Top 10 Anime Where

Top 10 Anime Where

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32 thoughts on “Top 10 Anime Where

Cyber Viruz999 says:

I haven’t heard of one of these anime’s.

Fairnak says:

50 lists to go in my watch later

The dark beyond says:

Stop re using anime from different videos I stop watching anime for 4months waiting for new anime but all the same

bartholomew simpson says:

Chain chronicle sucked imo

Just Apex says:

Where can I watch Quanzhi Gaoshou? I’ve never heard of it so I wanna check it out.

Christian Ticzon says:

this is list is a good anime i already watch…i recommend all this anime to watch

Tin Vo says:

So like satiama he’s op and mc

Lania GAMER says:

Seen 9.8.6 and 3 I like. more of newer anime but this is a great video 😇💞

Professor YouTube says:

My fav anime’s is where main character is an idiot and is very strong but always is just a slight bit too weak yet they keep doing it again and again nearing dying

Nopan Mrx says:

soundtrack please

Liam C says:


Christian McDowell says:

D best

Yuno Gasai says:

Aram in the thumbnail…

Gavin Ramirez says:

I like your old intro better

Alluka Zoldyck says:

OMG Kuroko No Basket got first! He is finaly seen!!

Nikki Kumar says:

Here's the list if anyone's wondering 😉

10. Seisen Cerberus

9. Taimadou Gakuen 35 Skiken Shoutai

8. Hagure yuusha No Esthetica

7. Koutetsu no kabaneri

6. hutsugi no chaika

5. Hai Gensou No Grimgar

4. Zatsuen No Tempest

3. Rakudai Kishi No Callvalry

2. Quanzhi Gaoshou

1. Kuroko No Basket


what is this music XD



Huy TeerAn says:

Dose number 10 have action like if you agree

Timothy Von Varella says:

The thumbnail looks like an anime version of Assassins Creed,

Triquetra says:

1song:Neffex:All these thoughts
2song:Neffex: Remember The Name (Cover)
3song:Alan Walker:Alone
4song:Janji:Heros tonight

Jah says:

Top 10 animes where the MC had a bad past

Like sword gai or something

LoveForMha O3O says:

You do know what TRy tO ADd NeW aNImEs means right?

Flame4206 says:

Anyone else having a hard time finding a good anime that they havn't seen before?

IzukuMidoriya says:

Why rakudai is not on top 1 in this list? Ikki is more understimate then 2 and 1 ( top) characters

The Shut-in says:

Chaika is a harem

TheAloneRIot says:

welp if someone knows what is the song at 5:45 tell me//overall good anime

raja shrivastava says:

i really like koroko no basketballl …… man now after seeing its preview i wana watch it again

The Shut-in says:

Man reading the scrolling text at bottom seriously is making my eyes sore

Jad Danial says:

1st song after intro = NEFFEX – All These Thoughts

matteo frassetto says:

anime at the end?

RednaxeL says:

Music at 4:14?? Please

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