Top 20 Strongest DC and Marvel Characters

Top 20 Strongest DC and Marvel Characters

I decided to update my strongest DC and Marvel list with a top 20 along with using this opportunity to showcase my new intro.

I DO NOT Own the music, images, or the franchises.
All Rights are Reserved to their Respective Owners.

Keep in mind that it is 1 incarnation per character with the exception of the beyonders and that’s mainly because they are too different to consider the same character.

Intro Song: DBZ Ultimate Tenkaichi- Power Evolution

Songs: THE FLASH-ZOOM THEME (Styzmask Remix) by Styzmask
THE ARROW-DARK ARCHER THEME (Styzmask Remix) by Styzmask

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31 thoughts on “Top 20 Strongest DC and Marvel Characters

Ahmedlightsaur Aziz says:

So scathan is above the LT lmfao what r u on a crack boy and where is the rune king thor he should be above any celestial or superman

KrakenStinks says:

The Writer, One Above All, and The Presence should be tied tbh

Luis Baldomero says:

Captain marvel is strongest

Luis Baldomero says:

Boring TNG ina

DestroyerHD says:

Great list missing a few characters but its all good

DuckerZ Gaming says:


scp and homestuck expert says:

me stronger than spectre>:C

eios 4 says:

1. TOAA, The Writer

2. Primal Monitor

3. Divine Creator, The Presence, The Source

4.The Great evil Beast, Elaine Belloc

5. Michael Demiurgos, Lucifer Morningstar, Manthing

6. The Endless, Possibly Pre Retcon Beyonder

Slade Wilson says:

I can tell you this list sucks cuz anti monitor is 20th? Really?

Sreenu Prakash says:

Where is lucifer

Nika Nasaridze says:

Thanos with HOTU has combined powers of Oblivion, Eternity and Living Tribunal, he should be in top 5, because these characters are gods of Marvel

D - Boss says:

The only good list on youtube.

ClouD Xxx says:

Lmao the creator is marvel fanboy, I'm 100% sure

Legendary_abstract_Kaiju says:

what dbz fears

Vi Mean says:

fuck this list
how presence was in tied 3

Franciszek Majewski says:

Presence is more powerful than TOAA. Primal monitor is much more powerful than Presence

FreeMo !!! says:

Good list! But Thanos with the ,,Hearth of the Universe" can defeat The Beyonder.

The Presence says:

Greatt list. Number 2- TOAA,The Presence,Man of Miracles. Number 1- Over Monitor

Mateusz Burtan says:

Good list, but we're is Rune King Thor or Haos War Hercules, ?

Minh Hoàng says:

what about the Oblivion?

Rankan Destroyer says:

Superman Kinetic armor?

iARaWAE9 Griefing Channel says:

What? Pr beyonder is way stronger than toaa

Lord Fortis says:

The Primal Monitör>The Presence or The One Above All>The Presence?

Also, Why The Source no in the list?

And, Didn't Thanos (Heart of the Universe)>Beyonder or Molecule Man?

There are some false information in the List.

ECP Super says:

I have changed my mind on some things regarding the list.
Michael should be above both Molecule Man and Beyonder.
The Primal Monitor should be tied with the Presence instead of the One Above All.
A character named The Writer should be on list and tied with the One Above All.

Cosmic Gambler says:

nice lists but one Gripe…you should swap Primal Monitor back with the Presence….remember DC retconned Final Crisis and so they no longer recognize the character as ever existing and have reinstated the Virtigo DC characters back into the Main Stream which basically puts the presence back in place as the Supreme power. The over Monitor concept was not only confusing but didn't resonate well with fans

Gavin Menezes says:

presence = toaa' Primal #1, Lucifer and Michael should tie for five. Lt so low? with.This list is messed up

Gavin Menezes says:

dude Michael is strong enough to be/6

beriuX Chan says:

now living tribunal is become stronger than beyonder since aao give all of the power to lt

Junior uzumaki says:

Good List man.

Elize Lutus says:

Good list!

Eddy MegaGamer says:


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