Top 8 Anime Movies – Must Watch

Top 8 Anime Movies – Must Watch

You Should not agree with this list, each people have their own opinion, if you have more recommendation about “Top Anime Movie” please write on comment.




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38 thoughts on “Top 8 Anime Movies – Must Watch

Phoebe Cringe says:

What the-
I already watched all of it 😭😭😭😭
Recommendations pleaseee~~

spofify says:

the 8th one is spirited away right

Noami Jeon says:

Should I watch koe no katachi now?

indu mehta says:

Why is boku no pico not on this list

SweetieCakeChan says:

Where can I watch them?


And i thought A Silent Voice was #1

dan bodino says:

That feeling when you've watched every best anime movies. Nothing to expect amymore..😞

LuzainSamara says:


sunny is dreaming says:

Wth? Howl's moving castle is not here…? Wth? It's hella awesome!

Fyi says:

You basically spoiled the movies :)) thanks bro

Man Mgr says:


Thea Reyes says:

I already watch the silent voice and it was awesome

Cucumbear says:

Spirited Away 💜

All Hail Lelouch says:

nice listttt

Mira Jardiel says:

I only know 8

Wido Wibowo says:

kimi no na wa best

Aquaazzy says:

ok why are you spoiling half the ending in some of the clips and why are you making the numbers flash you do know some people have sensitive eyes :/

Tracy Ugwumehie says:

The anime that made me cry were Kimi no nawa and koe no Karachi they are the top best.and after 5 centimeters per second hope in future they will be other anime that can beat this 3 ranking.😳

Ziovloc says:

How's Moving Castle
My Neighbor Totoro
Koe no Katachi
Kimi no Nawa

Ņåømi 17 says:

The first one was "Wolf Children" you guys should watch it

Solid Army says:

watch the Grave of the fireflies..😊

Ashley Wolf says:

koe na katachi really made me cry. in fact it's one of the first anime movies I've watched.

that's how I got so attached to anime movies <3

Apolinaria Binibini says:

Hotarubi no mori e! I recommend you to watch that movie. So heartbreakinggggg!!! 😭😭😭😭

Anonymous is here says:

Watched every single one

Yuuki/20 says:

A silent voice > your name 😘

DAAC86 says:

not a big anime fan but one day i watched Kimi no nawa /your name and was blown away

Just A Random Player says:

3 movies are from makoto shinkai 😄

Twīst says:

Damn i sure do love that overused ncs background music that is very repetetive and makes me want to kill myself 👏👏

sa mad says:

kimi no na wa the best With no competitor

Lady 'N Dark says:

I love reading comments😉😉😉😉

まめlivis says:


Vanessa Kaiser says:

Oj I saw all of the movies lol

Blackfirefox says:

Nr 3 is one of the best Films worth to watch

Secret Avengers64 says:

You sure have good taste but I'd say that Kimi no na wa, Hotarubi no mori e and Koe no katachi are the best of em all.
BTW, my comment doesn't make any difference cuz others here have the same opinion.
Also I've seen them and OMG!!!
They're heartbreaking and are making my cool boy personality sink.

Yabest Dominique says:

Number 1 is my favorite film. That us japan name?? In english wolf childern. 😆😆

Unknow Gaming says:

My favourite movies are
Number 3 ( Sad but happy ending )
Number 2 ( Beautiful environment )

Madani Makarov says:

Kimi no nawa should be no 1, koe no katachi should be no 2, ookami kodomo no yuki to ame should be no 3

Thats my opinion

宴ヺピhaobon says:

spirited away 8th LUL stop the video

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