Top 10 Romance/Demon Anime

Top 10 Romance/Demon Anime

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42 thoughts on “Top 10 Romance/Demon Anime

Rifqi taqi Jamet says:

Why there's no Devil's line tho..that movie was good too

Akirra Amodia says:

Expected to be the #1 on the list. ❤

黒い魔女シルビアSilviaTheBlackWitch says:

All Song?

Deema Aboughanem says:

The thumbnail is called Nurarihyon no mago. If you don’t think its true search it up on YouTube, because I watched this anime before.

Ева Куприянова says:

What’s the anime 00:00

Blue fistgamer says:

Bro WHERE IS seven deadly sins

Szilagyi Chongor says:

Rosaia to vampire the best

Kenzy & Charlie says:

This video is amazing

Anime Generation says:

Who about to love ru series

Azazel says:


Ferchichi Sami says:

Miniature ?

Rex 122swag says:

5:42 what song

Ksmall On that beat says:

It’s all the same main stream shit on all the list fr these people are so peeweeotic

CAFÉ says:

Anime Tumb plis

Subham Roul says:

High school dxd has also season 4 hero , I have seen it , it is wrong

Subham Roul says:

Also anime like kiba, bandit king jing, highschool dxd born and hero, strike the blood , date a live season 2 like please thanks.

Tina M.E. says:
Самир Абрамов says:

Top 👍👍👍👍👍👍👍

Nasrul Nizam says:

What is thumbnail anime

Calvin M. says:

Why trinity seven?

Azeem Azreen says:

boring list and all of anime u list have genre ecchi. pervert

Ruben Gabriel says:

why do the best ones have so little episodes

Daniel Night says:

i watched all of these

Jayanti Sharma says:

This song name

Lord Flame says:

you know vampires and demons are two diffrent things

Zechariah Wilson says:

It's akame ga kill that's the real thumbnail

Riddikc says:

Аниме на превью подскажите

phoenix max says:

Please what's the name of the music

phoenix max says:

Please what's the name of the music

Damgamer pro says:


Damgamer pro says:


Black luffy says:

como se llama el anime de l portada

For the love of Shrek says:

Where is Shrek shrekdammit. The romance between Fiona and Shrek of the swamp was so fucking real that it became real. But no instead you decide to include this weeb shit. Shrek is the only real anime.

HomieBlueDragon says:

U should watch highschool dxd season 1, 2, 3 and 4 it good

Levi Doble says:

I love this song 💕

Anime dude says:

Highschool DxD 0-0 why?

Hell Fire881 says:

Only if anime was real.

Wixard H says:

Strike the blood/trinity seven—–highschool dxd is the best though

Anime TH says:

Anyone pls just me anime like Rosario vampire or soft romance action anime plz

Kaimi Carvalho-Clarke says:

Where the hell was seven deadly sins

Данзан Сангаджиев says:

What anime with the thumbs?

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