Top 10 Star Wars Characters

Top 10 Star Wars Characters

The Force isn’t equally strong in everyone! Join http://www.WatchMojo.com as we count down our picks for the Top 10 Star Wars Characters.




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50 thoughts on “Top 10 Star Wars Characters

Seamus J Bamrick says:

Han solo

Eric Kilborn says:

Thank god jar jar isn't on this list

Obi Wan Kenobi says:

10. Me
9. Me
8. Me
7. Me
6. Me
5. Me
4. Me
3. Me
2. That guy I killed on Naboo when I was young
1. And of course me

Crispy Wafflez says:

R2 and 3po aren’t characters though. There droids they have no sounds and don’t feel emotion they’re just programmed.

TWSTF 8 says:

Sidious should be at #1 since he was pulling EVERYONE'S strings since Anakin was a child!
Most of the major events in the Galaxy hinged on his duality and absolute power

Erik Mckinney says:

bobba fett fan here

Bojangbn Stevich says:

10.Poe Dameron
8.Princess Leia
7.Obi-Wan Kenobi
4.Luke Skywalker
3.Darth Vader
2.Han Solo
1.Kylo Ren

Fraser Gibson says:

Not even a honourable mention for Mace Windu? That's bullshit. And Palpatine is too low

Jon Ferguson says:

My Favorite Character Is Anakin Skywalker / Darth Vader

Jack Sparrow says:

1. r2d2 and c-3po
2. Han solo
and 3. Darth Vader

razia sultana says:

What about Ben solo ( kylo ren)

Christian Altenhofen says:


StarWars Ironic says:

What's with dooku, takin and AHSOKA TANO!!!!

Matthew Attia says:

C3PO shouldn't be in that list! He is the biggest rat in the Star Wars galaxy! (Other than Jar Jar Binks)

Sugandhi s says:

Jar jar Binks should be no. #1😄

effie tuttle says:

how is chewie NOT above R2D2 & C3PO? I mean, they're cool, but not as much as chewie!!!

Nemo Idzinga says:

yep i am agree!

Captain Cardinal says:

My its OBI Wan Ben Kenobi

Halo7615 _ says:

Boba Fett should have made the list.

AishaVonFossen says:

Here's a head trip, Ian McDiarmid is two years younger than Harrison Ford.
The Emperor is two years younger than Han Solo in real life. LOL

VieDy442 says:

Master Yoda

Wolf Of The Night says:

My top 10 list:
10- Bobba Fett
9- Garazeb Orrelious
8- Count Dooku
7- General Grievous
6- Mace Windu
5- Darth Maul
4- Obi Wan Kenobi
3- Captain Rex
2- Plo Koon
1- Han Solo

Adderz B says:

Han above Luke?? Waahhaaaaaaatttt??? I mean, Han is awesome but Luke, he's the hero! And Lando is just an honourable mention? He was amazing! I mean, I know this was made before TLJ and SOLO but, those 2 are awesome

David McAninch says:

Well at least Jar Jar wasn’t on the list.

Kulafisken youtube says:

Darth Maul is #1! Don't belive me? Watch Clone Wars!

henry ropo says:

Number 1 is the best

Paul Hanke says:

Wheres Stannis the Mannis?


Kinda hoping 1 would be captain rex

Arston Nicksoun says:

Darth sidious is the best

ElliotWorldTV says:

My favorites are number 10 Zam Wesell number 9 Luke Skywalker number 8 RTD2 and C-3PO number 7 Yoda number 6 Anakin Skywalker / Darth Vader number 5 Emperor Palpatine / Darth Sidious number for Jango Fett number 3 Boba Fett number two Han Solo number one bb8

Craig Boorman says:

I love the original trilogy

Jesus Delgadillo says:

Really Han Solo over Luke????? Thats stupid

Connor The Cloutgod says:

Poe dameron

Josh Newell says:

cmon luke skywalker is better than any on em.'

Jack ski's says:

Why isn't jar jar binks number 1



Eric Harris says:

Didn’t even put Grievous or Dooku as honorable mentions?

Darth Sidious says:

Sidious should be #1

Gal Gadot lover xd xd says:

1. Anakin Skywalker
2. Luke Skywalker
3. Han Solo
4. Leia Organa
5. Chewbacca
6. Obi Wan Kenobi
7. Yoda
8. Emperor Palpatine
9. Lando Calrissian
10. C3PO & R2D2

John Henry says:

Need to do a update!!

Luke McNamara says:

How is Han Solo on top of Luke??

and_justice_for_ all says:

darth maul

A N O T H E R F A N G I R L says:

My List
1.Obi Wan
2.Anakin Skywalker
3.Han Solo
4.Jyn Erso
Honorable Mentions:
Poe Dameron
Cassian Andor
Darth Vader
Lando Calrissian
Princess Leia Organa Solo

Kid Hell says:

How the F is boba fett number 10

J.P Sportzz says:

"This list, the worst ever it is."

Negan says:

My top ten
7.darth maul
6. Darth sidious
5. Han Solo
4. Yoda
3. Mace windu
2. Darth Vader
1. Obi wan kenobi

YouTube Cat says:

Chewie is the best

Thot Slayer Boi says:

Boba Fett makes 10th, Jango Tyranus and Grivious don't even get a mention. Oof. But how does the puppet master and devil of Star Wars (Palpatine) hardly top some random background grunt? I love Boba Fett, but that logic sounds like that of a Thot's logic.

Leonardo Mormile says:

1 yoda
2 palpatine
3 count dooku
4 chewbecca
5 darth vader
6 princess Leia
7 chewbecca
8 boba fett
9 darth maul
10 General grevius

the guy the real guy says:

Here is the real list

1 anakin/ vader
2 luke Skywalker
3 obi wan / ben kenobi
4 han solo
5 yoda
6 leia
7 emperor palpatine
8 r2 and c3
9 chewbacca
10 boba fett

Qui gon jin

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