Top 10 Transferred to Another

Top 10 Transferred to Another

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Otaku Sensei


45 thoughts on “Top 10 Transferred to Another

Otaku Sensei says:

Part 1: https://youtu.be/snDJX3uveN4

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Jay Landman says:

Sik music choice, and just all in all great i can appreciate 😁

thedougman2008 says:

i can watch these just for the intros.

Bryson Bryant says:

Otaku Sensei sama hi

Random Things says:

Sad that I have to turn the volume down. NEFFEX is trash. He's always off key.

Ahmet Ali Urfalı says:

Whats the thumbnail anime

Ryan Gaas says:

Lol this videos music is all NEFFEX … I love them

william oo says:

thumb nail please tell me the name of the thumbnail.

anime is cool says:

4:17 what is the song

Maryu Daiku says:

I Like it this Top and Know some Titles my friends. Thanks.

CreeperTGM says:

Tale of hearys thumbnail
Thank me later

Mouhsin zamal says:

شباب ممكن تعطوني تطبيق لمشاهدة انمي

deadly blades says:

what anime in thumbnail

dsknight103113 says:

Srsly digemon

The Dragonic Lord says:

I watched gift from god

Bransennat Tanks says:


Kyle Cornelius says:

Digimon fuck yea my niggas

Samsung Tab says:

What's the anime???

marcial vergel dumaguin says:


Tanvir Ahmed says:

What anime is the thumnail

Yonatash Rodríguez says:

Anime de la miniatura

Zero Warner says:

Guy who put this list together as a real a**** these are all in Japanese and if you want to watch them you have to be able to read I'm dyslexic thanks a****

MaDaRa is here says:

يا معلم وش اسم الانمي الي بغلاف الفيديو


quien sabe donde puedo ver el 6

Rakesh T says:

Name of anime on the cover image of this video

Caleb Hill says:

nothing wrong with the video but I sed "if number 1 isn't dub then I will dislike" oof

Dinesh D says:

What is the name of anime in thumbnail

Frank White says:

I skipped the advertisements did you 😂

Darksider Rider TV says:


Nasir Ibrahim says:

What is the songs tell me please for María

Ghannaan Emandien says:

love the music dude!!! GREAT JOB XD

Diabong Loic says:

What is the name of anime in blanket?

Manny'sboy NOVIC says:

Does anyone here knows the title of the anime that mentions 4th reset of the world to prevent WW3 on the future (2035) they're really from 2186 and they reset the world time.
Please reply on this if your familiar with the anime…

William Cain says:

Do yandere!!!!!

Aryan says:

yo whats that white haired cat girl anime called

Kenneth Sumpman says:

What season of Digimon is that?

iAintGotNoHoe says:


Hatsuna Star says:

I cant totally read the sypnosis😂

Chavez Chavez says:

If anyone has a suggestion plz tell me

Keanon Quirindongo says:

Can you do one where the main character dies I like tragic endings

Kume k says:

What is this song on the start video?

Music Anamoly says:


Full Anime says:

please, what is the name of the music in first top 10 anime

Anime Is God says:

I’ve watched everything besides pussy anime like digimon….

Shadow Demon says:

You help me find animr to watch thank you

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