Top 10 Badass + Overpowered

Top 10 Badass + Overpowered

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Anime Sensei


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47 thoughts on “Top 10 Badass + Overpowered

Nerepla says:

Code geass ?? Wow what a magical list, it's absolutely not in the top 50 on myanimelist. i have to watch, right now!
We're looking for uncommon anime, not popularity.

Quest Marker says:

First Character From The Opening Intro?

Fernando Brito says:

Ainz Ool Gown from Overlord is not here? Crap

RipBlake says:

What is the anime from the thumbnail called and it's my birthday 😀

BestJo - Rocket League! says:

Yuu from charlotte.

Hriday Muppidi says:

Well, I skipped the entire video till the first anime in the list but loved to see code geass in the top 1 as it is my top 1 fav anime too. Code geass is the ultimate anime everrrr! Make sure u watch it! All hail Lelouch Vi Brittannia! ✊🏻😍😍😍😍

Ten 10 says:

Fuck u sensei

ABIKAU says:

in front of op characters this list is litterary full of children

Mohamed suhail says:

Disappointed tht thr is no opm nor bnha ( mha)

impeccable 7769 says:

You forgot Hellsing Ultimate..?Alucard…?😲

barry allen says:

Put the list in the description like watchmojo

David Yulianto says:

my boy shiki from fate hehe

frσѕchッ says:

0:30 what song?

Ggf Ffg says:

Where is overlord?

Dovis AMV says:

Meliodas seven deadly sins?

Fiestarsz 24 says:

Why does the kings avatar in the shows are different with this

Allan XD says:

anime in the thumbnail please

Boushe says:

whats the outro

Liam C says:

Ruby Rose?

maxflo13 says:

ONE PUNCH MAN????????³³³

Emmanuel Harbor says:

Can't wait to start with all this animes

WolfieMVP says:

I enjoyed like always senpai

Ain't Yo Mama says:

that thumbnail is CHOI !! 😍

Javier772004 x says:

Where is saitama, deku and kaneki????

Derp Lack says:

What's the thumbnails anime name?

Kenza彡 says:

Chrome Shelled OP

jiucong jiang says:

what are their name?

Flutzy Sniper says:

5 mid rolls??

Mythical Otaku says:

where is ikki??

Life Sucks says:

What anime was the thumbnail

Mon Mon says:

All of them

Mon Mon says:

Song pls

EmptyWendys Bag says:

@hellofriend247 code geass is bad ass. Deff check it out

milanowicz100 says:


Strand of hair says:

Is there an anime where the main character outplays them everytime instead of just being sheer op. And i know about code geass i need a new anime

Moises Quisbert says:

Name of the anime of boy of imagen?

Hiat Kark says:

Danganronpa is super badass, love it and I highly recommend it

Thanos says:

Hola sub español

JPedro Player says:

one Punch Man…

Destroyer of Thots says:

I feel clickbaited by this thumbnail tbh

Destroyer Assasin says:

The Kings Avatar has second season too

nÜÜbles says:

as anime of 0. 07 pls

GhostDelta3 says:

and as expected the first place is code geass the mainstream anime of all the mainstream anime

Nathan Patton says:

What are the names of this songs i dont know it i want this songs on my phone

Paladin says:

code geass best

edgardo says:

What are the names of all the songs in this vid?

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