Top 10 New Action Anime 2018

Top 10 New Action Anime 2018

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35 thoughts on “Top 10 New Action Anime 2018

Holly T says:

Dislike no spoiler list

Nagisa Shiota says:

Persona 5 is a good one

zerone ssr says:

Can someone recommend anime for me im boring😑😪

All Hail Lelouch says:

I really love the animes this 2018. I wonder why there are some complaining and saying that anime is not good anymore. You guys are just watching the wrong anime🙁😐

illmatic Fury says:

Man I just want a good action anime, I cant seem to find something I love.

All Hail Lelouch says:

Ahhhhh so exciteddddd

Charlize Zenarosa says:

I need sum anime… any recommendations?

ManiacPlays Br says:

Fuck YouTube gintama e meus ovo

arif ajeti says:

Overlord is awesome 👌

Bro Tac says:

worst year for action animes id say

mayur patil says:

Which song it is start at 4:46

Sye Kun says:

Man each year anime keeps getting worse. This is probably the start of gay era in anime world.

GPTDavid says:

Its disappointing to see nothing on par with death note, claymore, one punch man, Gurren Laggan, Code Geass, FMA, Hajime no Ippo.
Well… actually Academia is pretty good… keeping me entertained.. still waiting on attack on titan to finish the season to start it :/ but aside from that i can't seem to get hooked on any other anime in 2018.

All Hail Lelouch says:

there are actually many new good animes.

Stelios F says:

i could sleep (it's 3am) orrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr anime :thinking:

Mohamed Elmarssi says:

Tokyo ghoul????

Bluegender15 says:

AICO best from the list

Eddy Anime says:

top intro ever

Nishat Akter says:

Who is on the Trumbnail????

Madara Savage says:

There's no more good anime anymore

Raj Senpai says:

4:46 legends never die!

Mpasi Nsangu says:


James Earl Tabaldo says:

Darling in the franxx

Erkki Mustajärvi says:

YOU FUCK! This is not a "TOP 10" its a TOP 20! I know its for the shearch, but even if irs like top 500 it still there whit the REAL TOP10,s.

Stormy Fairweather says:

Wow, that song was actually awesome

Zane Playz says:

Bruhh is Darling in the franxx 2018??

Ak Rox says:

Watch fairy tale season 3 official trailor

яαιи - says:

Charlotte still the best anime

Grandes Cenas says:

What is name there sin or music?

Ashley Velez-Arce says:

Anybody know the name of cover photo of this song. The anime boy with black hair and golden eyes and half of his face is red


whats the first one?

Oofer gang says:

What bout Baki (2018)???

dino figueroa says:

overlord the undeadking


what song ..????


what song ..????

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