Top 10 Best New Fantasy Anime

Top 10 Best New Fantasy Anime

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37 thoughts on “Top 10 Best New Fantasy Anime

Anime Browser says:

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Sakamaki brothers says:

Anime?? 0:12

Ishita Srivastava says:

First anime name is wrong

Diablo Purgatøry says:

Most of these aren't even new lol.

Iwater Water:3 says:

Persona 5 is a good anime

Mrk Perez says:

The protagonist the shichisei no subaru sure looks like the protagonist of outbreak company

All Hail Lelouch says:

damn I love this year

Avinash Ramjassingh says:

for a 2018 anime that first one looks really low quality in terms if art . i bet most ppl will say that ' it has a good plot , it's a good story '

yang sehun says:

The first one is that new? .. Because it looks like old anime not 2018

Mashrul Khan says:

This is my first video. If u have time please check it

hardeep rawat says:

name of anime in thumbnail?

DrawnMasks says:

This is 2018. what's with the song?

Ayano Higashi says:

Do anyone know the name of Anime showing thumbnail?

Thunderworks says:

Using Radiant for the thumbnail, but finally not in the top 10 = dislike.

Markus Jo Galantis says:

Hinamatsura will be on my list

rafael bangalan says:

I love death march but sadly it only have 12 episodes

ardeve Del Valle says:

what is the anme of the number 10?

Dhenayeon Park says:

Anime in the thumbnail??

Roger S. says:

Is deathmarch made in 2018?

Acemano War Games says:


Sakamaki brothers says:

I'm new to anime that should explain why I'm here

Naheem Wright says:

what's the name of the thumbnail

Kazuto Kirito says:

Here's a List of Anime that I already watched last couple of months back
1.Death March Kara Hajimaru Isekai
2.GranCrest Senki
3. How Not Summon a Demon Lord
4.Violet Evergarden
I especially Love Violet Evergarden Best Anime in 2018 and I know there are other good anime but this is The Best so Far for me.

Sulivan Rabin says:

Give me the intro plz 😍

Ange says:

When i search soudscape to ardor rayden remix, i don't have the same song, it's a really good song but not the one that i want, can someone give me the right song from his intro pls ?

Omega Omega says:

Thumbnail please

Haririe Rifai007 says:

all anime… 👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍

abdiqafar saed says:

Could u tell me the anime of the avatar u are using on ur acount

abdiqafar saed says:

Bro thanks so much

Lucifer Boy says:

Idek why but number 7 just from its short clip seems like SAO

Anim3- R6 says:



So cool

Sydneymey 23 says:

13th or 14th Commenter and COOOOOOOLL LIST

Red Start1 says:

Hell Good Bro 😈

Space Negro says:

Is the anime in the thumbnail actually Called Radiant becuase i cant find it anywhere
Edit: It airs in October

John Blue says:

watching 8, 7, watched 6, watching 3, good video and music

Despair says:

0:110:12 What anime is that?

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