Top 10 Anime That NEED Their

Top 10 Anime That NEED Their

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45 thoughts on “Top 10 Anime That NEED Their

Triwulf says:

The pronunciation of these anime hurts.

Josua070 says:

An MMORPG that was featured in Overlord, YGGDRASIL, being the prologue for the main game of Overlord. After reaching the combined level of 100, you'd get transported to the New World. That's when the real story starts XD. Don't try making it like Fire Emblem. FE has its own charm, and it works that way because of the story tailored for it. Overlord's story is not suited for an FE-modeled game.

Cody Graver says:

Combing overlord and fire emblem might just be the single most smartest thing watchmojo has ever said

Duarte Fernandes says:

The fact u dont mension kings avatar shows how litle anime u investigated…. kings avatar is the anime about esports game and has defently the best described game in anime ( read novel )

P E N G U I N 4 2 0 says:

I see ains i click

Dutch-Dude12 says:

One puch man can also be a fighting game similar to marvel vs capcom or street fighter.

svenm Sandity says:

even tho the overlord name was copied from a video game

JAVP says:

Rakudai Kishi no Cavalry really needs a game

Greg Mortimer says:

….knights of psydonia, gowna….

Alpha 594 says:

Code Geass anyone??
Like a RTS or Grand Strategy kind of a game.

Velin Christine says:

I need My Own Animation , Little Asian Girl who Defeat the Big Nightmare Creature from West 😀😁😂

Khaleel Bennett says:

Did he just say Ma-ga-lo Box?

marage556 says:

Surprised youjo senki didn’t make it (Saga of Tanya the Evil)

Gamemaster Anthony says:

Anyone else have the song "Knights of Cydonia" play in their heads when "Knights of Sidonia" was mentioned?

Also… (makes mental note of Overlord anime for Gamemasters list)

Compucles says:

How about "Yona of the Dawn"? I'd love to be able to fight as Hak or any of the four Dragon Warriors (and maybe even Yona herself).

However, you'd only be able to play as Zeno when he specifically uses his powers as part of the storyline. 😉

TheKeller101 says:

Pop teach epic, fuck no

Bryan Raymundo says:

Sword art online should be on the list

Zee 50z says:

One punch man the game
A game you will play for the comedy and the story because the Gameplay will be too easy

Cy Orion says:

When I reached pop team epic I found myself thinking what the fuck did I just see it's funny as hell thow but still wird

Gundundudammunda says:

None of these should be made into a game

Jaxon Brady says:

Does anyone else notice the thumbnail changed from pop team epic three of the characters as the gen 1 starters to the skeleton dude from overlord? ( I know his name but it's the darn microphone.)

Zukai Pureex says:


Rin Jackson says:

……am I missing something, or is WatchMojo suggesting a One Punch Man game that doesn't let you control the main character of the series?

SIIyce says:

Overlord has multiple games

Rui Wada says:

Youjo senki would be a great game

Sonic Thrillington says:

Black Lagoon would make a great sandbox exploring Roanapur and later Tokyo playing as the volatile Revy or Rock with the possibility of him being violent and unpredictable like Revy

unknown Nerdy30 says:

Hellsing ultimate would be good.

Chucking Reaper says:

Overlord as game could only be good if we were allowed to create characters inYggdrasil, essentially making the MMO a reality. Having Ainz and his servants fight is like starting a new game with the best equipment and ones hitting all the enemies.

Gammawood _ says:

Where the F is full metal alchemist!!??

AlexFan Fan says:

Actually i would think Magi would be a great anime video game because the story already has an intriguing structure. You could play as a character that can get power of demons each with different abilities. However you would be only limited to 8 just like in the story and you habe to choose carefully which ones to use. Another thing to set it apart would be that you can recruit servants into your party and have them blessed by your gods

Zyraon says:

sooooooo your number one pick is red dem redemption 2?

Dreamer Dawn says:

An Overlord/Yggdrasil game would be an MMORPG where when you start you just pick your race, cause in the anime there are class and racial levels. All players would start as Level 1 of their selected race, then when they level up they can choose to increase their racial level or choose from any class. When I say any class I mean ANY CLASS, when you level up to Level 2 you can pick Rouge and be a Level 1 Race Level 1 Rouge, then at level 3 you can go with Level 1 Race/ Level 1 Rogue/ Level 1 Warlock.

Jarrod Aruseanoex says:

Hellsing (don't matter witch) game were basic minions are fly's and bosses are main threat

Tori Chan says:

i can smell this more like a guy's opinion for these options

Rain Queens says:

I see Papa Bone Daddy in the thumbnail i like!

Knox Mcwhorter says:

No Code Geass? It would work so well with a Fire Emblem formula with maybe some FPS segments from main characters’ nightmare frames. Oh well. The list makes sense nonetheless.

Sebas Tian says:

3D anime……………………………..

Geaneen Maldonado says:

What about akame ga kill?

Matt Sickler says:

Where is high school dxd

Derris says:

Berserk MMORPG no questions asked.

William Foster says:

I have a great idea for a game that can be centered around One Piece. It fits along the lines of Xenoverse, in that you'll play along the story of the series. However, there is no time traveling involved. The point of the game, in my idea, is creating a story where the player character can choose 3 ways to play the game: They can join and unjoin pirate crews at any point in the game, join the navy, or create their own pirate crew.

Customization – the player character can be fully customizable in almost any way. Height, skin color, weight, style…you name it. You wanna look like a fat Rob Lucci with Ivankov eyes and lips, go for it. Basically, the player creates their own unique character. However, the customization is balanced in that certain aspects like weight and height will affect how you fight in game (like in the Xenoverse series); tall people are slower, fat people have more health, Strong guys hit harder and shorties are fast.

Another thing, ships can be fully customizable as well. You wanna sail a dingy loaded with cannons, then by all means do it. But like character customization, it is also balanced in that creating and upgrading your ship will affect certain attributes to how it is controlled.

Rather simple actually: Start from the beginning of One Piece and follow it until it ends at a certain point. Dlc could be made to add more story and other stuff when the One Piece series passes every arc. During your adventure, you meet characters from the series and newly added characters for the game. You can also have a love interest too. Depending on how you want to play, anybody can be an enemy or a friend, so choose wisely.

I haven't totally figured out the best combat mechanics in game. There was one form of combat gameplay from a past One Piece game that TeamFourStar played a while back that I though was neat, so maybe that and a few tweaks like weapons and customizable gear. I figure that, in the sense of balance, being able to modify your skills and weaponry should be a nuanced thing.

As for the devil fruits…You can only have 1 devil fruit power in the game…JUST 1. The player won't be able to eat others to gain more. Haki can be obtainable, but only 1 form of Haki should be allowed to be mastered. Devil Fruit powers are also upgrade-able in a split progress chart that allows power progression through gained experience points or specialized point gains.

I only came up with this on the spot. If there is anything anybody wants to add, leave a like and a comment. I'll check my email daily to see what you guys do

The Ancient One says:

I’m a light novel reader, if overlord was a game, it would be the most adaptable, huge and awesome game to exist

Xena Galvan says:

A lot of these are good, but Hellsing would make a fun shoot em up game. 💥😼

Firby V says:

If OPM has its own game

Saitama would just destroy the disc operating in the console with one punch

Justin Martin says:

What about "Air Gear". Kind of like a Tony Hawk game but with a more open world.

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