Top 10 ComedySlice of Life

Top 10 ComedySlice of Life

Top 10 ComedySlice of Life Anime List Here Are some of the Comedy Slice of life Anime list This list is based purely on my personal opinion so instead of …




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40 thoughts on “Top 10 ComedySlice of Life


All the List are my own personal Opinion U don't have to agree with it but don't disrespect
It 🙂and thanks For watching

cansu dalgıç says:

Can you tell which animes in here have NO tsundere girl? I dont like that type so i need a filter
i would be absolutely glad if you recommend me

Maicah Molok says:

I though it was Livi,but then😭😭😭😭I WANT A SEASON 2 OF THE WORLD IS STILL BEAUTIFUL!!

jamlord 2061 says:


Putri Arliana Arliana says:

Desain gusi esa

muslim indonesia says:

musiknya apa

Valentina Pavelescu says:

Can you make a video about:
The king Livius and princess Nike

UCHIHA Pamisa says:


guys 123 says:

Himouto umaru best anime everrrr

The Diamond Hates says:

Dance till you put anime thumbnails in the desc yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah

how to be a procrastinator 101 says:

The disastrous life of saiki k is really good too

· BlueShine · says:


Evy 7w7 says:


SkyangelangelSky Draws says:

( crying because of how cute tanaka is )

Heart of Gin says:

You know I watched barakamon and handa kun at complete different times and I never knew that handa kun was a spin off of barakamon and I thought it was a coincidence that there were two handas and that the're both caligraphers…

…stupid right?

Onik Anik says:

I love anime

Ella Almaguer says:

Tanaka is a listless guy he always sleeps

Ella Almaguer says:

I have already watched the anime on number 8 and its totally me

Ella Almaguer says:

The song from 0:210:29 is from an anime called Tanaka kun wa itsumo kedaruge

Yume Maboroshi says:

Me: What's 'Geners'?
Video Maker: Oops, (corrected become genres)
Me: You forgot the capital G
VM: Shet (Changes to Genre)
Me: You forgot to make it plural.
VM: FAKK (Changes to Fenres)
Me: G is next to F in the keyboard. Type it properly.
VM: NUUUUUUUU (Changes to Geners)
Me: What's 'Geners'?

errormaster12 says:

I was so sure Non-Non Byori would be #1.

Toby Sjolit says:

i was hoping that if wached enough of these slice of life anime, i may add it all together and then get 1 full life …. you see i have none……

kyo_ch says:

good taste udon, barakamon, handa kun <3 <3 <3

Kat Pals2 says:

himouto da best

Frank wo1fer says:

Thumbnail anime name ?

Ray 11 says:

Intro is lit

Ayush Kumar says:

If ur making comedy scenes video then i think there is know need for background music cause it ruins the fun

Jason Robinson says:

4 and 3 have the same MC

Dimas Vino says:

What name anime in black ground???

The Random Girl: Japanese Aneki says:

Wow. I now don't know where to start.

Cyril Clemente says:

On the top 2 anime is it me or he relly looks like the guitarist from kana boon.

X Gamer 218 Restoration Channel I Official says:

Genre, not Geners.

Gene x_x says:

What mis the anime in the thumbnail

Allyn Dominate AMV says:

udon no kuni no kiniro kemari's ending made me sad 🙁

gaming with me roblox and Minecraft says:

8 is me

Jhosua Alfonso says:


iiRobloxGamer says:

Man i really love seinen anime and isekai,comedy too

Asma' Jung says:

WTH!!! I saw kaneki Ken at the end!!! I miss him so much!!!!

Mobile Gamer Vivo says:


Garry Cool says:

Love your intro never gets old

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