Top 10 Best Zero To Hero Anime

Top 10 Best Zero To Hero Anime

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26 thoughts on “Top 10 Best Zero To Hero Anime


Sorry About The Late Upload Hope You Like The List

PK demonic says:

Lol took Anime first’s Intro song and that info screen

Rose Cityboy says:

i couldnt agree with you more in the number one

Vinoth kumar says:

Akame ga kill one of my favourite anime , I think Hunter X Hunter and claymore deserves to be here 😶😶

DaRK TenSeiGaN says:


21 ghouls says:

I swear this intro never gets old

21 ghouls says:


JESBIN padua says:

I love danmachiiiiiiii I want season 3……..

NASPRY_ says:

Wait a moment… where is hxh?

Anime King says:

Dragon ball xD

Zayne.0585 says:

Thumbnail Quanzhi fashi great anime it's a Chinese anime and he's pretty OP

Vini Tube says:
GameSight says:

00 – 00.15 song ??

Lancelot YT says:

My favorite anime is boku no hero and angel beats

Qymo Gt says:


Some random guy says:

Dragon ball z????

Kappa Pride Poro says:

just a quick btws black clover gets gud after the first 10 episodes, he stops yelling… as much. Go die u haters, not literally, pls dont

elberio768 says:

I.c.k.k.c.k xd

Mélissa Chen says:

Moi je veux juste le nom de l’anime de la miniature

Briar Paxton says:

Anime is trash

Gaming Memphis says:

I watched all of these SMH

Fadil is better than you says:

Best intro ever. Just heard it 5 times

superdan1091 says:

what's the intro song

Fane Cuffy says:

One in thumbnail?

Duke Crocker says:

How can High School dxd not be #1!

Mio says:

why the fuck is not boku no hero number 1

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