than Your Name!!!

Trey Vidmn says:

The Shape of Voice should really be on this list… its so good

Foxy says:

Berserk movies? Ninja Scroll? Perfect Blue? Petshop of Horrors?

Pokemon Master says:

I would have put boy and the beast on that list

christian allen gacula says:

Hey guys please… Watch a silent voice or also the shape of voice…. Please…..

Nickster says:

I mentally dropped my jaw through the floor on the day my father told me, that Howls moving castle was one of his all time favorite films.
They guy just do not look like the anime type.

Paw Eh says:

Why is wolf children low on the list

Alex Bork says:

no koe no katachi?!?

Sizwe Mokoena says:

TBH Spirited away is a bit over rated

Sheakhar Belagavi says:

Where is Pokémon the first movie ?

Stuidmon says:

I love my name :3

Prafull Botre says:

Grave of the fireflies should have mentioned 😔

BlazingSlayer says:

I HAVE JUST LEARNED THAT SPIRITED AWAY IS AN ANIME! I thought it was a cartoon. I was just a kid so i didn't know but i thought it was ok, not like crazy good.

Man17 Clash of clans says:

Grave of the fireflies

KSP543 says:

Where the f*** is koe no katachi

Jey Roldan says:

Sword of a stranger! so gud

Houssemg4mer says:

Your name 😍😍😍❤❤❤❤

Vikrant Thakur says:

Shitty list bro

Seven Human Souls says:

I think Your Name and Spirited Away should switch

japanxans # says:

I had a mini heart attack when a silent voice wasn't number 1

jubilee says:

Every studio ghibli film should have had an honorable mention tbh 😭🙏🏼

Jeep3r D says:

Nr 5 as a movie it's a good one, the tv series on the other hand… Akira is widely overrated.

Isaac Armstrong says:


Isaac Armstrong says:

Bee Movie?

Md Shafi says:

Your Name should atleast be 2nd


Afro Samurai

Laza-Rex says:

Dude i just saw your name and it is the best one i have ever seen

The gaming Watermelon says:

please stop making these videos i just want to find anime to watch but i refuse to watch fucking watchmojo theres no way i can find anime if theres hundreds of watchmojo videos

vishal suvarna says:

Pls wacth Erased

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