Top 10 Upcoming PLAYSTATION VR

Top 10 Upcoming PLAYSTATION VR

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33 thoughts on “Top 10 Upcoming PLAYSTATION VR

Alexander K says:

Bravo Team is worth a 0,99$

Joe Travis says:

Wtf is with the “fishing with final fantasy 15 characters? 😂 I thought this was a joke. That game will bomb hard. 💣💣💣💣💣

Todd Hitchens says:

I understand it takes time to adjust to an entirely new platform, but I feel things could be better already. Like, for instance, hunting and fishing games… we could do with true to form rather than Final Fantasy and I truly believe some games that are sooo perfect for VR aren't being utilized like i.e. Portal…. damn that'd be awesome. The dual weilding shooters are great but of course NO analog sticks for the move controllers. Lot's lacking that seems like no brainers to me.

Virgil Chambers says:

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Максим Бореев says:

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Alex Devlin says:

all shit

Snapdragon 9600 says:

A lot of these games are side scrollers at least in part,so it doesn't scream 'VR' to me.

blackhawk2429 says:

Actual resolution of psvr is maybe 540p sucks.. This video probably record from UHD tv that is why look so clear.


finally a vid about topgames without all the crap games


Flying a jet in bf4 with VR would be amazing!

Trevor Morgan says:

The persistence demo is terrible

reefbreaksurfer says:

I'm about to buy a playstation. how much hard drive space do I need?

mjrn70 says:

I want Fallout VR!

Cryotic Stasus says:

I dont know about you guys but doom vfr graphics do not look that good and the move controllers suck for the game


I wander if there gonna make a subnautica vr game

Joe B says:

I'm sure Assassins Creed will be great.

gord1911a1 says:

Half Life 3!!!!

martin Lb says:

Most of the ps4 vr games are rubbish. I spent a fortune on the headset vr aim also move controllers. I will probably just end up trading it all in🤔

Dean Carlson says:

I just read through most of the below messages and they all have my vote after seeing what I've seen. I'm a little puzzled as to why FARPOINT VR didn't gen a top mention. I hope Sony reads this and uses it for guidance.

Just No. says:

20 years from now and we'll all be hooked up with wires sticking out of us.

Mansolo 1 says:

I'd like to see Doom 3 BFG in VR.

The VR Sofa says:

Looks amazing! Can't wait to get my hands on it for my channel, vr is the future no more flat games for me anymore!

Grunchy says:

I want to see FightNight VR – I could use a good workout

Stupid Stupid says:

Ark Park?

Mathew Godfrey says:

Regular Doom: Oh shit, look at the size of that thing. Nope nope nah ah.

Doom VFR (with Aim Controller): Where are you going cowards! Mwahahahaha!

sages10 says:

Did skyworld get delayed or what?

Sebastian Hessler says:

i wish there was gorn vr 🙁


I was pretty upset Gran Turismo turned out like it did, I hate to say it, but what a turd!!!

Kado Lee says:

Loved it!

elettroitalyshop says:

the Vr resolution need to improve , is not HD i can see the pixel! of the image!

Michael Davis says:

why does the final fantasy game look like a fishing sim with the only noticeable difference is that it's in vr with the main characters from final fantasy?

shahram72 says:

I really wanted it to be better, but these videos show hi def video and that's not what u get. It's low res SD video. Looks terrible. Is VR gonna mature in my lifetime?

MrXelium says:

These are very misleading videos.
The graphics are nowhere near that in the actually VR headset.

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