Top 10 Powerful Marvel Mutants

Top 10 Powerful Marvel Mutants

They don’t call Mutants “Homosuperior” for nothing! To celebrate the release of the new X-Men movie, Dark Phoenix, we’re taking a look at the most powerful mutants in the Marvel Universe, including familiar faces like Professor X and Magneto, and some lesser known Omega-Level mutants.

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43 thoughts on “Top 10 Powerful Marvel Mutants

Hex Maniac says:

Where's Luna Snow?

MarvelGirl17 says:

Jean Grey destroyed the entire universe in an alternate reality. Plus she was 3rd on one of your most powerful lists that Matthew wasn’t even on. And where is Scarlet Witch?? She’s at least 3rd

Logan Wilson says:

Omg People need to stop asking a out Scarlet Witch. Yes she a insanely powerful buuuuuut… She got retconned shes no mutant

jheadowxssj says:

strom?, scarlet witch? quicksilver? where are they because they were not mentioned or put on the list?

Requin says:

I expected Legion to be higher because when his personalities are aligned he can manipulate freaking TIME. And scarlet witch can manipulate reality itself. Also now i'm wondering how come that inhuman guy Ulysses was turned into a god by eternity but not Franklin Richards.

King Panther says:

Where’s storm

Tyler Edwards says:

Emma frost is not an Omega level mutant…. She is an Omega Class Telepath… there's a difference

rcmanization says:

this is why i never read comic books. They just overpower people way too much and make it boring

Gourav Sing says:

What about Marquis of death ???

Micah-David Saunders says:

Thank you for acknowledging Vulcan at all. He was only around for 3-4 years, but he made a big impact in the Marvel cosmic stories. I'm still waiting for them to bring him back.
Additionally, thank you for acknowledging Magneto and Iceman's power levels.

João Victor says:

10-Scarlet witch
9-Scarlet witch
8-Scarlet witch
7-Scarlet witch
6-Scarlet witch
5-Scarlet witch
4-Scarlet witch
3-Scarlet witch
2-Scarlet witch
1-Scarlet witch
Kkk I love Scarlet witch

Garfield Pink says:

Scarlet witch n storm is missing

Gherghescu Andreea says:

rogue is missing

Eddy Bellido says:

Storm and Scarlet witch are most powerful than Emma Frost.

Osian Coleman says:

Let’s put Scarlet Witch on this list as she’s clearly more powerful than Magneto.

shawn dowdy says:


Freddy Vuite 13 says:

I dnt know some of them as a character but i know that storm and scarlet witch shud at least be on honorable mentions? I know that wanda is sometimes not considered as mutant but overall she is…and storm oh boy she is godess of natural born weather

jyo says:

so ur telling me the ice man is stronger than scarlet WITCH

Paulo Danvers says:

Uhg, I so love Emma Frost





All 10 could stop justice league by themselves

gowon says:

yo where tf is my demiurge wiccan

jose de la cruz says:


wincent paul says:

Until now I thought that apocalypse was most powerful than any other mutants

White Wolf says:

Before anyone asks, Scarlet Witch isn't a mutant anymore

_. JAAYDEN says:

what about Storm or Magik ??????

Imran Khan says:

I came for the thumbnail boobies

I'am the new Supreme ? says:

Guys, stop saying that scarlet witch should be in the list. She is not a mutant anymore, they change that

I'am the new Supreme ? says:

Jean Grey and Emma already prove themselves stronger than Xavier

WhitePhoenix297 says:

Jean grey is the Mutant Alpha above all other mutants in existence look it up folks

andres perez conde says:

What is about storm ?

eray samet gündüz says:

Sentry ?

Dee Stud says:

People be sleeping on Storm

Osian Coleman says:

I liked this list a lot. Rlly unbiased fro a change and introduced to be new characters and gave additional information on character I am familiar with.

Osian Coleman says:

Just found out from the honourable mentions there is a mutant called X-Man 😂.

Priyanka Mishra says:

Mad him jaspers

Amatsu Mikaboshi says:

Where is Scarlett witch, marquis of death, mad Jim jaspers

AIL-Sky Uprising says:

where is santa clause? he is the strongest mutant ever registered.

Dimitri Watkins says:

You left out Exodus

#THATCHERMATT 970315 says:

A lot of Telekinetics and Telepathics and i'm sick of it 😑😒😖

Armin Tabari says:

Making someon never exist is cruel

Armani Sumter says:

What about Meggan? Her physical strength is incalculable, copy any superhuman power she sees and has elemental and magical manipulation abilities is this a fans list? She can even resist reality warping

Carlos Magana says:

This list is wack Franklin is number one Galactus himself said that when the universe dies out he and Franklin will be the only ones living

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