Top 10 Dumbest Star Wars

Top 10 Dumbest Star Wars

Top 10 Dumbest Star Wars Characters Subscribe To Top 10 Nerd: Star Wars is a main staple in the sci-fi community. It has introduced the …


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48 thoughts on “Top 10 Dumbest Star Wars

Top 10 Nerd says:

Who do you think is the dumbest Star Wars character? #Top10Nerd

Josh Brennan says:

They all all of none of them should be on the list except for Greedo jar jar

Josh Brennan says:

Who cares about your opinion about the Ewoks everyone has different opinions

vargen1414 says:

6:10 as shown in Star Wars The Clone Wars,Jar Jar Binks can speak to animals and to some extent control them and he once saved Anakin and Obi One from Space Pirates that also managed to capture Count Dooku which means that Jar Jar Binks is accidentaly smarter then Space Pirates that caught both Anakin and Obi One and even Count Dooku

Langston Galloway says:

I almost killed you until I figured out you were joking aight Mace Windu

The Movie Wolf says:

Why isn’t Rose on this list?

The Inner Middle Show says:


Brandy Brandy says:

Same with c3po and anikian

Brandy Brandy says:

In my opinion ewoks are awesome

evangela harrison says:

They are not dumb they are creative and cute

vonsakura says:

PORG is cute

Because I'm Batman says:

I love the ewoks they're cute in a slightly scary way

Dylan Springate says:

Rose, elephant tits alien person, and Rey

Nils Hedstrom says:

Why no Clone Wars Ashoka Tano?

Emilio Rabell says:

Actually Han managed to complete the kestle run in less than 12 parsecs and he's not using it as a mesure of time, look it up.

Pascal Berger says:

This is the Real Top Ten

10.Han Solo in the Solo Story
7.Armitage Hux
6.Poe Dameron
5.Admiral Holdo
4.Kylo Ren

Ps. Taking characters in the list they are 5 min in a Movie. You have no idea from Movies and Star wars

SeasideDetective2 says:

If you want to be technical about it, Anakin/Vader did not kill those kids JUST to save Padmé. Palpatine had told him that the children were the pawns of a dangerous religious cult bent on overthrowing the Republic. Yes, that is faulty logic – and pretty hypocritical – but I just don't see Anakin conducting that massacre, or at least not very willingly, if his Master had not given him a pretext for it beyond Padmé.

Rey Of Jakku says:

I find your lack of ranking disturbing…

Bryguydude44 says:

Where's Rose Tico at?

Alma Arredondo says:

top 10 cutest star wars animals

BeanBurrito Gamer says:

Amazing. Everything you said in this video was wrong.

WarriorofLight says:

Anakin was even worse than he said. I analyzed the character very carefully and was… speechless.

MsJinkerson says:

I was born May 25 1963

Omar Assal says:

Hey Anakin Skywalker is not dum he's literally a dark lord of the sith

xiao ai wu says:

Yo mama

PissedOff RebelinMI says:

I think now that Last Jedi has come out, there is going to be some additions and subtractions.

Keybored Smasher says:

1. “What whaaaaat you say.”

Dylon Page says:

Your dumb

gacha Studio says:

You wrong jar jar banks is not that dumb

edward josh says:

han is the best

The ZigRat says:

They also carried the storm trooper head bump in to the prequelson jingos helmet they placed a dent in the same spot as to imply that head bumping is a genetic flaw

Anders Aleckson says:

Rose Tico sucks, Ubbla Mollbro is ugly, and Sy Snootles is just the worst!!!!!!!!!!!!!

StarWars Catz says:

Dumbest is 3PO

Anime playz says:

Han solos on this list and there making a movie about him

Anime playz says:

Porg is not dumb he's cute

A Dude says:

Hahn died

Jerry Sowders says:

I think jar jar was on death sticks.

Prestone L says:


John DeWarle says:

It Darth jar jar

Alice Yao says:

How dare u said that to my favorite character!(the flying peagune thing)

Keri Bowman says:

Would you like to be eaten by a ewok because they eat humans dead or alive.

Jon Saltberry says:

No Rose, Holdo or kylo Ren?

Logan Studios says:

Jar jar bincks

GreedyGreedo127 says:


Marcus Lamb says:

I like Ewoks too.

T. J. Griffith says:

Why the ewoks

Anakin Skywalker says:

This list sucks!

Numba1 Heathen says:

Nute Gunray was duplicitous enough to kill off since Phantom Menace.

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