Top 20 Sword Fighting Anime

Top 20 Sword Fighting Anime

Here is a Top 20 Best Anime about Sword Fighting and Samurai Genre Click for Info …


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50 thoughts on “Top 20 Sword Fighting Anime

virotex _ says:

Whats the name of the anime from the thumbnail?

Gaming Ian says:

Omg tf where is frickin SAO

Azmeer Muhd says:

You are not anime fans if you not put zoro(santoryu) in the list

Muhammad Erfan says:

Apa judul anime di sampul…?

mounir naira says:

0:01 —– 0:20 name this song please

Acegamer 2008 says:



Music piano your intro what is that name music?????


Anyone who knows the anime when evening he is super strong but in the morning he is just a normal student pls I forget the name

steven steven says:

Where is the thumbnail from?

Kaebyuniee Byun says:


Moha Moha says:

wer is ronoro zorr anime one pice

TapeGhoul Nightcore says:

Knew Sao would be here

Liony Leftwich says:

Damn!None of the Bad azz good animes are english dubbed.Im not even surprised

Anime Manga says:

hakuouki samurai girls gakusen toshi asterisk brave 10 soul buster code breaker samurai champloo fortune arterial

Silver Slayer says:

Fuck man the speed move so fast I can’t even see the character face

Толи К says:

Что за аниме на обложке

Kakashi Hatake says:

Name the cover thumbnail, please! and is it an anime or not, if yes then name it
please! please! please!

Kakashi Hatake says:

Can anyone tell whether the thumbnail at 0:23 is of an anime or not if yes name it please

christoffer Aguarte says:

ad yg tau gk judul anime yg d gbr awal video yg gbr ny jdi bck ground video ini

Mason Gerstenschlager says:

Nobunaga the fool was a good samurai sword anime

Ju Mmm says:

Rurouni kenshin???

Jake Curtis says:

What anime is the thumbnail from

Ahmad azizol says:

where kyo samurai deeper???

The Beast says:

berserk should have been the top pick

Quicksandxx says:

Whos the guy on the cover with two swords

I need a Life says:

So. I bet everyone expected SaO to be on here
It wasn’t

Anton Zilotin says:

Песня в начале видео из Гуррен Лаганна

fabri di bonis says:

Alguien me podria decir como se llama el anime q esta en la portada del video ???

shane winiata says:

Awesome Music killed it

Charlse Jefferson says:

bleach has to be number 1
its litterally about swords and its op
its much more than samurai champloo

AlwyAR Chanel says:


Mohd Idris Ahmad says:

For me bleach & rerouni kenshin

Lavander Scent says:

i go for bleach …:)

Collapper says:

0:21 what is that song called?

Aiza Mallari says:

Claymore should be on top 10 at least cant believe this.

Dufri says:


IssaCoupe says:

If youre looking for more music for AMVs please feel free to use my music i only ask for link in description if used! This video super fire btw ! Beginning to my rise. My journey will be unique. I gift you all my love and energy https://soundcloud.com/issa-coupe/sets/akuma

Shanty Asuhan says:

Joni l LVMH I tinting g sf igxhbxucu

akmal keisin says:

What intro song name

Anima Gaming says:

What's the second song tho

Mohammad Fadzil Masnor says:

f***k wre SAO??????

NemuriNemuri says:

what songs did you use in this video?

Grεγ says:

Which anime in this video is the photo of video(red haired man who has 2 red-black swords)

Midnight Howl says:

Rurouni Kenshin is still my favorite anime when it comes to swordfights….its pretty simple compared to others

Samuel Steven says:

Nice list anime 🙂

Uchiha Madara says:

Can you put the list of songs you put into your videos because they are fucking amazing?

Rafael Dodgger says:

Song name at 5:06, please 😀

Quynhluu Nguyen says:

Cho thêm phụ đề tiếng Việt đc hok ad

That Random Anime Fanboy says:

Bleach is my favourite sword anime.

kevin keff says:

what music is it? 00:00

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